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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 1046: Blood Qilin Versus Phoenix

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Chapter 1046: Blood Qilin Versus Phoenix

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“Boom!” The caudron seemed to be trapping a primal beast. It rampaged inside despite the help of the Cosmic Seal.

Tu Cangsi was an old monster with many techniques and ace cards to stay alive. It was difficult to kill him in such a short time.

Of course, this had nothing to do with the cauldron’s power. The bottleneck came from Feng Feiyun’s cultivation and fire mastery. If it was a current phoenix queen, she would be able to refine a pseudo saint to death with this cauldron.

The cauldron shook violently. The shockwave emanating from it split the ground beneath. Buildings in the area turned into dust.

The destruction would be far worse without four experts from the Yin World sealing the palace with their soul banners.

“You’re not going anywhere. Grand Change Art, Celestial Light!” Feiyun channeled laws into his fingertip. It became resplendent and shot a ray into space.

Forty-nine stars began to rotate and sent their light onto the cauldron. This caused the flames to become even stronger. Finally, the old monster within was burned to death.

The cauldron opened and a blood pill the size of a pigeon egg flew out. It had a ruby color with bright heavenly runes on the surface - a Heaven’s Emergence Blood Pill.

Feiyun grabbed it and put it away. The power inside the pill was monstrous so he saved it for the ninth rebirth attempt.

Meanwhile, snowflakes still fluttered down onto the battlefield. Spectators couldn’t believe the death of an old monster but the pill was the perfect proof.

How many half-demons have reached this level in history?

“Is he, a Heaven’s Emergence?” Someone questioned. Otherwise, how could he kill an old monster so easily?

“No, he doesn’t have the aura of one.” A wounded ancestor from the Liu said.

The clan sent a total of seven ancestors to Sacred Court. Three have died so far. This grievously injured one was Sixth Ancestor. Other seniors circled around him.

“He’s at the eighth level of Nirvana.” You Zilin had a mystic eye on her forehead. Inside was a spirit lamp capable of seeing through all illusions.

This revelation caused another commotion. People stared at Feiyun with respect despite him being a half-demon. Even paragons admired him.

Once this news spread, no one would dare to look down on him. Half-demons had no status but one at the eighth level? That’s an exception since he represented one of the strongest of the race.

She went on: “He used something resembling one of the eight immemorial arts, Grand Change. He borrowed the power of forty-nine stars earlier. We have something similar, Star Art. At grand completion, we can only use eighteen.”

The crowd listened quietly and slowly digested this information.

Eighth walked forward and stood in front of his men. A lightning rune made out of blood appeared in the middle of his forehead as he said: “Not bad at all, worthy of someone who managed to refine Yama’s corpse. Let’s see what you can do.”

“Wait.” Feiyun said.

“You’re afraid?”

“Boom!” The fight between Hell Yama and Gu Zhaxi finally concluded.

The latter had his four arms ripped off and was thrown into the cauldron. Feiyun used the power of the stars again to turn the victim into a blood pill.

Two experts from the Yin World tried to stop him but Hell Yama crushed and swallowed them.

A second blood pill came out of the cauldron with the same blinding glow.

The Yin World brought a total of six old monsters here. Two have fallen thus far.

“Die!” Eighth sent out his trigram seal. It circled in the air and changed the world into two halves - black and white. Night and day seemed to be existing at the same time.

This was a fifteenth-ranked treasure from King Zhuanlun. It had killed numerous cultivators before.

It had the ability to reverse the yin and yang along with other affinities, making it quite effective against “domains”.

The rays emanating from it instantly killed ten old cultivators from Crimson.

Feiyun raised both hands and summoned ten thousand images. He unleashed a dual-palm strike and began the fight with Eighth.

The two of them rushed into the air and caused tornados to appear, crushing space in the process.

“Absolute Yin Yang, Cosmic Trigram!” The lightning rune on Eighth’s forehead shot out a red lightning bolt.

The Trigram Seal became stronger and grew to a diameter of five hundred meters.

Feiyun put on his dragon-phoenix robe and used the power of the cauldron along with the stars. The cauldron became three hundred meters tall, looking like a fiery volcano.

The cauldron and the seal destroyed all the low-level realms up above.

“Feng Feiyun, I am a paragon with better spirit treasures, you can’t beat me!” Red energies circled around Eighth and gathered to form an ocean. His skin became red as well with qilin scales.

He had obtained the power of King Zhuanlun on top of the legacy of a pseudo saint. He had drunk the blood of this qilin; his physical constitution soared afterward.

“We’ll see about that, you became a paragon at seventh level while I’m at the eighth.” Feiyun said. He had a pair of phoenix wings and three fiery dragons flew out of the cauldron.

“Half-demon, you will never understand the difference between Heaven’s Emergence and Nirvana. The fundamental gap isn’t that simple.” Eighth sneered, clearly confident. He didn’t view Feiyun as a real opponent.

“Unfortunately for you, the gap between our talent is just as considerable. You will become nothing more than a blood pill.” Feiyun said proudly.

“Hmph, we’ll see about that!” Eighth waved his hand and the red ocean rushed forward. It changed its shape into a gigantic blood qilin.

Just its head alone was ten times larger than a mountain. Its eyes looked like two lakes of blood. This was the original form of the pseudo saint - longer than eight hundred miles.

One stomp could cause an entire domain to shake. Its roar would force all other beasts to get down on the ground.

“Just a seventh-level blood qilin, nothing more.” Feiyun changed his form into a phoenix.

The wings alone spanned nine thousand miles. This was his original form - a ninth-level phoenix.

Its colossal aura sent Eighth flying. His expression changed completely because the phoenix was countless times more terrifying than the qilin.

Sure enough, the phoenix easily swallowed the qilin afterward. This was a shocking scene because the qilin pseudo saint was known as the king of all beasts. Alas, this image was taken down so easily.

This would have been the case if the previous Feng Feiyun were to meet the pseudo saint during their prime. The latter would have been just as helpless.


Sixth Central.

Sacred Court was under attack by five kings of the Yin World. Crimson’s palace was only one of the battlefields.

“The prince and princesses of all the territories are here right now. We just need to capture Sacred Court and the entire dynasty will be under our control.”

A bronze brush as large as a pillar floated in the clouds. Everyone knew that King Pingdeng was present. This was his signature weapon - Judgment Brush.

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