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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 738: Three Women Are A Riot

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Chapter 738: Three Women Are A Riot

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The commotion at the great hall alarmed many cultivators. However, none ran over because they knew that this place spelled trouble.

Feiyun looked at the old monk in contemplation before releasing forty seals aiming at the monk’s forty meridians.

He used the MInor Change in order to seal the monk’s cultivation.

“Yi Zhenfeng, he’s an enlightened monk and heavily injured, why are you sealing his cultivation and taking advantage of the situation? Where is your conscience?” Mu Xirou complained.

“Don’t got one.” Feiyun directly answered.

Mu Xirou was at a loss for words, anger appearing on her pretty face.

“One more thing, address me as Young Noble from now on. A maid calling the master by his real name will have her tongue cut off.” Feiyun added.

Mu Xirou gritted her teeth, seemingly wanting to say something else. Alas, she recalled the thief’s brutality and ability to kill Giants so she stopped.

Bai Ruxue, on the other hand, was intelligent to know why. She said: “A true Buddhist cultivator does everything in the open and wouldn’t need to hide his face. This old monk might be strong but he concealed everything, including his face - certainly not the sign of a good Buddhist. Most importantly, he and his friends had a plan of going straight to the great hall. They clearly knew a big secret so Young Noble sealed him in order to figure it out. We might benefit from this.”

Feiyun nodded and said: “That’s why you’re the managing maid, far smarter than these two girls.”

“Hmph, who says that she’s smarter than me? I know you’re not Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng or whatever, you’re actually the demon’s son, Feng Feiyun. Am I right?” Liu Ruixin stared at him with her starry eyes.

She was quite nervous, not too confident in her guess.

Feiyun smiled back at her before looking back at his ring. He had no choice but to use it earlier in order to protect the convent so the crafty girl recognized him.

Infinite Spirit Ring, Heavenly Weapon Essence, Heaven-raising Rod, and Azure Vessel have become symbols of Feng Feiyun. Everyone knew about them due to his fame.

The golden daughters loved hearing about his exploits and legends and Ruixin was one of them. She naturally recognized the ring right away.

Though Feiyun had some unsavory tales about him, this was true for virtually any big shot. It didn’t deter his popularity to a large extent.

Feiyun chuckled to himself and thought to himself, ‘Women are so smart, it seems like it has nothing to do with the size of their breasts.’

“You’re not too stupid.” Feiyun didn’t deny it and took out his paper fan again while putting on the air of a lonely master: “That’s right, I am the greatest genius in this generation, the demon’s son, the romantic Divine King, the unbeatable Feng Feiyun!”

“More like the perverted Divine King.” Ruixin wasn’t afraid of him anymore. [1]

“A personal maid dares to talk back to me? I’ll show you what a “pervert” is really like then.” Feiyun threatened.

“You already did by touching my face.”

“What if I touch other places too?”

“You…” She stopped speaking. After all, both Feng Feiyun and Yi Zhenfeng weren’t good people at all.

Nevertheless, Feiyun still had his good side. For example, he destroyed Beauty’s Smile for his lover and became a butcher for Nangong Hongyan.

Young girls like her who still believed in romanticism wanted a man who would go against the rest of the world for them.

Of course, her respect for him was limited to this. She heard more about his bad side from the seniors.

Meanwhile, Mu Xirou was frightened for the second time after figuring out his real identity. Why did he pretend to be a love thief? There must be a sinister plan going on.

“Devil Feng…” Ruixin couldn’t stop her mouth.

“Call me Yi Zhenfeng.”

“Yi Zhenfeng…”

“Hmph, you still don’t know the rule at all. A maid has to call her master Young Noble. You must be missing something up there.”

Ruixin angrily gritted her teeth: “Young Noble Yi… I’m curious about how you got out of Bronze Cauldron? I heard numerous ancestors guarded the entrance and some Enlightened Beings too. Did you turn into a fly?”

The others were curious as well. In fact, all of Jin would want to know the answer to this question.

“Yep, I turned into a fly.”


Feiyun was looking around to see if the monk had any treasure. He stopped and stood up to smile: “I can tell you with one condition. You all need to be my maids for twenty-five years.”

“No thanks, I don’t need to know that badly!” Ruixin instantly responded.

“Your choice. You might have to be my maid forever if you don’t agree now.” He said.

A while later, the girls got closer. Ruixin’s eyes were big as she revealed her cute fangs and said: “Only twenty-five years? You don’t have any ulterior motive, right?”

“Would you still be a virgin right now if I did?” Feiyun smiled.

“You’re probably afraid of Jin Emperor.” She gritted so hard that she felt pain.

“What?” He didn’t expect this.

“Everyone in the world knows about your relationship with her. The two of you conspired to kill your fiancee, Princess Yue, then you helped her become the next emperor.” Ruixin started gossiping.

She has clearly talked about this issue before with her friends.

Feiyun didn’t know what to say. After all, it was indeed the truth but to be afraid of Long Luofu? That’s hilarious.

A while ago, he did some heinous deeds due to his demonic blood. This resulted in a bunch of trouble.

Now, the scripture allowed him to suppress this blood so nothing like the past would happen again. At best, he would only be teasing a few girls.

“Cat got your tongue, haha?” Ruixin gloated.

“Pop!” He slapped her butt, causing her to cry out and run away.

“How shameless! You lost the argument and didn’t take it like a gentleman. I will tell my mother.” She rubbed the painful spot, blushed.

“I’m definitely not a gentleman.” He smiled.

Meanwhile, Mu Xirou has been contemplating Feiyun's goal.

Everyone knew that he had the scripture so he naturally needed a disguise - a new identity.

Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng was a wretched persona but also very suitable to the Divine King’s style. It could also trick others pretty well.

However, why was he here in Earthchild? For the heretical conference?

She thought of something and glanced over at him - He captured us in order to stir the three great sects of Earthchid?

He wants to take us to Mount Potala along with the experts from our sect, resulting in a battle between the orthodox and heretical factions? This would greatly benefit the court and change the tides.

She started sweating after coming up with this answer. If this was the case, this place was going to be filled with corpses soon enough.

Feiyun was aware of the girls’ intelligence and coldly uttered: “If you dare to try and tell anyone, I can guarantee that you’ll be dead the moment you say the first word.”

His cold tone shut the three up. He then took out his Ascension Platform and took a strand of soul each from Ruixin and Xirou. Now, all of their actions could be noticed by him. He had total control over their lives.

“Be good maids and I won’t treat you unfairly. You’ll be free after twenty-five years, maybe even faster.” He recalled the platform.

“Now can you tell us how you escaped from Bronze Cauldron?” Ruixin was very unhappy with him at this point.

“Escape? No, I walked out the front entrance…”

Feiyun was interrupted because the monk had woken up in the back. He felt a ripple coming as the monk opened his eyes, shooting out two golden rays and awakening a massive power.

1. Romantic and perverted shares one character so she’s doing a wordplay.

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