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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 739: Big Fanfare

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Chapter 739: Big Fanfare

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Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng caused quite a stir in Earthchild, capturing one of the six beauties, Mu Xirou. Liu Ruixin, the daughter of White Moon Messenger, was next.

He then showed off his might at Fan City and killed Six Worship Sect Master and vice master along with several hundred experts that night, seemingly unstoppable.

Today, the remaining cultivators of Six Worship kneeled before the gate of Solar, beseeching a move for justice.

On the next, Solar’s prized prodigy finally made an announcement, that he would take Yi Zhenfeng’s head within three days to make a name for himself, to hoist Solar’s prestige, and to remove evil from Earthchild.

Wu Yangsheng was one of the biggest stories in this generation. Though he wasn’t a historical genius, he wasn’t inferior to any of them.

It took him less than 100 years to reach the eighth level, only behind the sect master of Solar. His peers worshipped and had absolute confidence in him.

This announcement was akin to a death sentence for the love thief.

On the same day, another top prodigy from Myriad Laws, Chen Mojin, also voiced his stance - to take Yi Zhenfeng’s head within three days. Anyone who dares to compete with him would be his enemy.

This animosity was understandable because everyone knew about his relationship with Mu Xirou. She could even be considered his fiancee. Now, she was captured by a rapist - this was utterly humiliating for a big shot like him.

These two prodigies represented the will of two top sects in Earthchild. This excited the entire young generation here.

Many ran to Fan and made the ruins increasingly rowdy.

There were also the heretical lords from all over the world. They have received the command of the king and knew that Senluo wanted to deal with this love thief. The heretical conference drew near, this was the best time to shine and the thief’s head would be the best gift.


A crimson battleship with a golden metallic shimmer floated in the sky with a large compass on deck. It was large enough to accommodate ten thousand people.

The banner hoisted at the top had golden embroideries of beasts and runes. It fluttered loudly to the wind.

Cultivators in black robe filled the deck. Each had a powerful yin aura as they stood there motionless like specters.

The tenth lord of Senluo Temple, Lu Fengxian, sat in the main position. He looked around forty years of age with a stern gaze. His beard was well-kempt; he had several strands of gray hair by his temple. However, they didn’t make him look old at all and actually gave him a sharp look.

A constrictor coiled beneath him, around ten meters long. It had two heads with blood oozing from its jaws. It clearly just ate something alive - could be a man or a beast.

“This Yi Zhenfeng coming out of nowhere at this time? What a coincidence.” Fengxian patted on one of the heads of the constrict with a smirk on his face.

“You think there is something going on, Lord?” Yun Yang kneeled before him, wearing a blue armor seemingly made from jade.

After the return of the heretical king, all ten halls united once again. The tenth lord managed to keep his position since he was a famous heretical lord at the ninth level.

He only listened to the heretical lord. The young lord and the four walkers had no jurisdiction over him despite having higher status.

Beiming Moshou and Beastmaster Camp Lord were only at the eighth level. Therefore, a ninth-level cultivator was quite influential, definitely a top dog.

There were less than ten of them in all of Senluo and less than one hundred in all of Jin.

Yun Yang was the second in command for the tenth hall. He had reached the eighth level recently and was absolutely loyal to his lord.

“The heretical conference is near with the king himself in attendance. No one can stop the unification of the heretical faction yet some people are still trying to cause trouble? Yun Yang, you have followed me for two hundred years and are virtually my family, no need to kneel.” Fengxian smiled and said.

“That would be improper, Hall Lord.” Yun Yang slowly stood up and said: “You’re saying that this love this is a chess piece from the court?”

“Not just the court, there’s also Mount Potala, Sacred Spirit Palace, and the three realms. None of them wants to see a united heretical faction, haha. Their top lords do not want to bow before the king.”

“Sacred Spirit Palace is also afraid of a united front?” Yun Yang pondered then asked.

Fengxian didn’t answer right away since it took some rumination: “They have the lowest probability of being involved in this because all of the heretical faction combined in Jin isn’t much in their eyes. They only care about the heretical king. However, their two palace lords are monsters. Given their cultivation and status, they might not view the king that highly either.”

Yun Yang didn’t expect this answer. The heretical king seemed invincible already. In his opinion, there shouldn’t be that big of a gap between their king and the two palace lords, contrary to the tenth lord’s explanation.

“Yun Yang, there are many things above your reach right now in this land. We ten hall lords had a meeting once to hear about the mysteries of the upper echelons. I can tell you a bit later so that you don’t cause trouble. Of course, just learning about this might be problematic too. It’s fine if you don’t dare to find out.” Fengxian could read his follower’s thoughts.

“Please elaborate.” Yun Yang remained curious.

“The heretical king said that the royal clan of Jin might look strong but they still can't escape Sacred Spirit's control. The five dynasties are just the palace’s chess pieces.” Fengxian said.

Yun Yang became shaken and had a new impression of Sacred Spirit Palace. Its two lords were clearly no longer on the same level as Jin. The entire heretical faction was nothing more than a bunch of hoodlums gathering together in their eyes, still useless.

“So the highest chance should be the court and… Mount Potala.” Yun Yang said. He hesitated for a moment because he knew that this lord was a member of the Lu Clan, the older cousin of the current clan master.

The reason why Fengxian became the tenth lord of Senluo was so that Mount Potala could take over this faction. Who would have thought that the missing heretical king would come back after a thousand years? This ruined Mount Potala’s plan.

The heretical king didn’t care about this because his plan was to unite them anyway. Both Mount Potala and Senluo Temple would eventually be under his banner.

“I’ve asked Mount Potala, they said it’s not them, at least not from the Lu.” Fengxian shook his head.

“Well, maybe Yi Zhenfeng doesn’t belong to any power and we’re overthinking it?” Yun Yang said.

“The court’s current Divine King is trapped in Bronze Cauldron and they didn’t dare to do a single thing. This is humiliating for them so they definitely want to win some face back or even stop this heretical conference. The heretical king gave me this task because he wanted to investigate me and Mount Potala. Thus, we have to do a good job and kill Yi Zhenfeng, not allowing him to appear at the conference.” Fengxian said.

The ship began to slow down before coming to a full stop.

“Hall Lord, we made it to Fan.” An old man bowed before Fengxian.

“Go to the pagoda ruins. Tell everyone to leave since this is official Senluo’s business.” He ordered.


Meanwhile, Wu Yangsheng, Chen Mojin, and Ye Siwan along with a relatively-older male were outside the ruin.

“Senior Brother Li and Senior Sister Ye, someone spotted Yi Zhenfeng bringing Junior Sister Liu to the pagoda ruins two days ago. They still haven’t left. When do we start?” An expert from Sun Moon reported.

The older male was the First Disciple of Sun Moon from the same generation as Wu Yangsheng and Chen Mojin. He ordered with a sharp glare: “Right now!”

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