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«Star Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 1827: Ancestor Tortoise

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Chapter 1827: Ancestor Tortoise

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"A lot of news makes its way into Black Street. A lot of it also can't be spread in the outside world, which is why it ends up in Black Street, as the powerhouse involved can't come to Black Street. Here, the information gets locked up and then doesn't spread anywhere." Ming Yan was quite proud of herself.

"Oh, and also…"

Lu Yin was thrilled as he listened to Ming Yan proudly share all kinds of gossip. He hugged and kissed her, making her blush. Most of the information that made it to Black Street was unreliable, but when enough information was compiled and combined, it was possible to learn some secrets.

Lu Yin asked Ming Yan to get in touch with En Ya so that Black Street's information could be collected and shared with the Great Eastern Alliance in the future.

Lu Yin left after spending just a few days at Black Street. He could not afford to stay at Black Street for long. Burial Garden's gates made everything uncertain, and no one knew who might suddenly come out of an exit.

Xia Yi had arrived in the heart of the Great Eastern Alliance after exiting Burial Garden, but fortunately, the Sea King had appeared. If not for that, the Great Eastern Alliance would have suffered severe losses, and both Chen Huang and Emperor Luo would have died without question.

After leaving Black Street, Lu Yin called the Sea King. He had tried to get through to Wang Wen while on his way to Black Street, but he had not been able to connect. Instead, Lu Yin had been updated on the recent happenings of the Great Eastern Alliance through Wei Rong. There were a few matters that Wei Rong did not know how to handle, so he had put them off until hearing from Lu Yin or Wang Wen.

There were certain things that had to be taken care of quickly.

"Give me a good explanation." Lu Yin heard a low voice when the call connected.

Lu Yin coughed. "What is Senior talking about?"

The Sea King shouted angrily, "That bastard Wang Wen who's under your command dared to try to hook up with my Qiqi! He's yours, isn't he?"

"Hook up with Qiqi? That's impossible, Senior. This junior knows Wang Wen. He's a talented and well-disciplined young man with integrity, morals, and wisdom. How could he possibly have pursued Qiqi?" Lu Yin retorted.

The Sea King just snorted. "Cut the bullsh*t and give me an answer."

"Where's Wang Wen? I want to talk to him," Lu Yin replied.

The Sea King spat back, "I locked him up. When did I go soft and start letting things go?"

"Where's Qiqi?" Lu Yin continued.

The Sea King suddenly sounded frustrated. "I don't know."

"Senior, this is all your fault! You broke up a happy couple with a good relationship."

"Good relationship my ass! That kid's too arrogant! He set a trap and made a bet that if Qiqi loses she'll have to marry him! When has anyone toyed with my daughter like this?" the Sea King roared.

Lu Yin pursed his lips. Listening to this old man was giving him a headache. He hung up and instead called Hai Qiqi.

Hai Qiqi did not want to answer, but Lu Yin did not relent until she finally had no choice but to answer. "State your matters, or else you may take your leave."

"Qiqi, Wang Wen's been tortured very badly," Lu Yin quietly informed her.

Hai Qiqi yelled back, “He deserves it! Who made him so ugly? I'd marry him if he were handsome, but he sucks! On top of that, he called me a chesspiece! Bastard!”

"It's about his appearance?" Lu Yin asked. He purposely ignored her comment about Wang Wen's insults, as Hai Qiqi's tongue was just as sharp as Wang Wen's.

"Yes, it's his face!" Hai Qiqi said.

Lu Yin retorted, "Then your taste is the problem."

Hai Qiqi screamed, "That's ridiculous! He's even uglier than you!"

Lu Yin pursed his lips. "Honestly, Wang Wen's cared for you for quite a while, and he's currently being tortured by your father. Even if you don't feel anything for him, you still shouldn't let him suffer like this. Think about it."

Lu Yin hung up without waiting for a reply.

Lu Yin did not know what Wang Wen was thinking. Lu Yin could still remember a conversation that the two of them once had, and Wang Wen would not have purposely flirted with Hai Qiqi. After all, he wanted the Sea King to step in and lead the Lu Elite Troops.

Lu Yin decided to forget about the whole thing. This was not a situation that he could do much about.

