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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 740: Temple Sovereign

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Chapter 740: Temple Sovereign

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Ruins and dust filled the ancient ruins along with headless and dismembered Buddha statues, bells buried in the mud. The remnant temples and shrines looked frighteningly quiet.

A shrine near the main hall was lit up with three gorgeous girls inside.

One of them had hair and skin as white as snow, just like a fairy from an ice kingdom. She quietly said: “This is from Grand Dragon Temple, Eighteen-runes Beads, passed down from the ancient era. It’s a third-ranked spirit treasure.”

She was naturally Bai Ruxue.

Eighteen beads were floating in the sky like eighteen bright stars. They contained a massive amount of spirit energy that was quite soothing to those near.

“Wow? A third-ranked treasure? Even our sect only has a few.” Liu Ruixin’s round, amber eyes lit up.

She ran out of her sect in order to find treasures and naturally wanted this one. The sisters in the sect would be so jealous.

“Monk, tell me how to use these beads or I’ll claw out your eyes.” She began interrogating the tied monk in the corner.

The monk was grievously injured on top of being sealed by Feiyun’s minor Change art. These three girls even tied him up with chains made from a black meteoric metal belonging to Ruixin’s sect. It had runes all over.

If the monk moved an inch, the runes would activate and shock him with bolts.

He sat in the meditative pose and still had a monstrous aura. Just one glance from him was enough to force Ruixin back and turn her pale as if she had just been cut into two pieces.

“Still so strong after all of this? Do you guys see through his cultivation?” She retreated and asked.

Bai Ruxue and Mu Xirou shook their head. They could only see that he was scary and could kill all of them with a single finger if it weren’t for his wounds caused by the unknown creature in the great hall.

Meanwhile, Feiyun occasionally gazed at the great hall while drawing runes on the ground.

These runes were quite strange and would disappear into the earth. However, he just needed to step in their area and they would become resplendent again.

He became distracted by the three girls and joined: “Do you know what monks are most afraid of?”

The three girls stopped and stared at him. Even the monk started staring with a frown. Was there something in the world that could easily suppress Buddhist cultivators?

“You mean like a cockroach?” Ruixin had a strange thought.

“No, I heard that Buddhism ruled this land for twenty thousand years, only to be destroyed by a mysterious existence. Is that what you’re talking about?” Mu Xirou grimaced.

The two girls were afraid of Feiyun at first but after finding out his identity, they kept on asking him about his own stories.

This was just the nature of women. Cultivation didn’t change the love of gossip in their heart.

Feiyun shook his head: “They’re afraid of women the most yet the three of you can’t handle a single monk, how disappointing. It has been an entire day, did you figure out anything?”

“He won’t spill a single word so what am I going to do?” Ruixin said.

“Maybe he cultivates an oath of silence.” Bai Ruxue added.

“He must be a high monk from Grand Dragon Temple.”

“These beads are amazing, we can sell it for a sky-high price if we know how to control it.”

“Maybe he’s just concussed right now, look at the big welt on his head.”

An adage stated that a woman was as loud as 300 ducks, so three women were as loud as 900 ducks - enough to drive people crazy.

Feiyun rubbed his forehead, regretting why he admitted his identity. These girls would be silent in fear right now if they still thought that he was the love thief.

It was too late for regret now.

“You all don’t have much time left. If my calculation is correct, something will change here in another hour at most.” He coughed and said.

“What will change?” Ruixin curiously asked.

“Many want to kill me, Sun Moon, Solar, Myriad Laws, and other randoms, maybe heretical lords too. They’re probably waiting outside.” Feiyun said.

Ruixin and Xirou had a happy expression after hearing this.

“Don’t be excited because I’ll definitely drag you all down with me. You only have another hour now, I don’t care what you do. Put your panty in his mouth or on top of his head, that’s fine too, just make him spill or we’ll all die.” He coldly said.

This vulgarity was actually quite effective. High monks considered these personal items to be bad luck and could break their Buddhist mindset.

This monk might not be a holy one but his cultivation was certainly perfect. If his Buddhist beliefs were to be broken, he could die from qi deviation due to his injuries.

His expression darkened after hearing Feiyun; his brows furrowed. If anyone were to see him with a panty on his head, his reputation would be ruined. How could he ever chant in front of Buddha again?

The girls had nothing but disdain for this comment. Ruixin and Xirou became red and called Feiyun wretched.

He turned a deaf ear and continued drawing formations on the ground again - a larger one this time that encompasses the entire shrine with a direction towards the great hall.

He buried more spirit stones on the ground. It didn’t take long before there were a thousand stones down there.

This was an exorbitant amount but Feiyun was rich enough to use them for a formation. Many sects probably couldn’t afford it.

The other side had some results as well. Bai Ruxue came over and smiled: “The monk begged for mercy and even vomited blood.”

Feiyun became interested and walked over then asked: “Don’t tell me you actually make him wear something on his head?”

He was only trying to scare the monk earlier and didn’t think any of the girls would actually take off their bra or panty. After all, these prideful girls would never do something like this.

As he got closer, he heard the monk weakly begging: “Benefactor, please let me down, everything is negotiable.”

“Then will you tell me how to control these beads?” Ruixin let out melodious laughter.

“Let me down and I’ll tell you right away.”

“No, tell me first then I let you down. Otherwise, I’ll wait for more people to come before burning your clothes off.”

“Please! Buddha teaches us to be merciful!”

“Buddha also says that a dishonest monk will face misfortune!”

“Buddha never said that…”

Feiyun finally saw the monk hanging from the ceiling while holding the statue of the Bodhisattva. They tied him with his feet spread apart then wrapped around the statue.

This wasn’t a pretty sight.

This statue was the worshipping entity of this shrine. It was smiling while showing a lot of cleavages. Many monks cultivated absorbing yin yang energy to reach the dao. They considered this to be a holy act.

However, this old monk looked like a pervert doing this.

No wonder he was nervous to the point of vomiting blood. Feiyun said earlier that many experts would come here. If they were to see him like this, he would probably need to commit suicide given his high status at Grand Dragon Temple.

His sect would lose all face as a result and they would be the first to kill him.

“Benefactor Yi Zhenfeng, they can’t be reasoned with, can we talk instead?” The monk became afraid of these noble daughters.

Feiyun really wanted to laugh after seeing his appearance. He also wanted to praise the girl for being so innovative.

Alas, he needed to focus on important business and put on a stern expression: “Ridiculous, who did this to you?! How can they do this to… what’s your name, Master?”

“I am a Temple Sovereign of Supreme Dragon Temple, my Buddhist title is Zhi Zhang.” The monk revealed.

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