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«Stealing The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 873: Pretend To Be Crazy

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Chapter 873: Pretend To Be Crazy

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Although first to move, Bai Qi and his men were still slightly slower than Ao Buzun and Catfish.

Along the way, both of them had been staying in the ship as there was no chance to strike. Now, with Wu Qi finally ordered the attack, they immediately rushed out in excitement, and were followed by all the demon cultivators, except the prudent Lord Xiansheng, as well as Little Que’er and Feng Tianling, who did not like to fight.

“Punks, have a taste of my spear! Attack!” Ao Buzun laughed wildly. The Soul-splitting Spear had turned into a ferocious dragon in his hands, darting out here and there frantically and leaving hundreds of holes on the bodies of those targeted by him. He had intentionally reduced the spear’s power and was using it like a normal weapon. Had he not, with these common soldiers’ overall strength, he could easily turn them all into clouds of dust with just one single strike.

Catfish, on the other hand, was too lazy to shout. Instead of using her hammer, she grabbed the soldiers with her slim hands and threw them into her mouth like eating some snacks. She did not even chew them; all the soldiers were swallowed straight into her stomach. Because of the cultivation technique they practiced, Great Yu’s soldiers were full of blood essences and their fleshes were chewy, and that made them the best food for her.

The vicious nature of the dragon python couples flared up as well. While their lower bodies still maintained the appearances of teens, their upper bodies had changed back to their true forms. With mouths wide opened, they plunged into the enemies, snapping and devouring fiercely. The poor soldiers had had their souls almost dispersed by Wu Qi’s thunderbolt a moment ago, and they did not have the strength to fight back now. As a result, whenever the couples opened and closed their mouths once, tens or even hundreds of soldiers were swallowed.

As soon as the few vicious monsters struck, the battlefield rained blood. The sickening sight of devouring living human as if they were snacks made some soldiers from Dong Hai trembled. However, the brutal behaviors of Catfish and others had actually stimulated all the other soldiers and made them fiercer—with such powerful figures on their side, why should they be afraid of?

When Bai Qi and his men saw Ao Buzun and others overtook them and began to slaughter the enemy, their eyes shot with blood. They growled and roared in rage, and then charged out like a pack of wild tigers. Bai Qi’s killing intent was the strongest, and he went straight for Suiren Di. “You uncivilized fella! Do you dare to fight me?!” As he roared, he swung his sword and unleashed a sword beam, several miles long, engulfing Suiren Di and two generals next to him.

Suddenly, a dark figure flashed past the void, and in the next instant a huge iron staff, tens of miles long and thousands of feet wide, smashed down hard on the ground. The strike alone had claimed the lives of nearly ten thousand soldiers. After that, the massive thing rolled across the ground, going straight for Suiren Di and his companions. Bai Qi’s sword beam smashed on the iron staff, leaving a deep mark on it and vanished.

Jumping up and down in rage, Bai Qi bellowed, “How dare you, demon monkey!”

Without a word, Yuan Qing leaped out from beside Bai Qi, lifted his staff and struck ninety-nine times in a row, smashing Suiren Di and nearly a thousand bodyguards next to him into pulps. While swinging the staff, he murmured, “Fool, you should be killing instead of talking so much. Why waste time?”

Bai Qi flew into a rage, but he could do nothing to Yuan Qing, so he vented all the fury on those soldiers who had collapsed to the ground. A strong gleam of blood surged from all over him; it was the menacing aura he had accumulated through all the killings in the past. The soldiers enveloped by the aura were instantly killed, and their blood essences flew up and merged with it, becoming part of Bai Qi’s overall strength.

The slaughter lasted only about a quarter of an hour. Suiren Di and his hundreds of thousands of soldiers had turned in to puddles of blood and gores. Wu Qi made a gesture, and at that Princess Zhang Le began to recite a sacrificial spell. A trace of black light flashed past the void. Soon after, all the bodies and souls of the dead soldiers were sucked by an invisible great force into the void.

This place was You Xiong Plain, the outskirts of Liangzhu, so Lei Meng, who had been summoned by the princess, dared not to reveal his clone openly and receive the offerings. He had only stealthily torn a tiny slit in the void, and swept away all the offerings like a thief. The sound of chewing echoed out from the void, accompanied by Lei Meng’s praising, and then all voices were gone.

Ji Dai stared at Wu Qi with a pale face as he cried out, “You are offering blood sacrifices to Ghost God in Liangzhu! This… this…”

Wu Qi glanced back at Ji Dai, his face expressionless, and said coldly, “Is anybody in Liangzhu in the mood for this?”

Ji Dai looked blankly at Wu Qi. “But, this… this…”

Wu Qi shook his head and said casually, “If your father ascends the throne, will he punish me for this? And if he doesn’t and is being hunted down, what does it matter if I offered blood sacrifices? In any case, this is a capital crime!”

Ji Dai blinked his eyes, and it took him a long while to figure out the truth behind it. He stared at Wu Qi with an unsightly face and did not speak a word. Wu Qi was too lazy to pay attention to Ji Dai’s changing expressions. He just waved his hand and signaled the soldiers to return to the ships. After briefly reorganizing the army, joining all the vanguard, left wing, right wing, rearguard, and main force into a huge square formation, he ordered the army to fly straight for Liangzhu.

