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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 791: Case From 1,500 Years Ago

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Chapter 791: Case From 1,500 Years Ago

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“What an animal! If I’m not mistaken, the Yang little princess is only eight! Can’t even spare a child, absolutely immoral!” The turtle lamented.

Feiyun waved his sleeve and sent it rolling on the ground like a gourd, causing it to curse: “Fuck-!”

His appearance had changed considerably during the last few years but the two sisters still recognized him.

Ji Xiaonu was still angry at him and didn’t even wipe the blood off her lips: “Feng Feiyun, you ungrateful treacherous bastard, pretending not to know us just because you have climbed the ranks now?”

“Ahem. Little Miss, what have I done to warrant such insults?” Feiyun said with indignation.

The turtle crawled back and laughed: “You’ve seen ladies naked without taking responsibility… fuck!!”

Feiyun sent it flying again before it could finish.

“Hmph, you’re not keeping your words.” Xiaonu said; her eyes widened aggressively.

“How?” Feiyun said, looking as if he has just been wrongly accused.

“What did you promise when you tricked my sister into giving you the Eight Arts Volume?” She poked his chest while speaking.

“Trick? No, your sister begged me into accepting it. Plus, I haven’t forgotten about helping you kill one guy, I can go with you right now.”

“Young Noble Feng, are you telling the truth?” Xinnu wiped away the blood on her lips; a touch of red could be seen on her cheeks.

She stared at him with her faint blue eyes and saw his insanely attractive eyes. Her cheeks blushed brighter so she hurriedly looked down; her heartbeat became erratic.

The monster beneath Feiyun suddenly shook violently and let out a burst of deafening laughter. “So you’re Feng Feiyun! The Yang King had issued a decree for your head, you don’t have that much longer to live.”

“The heretical king wants my head too but am I not alive and well? Another decree won’t do much. I think you’re the one that doesn’t have long to live.” Feiyun snorted and added power, breaking one tooth off the creature. It was seven meters long and as sharp as a blade, bloodied.

Sha Hangyun bellowed and struggled. Feiyun then broke its feet and another ten bones, completely subduing it.

“I want to kill this bastard!” The sisters loathed Sha Hangyun, wanting to cut it to pieces.

“No! Spare me and I’ll tell you something crucial!” It became afraid.

Anyone would be frightened in this scenario, an Abnormality included.

“Speak.” Feiyun found this matter quite strange. How could the three Stranges of the Yang World dare to attack people in Jin?

This was not normal.

“Two ancient Venerables of the Yin and Yang World have joined forces, wanting to rebel against their ruler. There’s nothing but chaos there now. Many Venerables have entered Jin, wanting to attack the treasure-seeking clan, the Ji.” Sha Hangyun revealed.

“Ridiculous, the Yang King and the Yin Mother are quite powerful. Any rebellion would have been quelled right away.” Feiyun thought that it was lying and wanted to chop its head off.

“Don’t! I’m telling the truth since I’m a subject of that lord in Yang! My mission is to take the Eight Arts Volume and the Yang Soul Holy Embryo from these two.” Sha Hangyun said.

“The first Venerable finally rebelled?” The turtle finally returned. It was smart this time and hid behind Ji Xinnu.

“That’s right!” Sha Hangyun replied.

The two sisters exchanged glances, seemingly aware of this character, unlike Feng Feiyun.

“This Venerable is very powerful?” Feiyun had no clue.

The turtle wanted to be cool and went on top of a boulder to look at the sky, acting as if it was a lonely master and recalling a distant memory: “Of course it is, I’m the one who took care of it…”

“Boom!” Feiyun sent it rolling on the ground again.

“Damn it! I’m telling the truth, I really adopted and took care of it…” It shouted while rolling.

Feiyun dismissed it right away, thinking that this turtle has never been trustworthy.

“The first Venerable is a Void, extremely powerful on top of being talented. It only needed several thousand years to reach the level of far older Stranges. No one can see its true form according to the rumors…”

“Its true form is a bag of skin!” The turtle returned again. It was quite fast due to its long legs. It ran back, looking like a white duck panting for breath.

“A Void is visible yet not touchable, right?” Feiyun asked.

“It’s just a bag of skin without a real body, so what it does is attaches itself onto someone else. That’s why you can see it and the only thing you’ll be able to touch is the host’s skin.” The turtle said.

Everything was possible in this vast world. All things could become sentient and strive for greatness.

For example, the sisters’ grandpa was also a Void - a picture that could move around.

This first Venerable was a bag of skin, as it turned out.

“Impressive indeed, just nothing but skin becoming the first Venerable?” Feiyun smiled.

“Because I’m the one who trained it.” The turtle began again with a disappointed expression: “I taught it how to cultivate but not how to be a contributor to the world. It eventually turned into something so evil… fuck you! Kick me again and I’ll be really angry!”

Feiyun’s leg paused for a bit but he still decided to kick it away in the end, not believing the story. How ridiculous would it be for the strongest Venerable in the Yang World to be trained by a turtle?

“That’s the one… that’s the one who killed our mother.” The two sisters’ expression became ugly. Tears streamed down as they clenched their fists.

“Why did it kill your mother?” Feiyun became curious.

Next came a case from 1,500 years ago.

So these two sisters were a set of Abnormality twins. With the blood of their Yang Soul Holy Embryo, they could use a Yang Soul Trigram to summon a Divine Yang Behemoth from another world.

The Yang World, the Ji, the Yin World, and Senluo Temple tried to obtain Yama’s body from Violetsea. However, the miasma from this corpse was too strong. The four powers couldn’t approach this body.

Finally, someone suggested using the blood from a set of Abnormality twins to summon a yang behemoth. Only the yang affinity of this being could suppress Yama’s miasma.

The previous set of twins were Jin Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu’s mother. Her husband was the young lord of the Ji, Ji Haotian.

He naturally didn’t want to sacrifice his two wives for the benefits of the four great powers and vehemently refused.

However, one night, his personality suddenly changed and he slew his wives. He carried two basins of warm blood out of the room and activated the summoning trigram. This allowed them to take Yama’s corpse out of Violetsea.

The young Ji Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu were hiding in the corner and saw the entire thing. Their mothers’ blood was a dazzling red with smoke coming out.

The four powers saw the might of the yang giant and began paying attention to these two sisters. Possessing them would be the same as controlling the giant once again in the future.

They managed to escape from the Ji Clan with the help of their grandpa, becoming fugitives in the process.

They hated their father and decided to change their last name to a different character with a similar sound.

Later on, they found out that their father was taken over by this Abnormality with the ability to take over people.

Despite knowing the truth, they still didn’t dare to return to the Ji Clan. Others wanted the blood; the same with the Ji.

This was the reason why during the first meeting with Feiyun, they were being pursued by the Ji and others from the Yang World.

“So you two have lived for more than 1,500 years?” Feiyun became slightly surprised.

“Abnormalities are different from humans. A few need ten thousand years to mature, we’re only around seventeen. The trade-off is our extremely slow cultivation speed.” Ji Xinnu said.

“Hand over your embryo to me and I’ll help you get revenge. I’m a man of my words, hehe!” He nodded and suddenly became interested, reaching out his hand.

1. Both are Ji in English so this isn’t translatable

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