As for what Hai Qiqi felt towards Wang Wen, that was not for Lu Yin to consider, as he did not even know where to begin. No matter what may have happened between the two young people, Lu Yin knew that the Sea King would not actually kill Wang Wen. At most, he would teach the youth a lesson.

Lu Yin released Lulu from Zenith Mountain. "Let's go. We'll take a trip to see your Mavis family."

While Lulu was leading Lu Yin to visit the Mavis family, images of Yang Kong and the others in his group had been exposed and spread across the Fifth Mainland's network. All of them were denounced as traitors who had betrayed humanity, as they had clearly only entered Burial Garden to hunt down the ancient bloodlines.

Lu Yin was the one who had released this information, as he was determined to ruin every plan that the Aeternals tried to enact.

However, this matter naturally led to an even greater scandal, which was Yang Kong's identity.

Many people recognized that Yang Kong was actually Bu Kong, and this revelation stirred up waves of commotion in both the Fifth and Sixth Mainlands.

After ZENITH, Bu Kong's death had been confirmed, but it was just been revealed that Bu Kong had actually betrayed humanity and was currently hunting down people with ancient bloodlines under the Aeternals” orders! This was something that no one in either the Fifth Mainland or the Sixth Mainland could understand.

The Progenitor of Secret Arts” Territory became the focus of everyone's attention, and the Sixth Mainland's Daosource Sect even sent someone to speak to the Progenitor of Secret Arts himself and ask about the authenticity of Yang Kong's true identity being Bu Kong. However, they were firmly told that Bu Kong was dead and that Yang Kong was not Bu Kong.

The universe started boiling because of the information that Lu Yin had exposed, but Lu Yin himself was quietly traveling with Lulu to visit the Mavis family.

The Mavis family was located in the eastern region of the Neoverse, which was in the same general area as Black Street, so the two were not far apart. However, the Mavis family could not be found in outer space, but were instead crawling through the mountains of the Honor Zone.

"Actually, they're not in the eastern region, but rather on the eastern side," Lulu corrected.

"Eastern side?" Lu Yin had to ask.

Lulu lifted her head up high. "My Mavis family lives on the back of our Ancestor Tortoise, and the Ancestor Tortoise roams about the entire Neoverse. My Mavis family is always with the Ancestor Tortoise, so our home doesn't have a fixed location."

"What if it wanders over to Mt. Microcosms?" Lu Yin asked.

Lulu froze for a moment and then rolled her eyes at Lu Yin. "You're a really amazing conversationalist, aren't you?."

However, Lu Yin had not been messing around. He genuinely wanted to know what would happen if the Ancestor Tortoise tried to climb Mt. Microcosms. Would the Hall of Honor kick the Mavis family out?

As Lu Yin stared out at the wilderness of the Honor Zone, he sighed. He always found the Honor Zone's landscape to be amazing. He truly could not understand how the Fifth Mainland had once been an actual continent, and even had something to do with becoming a Progenitor.

"Oh, Lulu, what happened to that Explorer-level turtle you tamed back on Earth?" Lu Yin suddenly remembered and asked.

A gloomy look appeared on Lulu's face. "It's dead."

Lu Yin was surprised. "What happened?"

Lulu sighed. "I wanted to take it back home to my family, but it ended up dying in a storm on the way back."

Lu Yin shrugged. "How long will it take us to get to your family from here?"

"More than a month," Lulu calculated, "But that's also assuming that we can find a cniu. If we don't get one, we won't be able to move nearly as fast through the Honor Zone."

"Then let's find a cniu."

"We're not at one of the Honor Zone's ports, so it won't be easy to find one, and even if we do, it will be someone else's mount."

Someone else's mount? Lu Yin had no understanding of such a concept.

Three days later, Lu Yin and Lulu rode away on a cniu, continuing on their way towards the Mavis family. They left behind an entire group of cultivators who were all gnashing their teeth and cursing at the two. They had been robbed.

"You're too embarrassing," Lulu sneered.

Lu Yin smiled. "Hey, we're right at the edge of the Honor Zone, so they'll only be delayed a few days without their cniu. It's not a big deal."

Lulu stared at Lu Yin in a very serious manner. "You're completely different from when you first entered the academy with me."