When the fleet was less than a hundred miles from Liangzhu, the sound of a panic alarm rang out from within the city, accompanied by sharp calls of horns. Soon after, a dozen black Supreme Towers broke through the void and appeared in front of Dong Hai Army. An old man with a white beard stood atop one of the towers and shouted exasperatingly, “King Dong Hai, withdraw your army from You Xiong Plain now! What are you trying to do?”

Wu Qi stood on the prow of the foremost ship, glancing coldly at the dozen Supreme Oracles without a word.

Ji Dai, standing next to him, snapped, “Who are you? How dare you to stand in our way? Do you know who I am?!”

According to the Human Emperor’s secret edict, King Yang Shan was the legal inheritor of the throne. In that case, as Ji Dai was King Yang Shan’s eldest son, he was doubtless the best candidate of the crown prince. Therefore, he could shout at them like this.

The old man grinned and said proudly, “King Yang Shan has forged the Human Emperor’s edict, and Crown Prince has ordered him to be put in the jail!”

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes. King Xin Shan ordered King Yang Shan to be put in jail? It seemed King Yang Shan had lost his ground in Liangzhu. But it was understandable. Ji Ao had not yet arrived with You Xiong Army. With King Yang Shan small private army in the city, there was nothing much he could do. Ji Dai was an officer in You Xiong Army, but even he was defeated by someone and forced to flee. No matter how strong was King Yang Shan, when he had lost the army’s support, there was nothing else he could do but surrender.

Seeing that Ji Dai was about to argue with the old man again, Wu Qi shouted coldly, “General Li Xin!”

Li Xin, standing next to Bai Qi, squinted, grabbed his bow and took a step forward. A series of twang echoed out as he fired a dozen arrows in the blink of an eye, each aiming at a different Oracle’s forehead.

The arrows were crafted with the Magic Repelling Blue Stones Wu Qi had harvested from the Chaos. As its name implied, the material could repel energy and magic. The arrows crafted with it did not reflect light, therefore Wu Qi named them ‘Midnight’.

The dozen of Supreme Oracles had no time to react. Unlike immortals, although Supreme Oracles had great magic power, their strength came more from the Ghost Gods they worshiped. In addition, the spells used by Oracles were slightly slower to launch than immortals, especially major spells, which took longer to prepare.

At this deadly juncture, at this critical moment of Li Xin’s sneak attack, the gap was a matter of life and death.

The arrows flew across the air in beams of dark light, and then gently pierced into the Oracles’ foreheads. Some jade ornaments they wore exploded to pieces instantly. Those were the defensive artifacts that could activate by themselves when the master was under attack. But compared to those used by the immortals, this kind of artifacts were too weak. The arrows easily pierced through the dark smoke, flickering light, ghost fire, cold wind, and many other magics, went straight through their foreheads and came out from the back of their heads.

Li Xin spread his palm, and in the next instant all the arrows flew back into his grip. A dozen dead bodies fell to the ground. Princess Zhang Le leaped into the air, waved her hand and seized the dozen of Supreme Towers.

A burst of surprised cry rang out from the surrounding void. Those were the voices of the Supreme Oracles from various powerful clans in Liangzhu, who were hiding in the void and watching the battle.

It was known to all that Great Yu’s Oracles were slow in casting spells. If they were fighting immortals, the Oracles would prepare in advance, fusing the power of the Ghost Gods with themselves, and that would give them infinite power to react. But these Oracles were only blocking in front of Dong Hai Army and urging Wu Qi to withdraw. They never dreamed that Wu Qi would give the order to kill them!

When they were not protected by magic, Supreme Oracles were no different from ordinary old men. If truth be told, their fleshly bodies were even weaker than ordinary old men!

A dozen Supreme Oracles had fallen. Who gave Wu Qi the audacity to commit this capital crime? It wasn’t common people he killed, but Supreme Oracles, Great Yu’s ultimate strategic forces!

“Crazy! King Dong Hai must be crazy!” The men from the powerful clans came to a conclusion for Wu Qi.

But before they had recovered from the shock, Wu Qi did something that nearly made them cough blood.

108 Kunwu Swords flew out of his body, emanating a strong blue light and hovering over Liangzhu!

As the high officials in the court and the heirs of the powerful clans, they all knew Kunwu Swords. They were the divine weapons personally crafted by the Sacred Emperor, Xuanyuan, the weapons that had slain Chiyou. In a sense, Kunwu Swords represented Xuanyuan and a kind of belief for the human race.

Now, they flew out of Wu Qi’s hands, formed into Fiend Slaying Sword Formation and surrounded Liangzhu.

Wu Qi cried out, “I don’t care who is the crown prince, release King Yang Shan immediately! Or else, I’ll destroy the entire Liangzhu!”

A dead silence fell. No one responded to Wu Qi. Everybody’s mind was blank, including Ji Dai.

Destroying Liangzhu? Are you insane?

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