Lu Yin just smiled. When he had first joined Astral-10, he had never experienced being treated as white meat or nearly dying in the Technocracy. He had not lived through betrayal, and neither had he seen how the strong preyed upon the weak. Since then, he had experienced all that.

People had to learn to change.

"Lulu, how many people are in your Mavis family?"

"You'll know when we get there."

"How much money do you guys have?"

"Why are you asking that? Don't be an idiot."

"I think too much."


"Hey, be nice! I saved your life, and you invited me to see your family."

"So what? You think you're amazing?"

"I'm not bad, I'd say."

After traveling on the cniu for a bit less than half a month, Lulu suddenly pointed to a black dot off in the distance. She was happily surprised to see it. "The Ancestor Tortoise! That's the Ancestor Tortoise!"

Lu Yin looked over, but all he could see was a black spot. He could not make out any details at all. "Are you sure?"

"You'll see it yourself in a few days," Lulu said excitedly. Since the Ancestor Tortoise did not remain in a single location, even the members of the Mavis family had to search for it.

Lu Yin blinked. A few days? They could already see the black dot, so why would it take them a few days to see the tortoise's details?

However, two days later, Lu Yin finally understood Lulu's comment.

The Ancestor Tortoise was simply far too massive. The black spot that they had first seen was not even the tortoise, but rather a massive tree that grew on its back. The tree was large enough to have stars in its branches, and the Mavis family referred to it as the divine tree. It was only at this time that Lu Yin was able to see the Ancestor Tortoise itself.

He had never even dreamed of seeing such a large tortoise. It looked just like a tortoise, but it was large enough to swallow a star whole.

The Ancestor Tortoise was gray, but its form was exactly the same as a common tortoise's. The only difference was in size, as the tortoise's shell alone was large enough to be a continent. A few stars hung in front of the tortoise's eyes, and there were also a few brilliant stars shining above its head. Lu Yin could do nothing but stare at the sight before his eyes.

The closer the cniu got to the Ancestor Tortoise, the more frightened the creature became. It eventually reached the point where the cniu refused to take a single step forward.

"Now we'll need to go on our own. Every creature becomes terrified when they get close to the Ancestor Tortoise," Lulu stated.

Lu Yin exclaimed, "It's still alive?"

"Of course! Lu Yin, you're being too rude! Don't say that kind of crap when visiting my family. This is the Ancestor Tortoise! It gave birth to my Mavis family!" Lulu angrily scolded.

Lu Yin quickly apologized. "But I thought that your Mavis family was born from the divine tree?"

"The divine tree did give birth to us, but the Ancestor Tortoise has carried us for countless years. Without the Ancestor Tortoise, there's no divine tree. It's our ancestor." Lulu stared at the Ancestor Tortoise with bright eyes.

Lu Yin felt curious. "So, just how strong is your Ancestor Tortoise?"

Lulu shook her head. "I don't know."

"You don't know?" Lu Yin was surprised.

Lulu nodded. "There have been many people since ancient times who wanted to find out how strong the Ancestor Tortoise is, but Ancestor Lingzhi stopped them in their tracks. I don't think that even the Hall of Honor has any idea how strong the Ancestor Tortoise is."

"It can't be as strong as a Progenitor, right?" Lu Yin was speechless, but then he laughed. As strong as a Progenitor? How could that be possible? If that was the case, then why would it carry a tree and the Mavis family on its back?

Lulu rolled her eyes. "Let's go. Everyone is waiting."

Lu Yin grabbed Lulu with a hand. He tore through the void and headed straight for the Ancestor Tortoise.

It was only possible for experts with power levels of more than 300,000 to travel through the void in the Honor Zone, but Lu Yin had far surpassed that.

There were many people waiting to speak with the Mavis family.

Lu Yin stared at all the people trailing behind the Ancestor Tortoise. “Do all of them hope to speak with your Mavis family?"

Lulu answered proudly, "My Mavis family controls the entire Fifth Mainland's economy! Countless people come to visit us every day, so this is nothing strange. Still, very, very few are qualified to step onto the Ancestor Tortoise's back. You should be grateful."

Lu Yin laughed and looked up. They were very close to the enormous tortoise.

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