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«Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 859: Door

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Chapter 859: Door

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The past was prosperous for the myriad races. All had geniuses learning and comprehending the dao, reaching the realm of saint.

However, not a single saint could be found in the present. Perhaps they truly existed but few had the privilege of meeting one, let alone 108,000.

“This azure vessel must be from the immortal world?” Feiyun became emotional.

The saints were speaking in his mind; their voice was ancient and holy, capable of enlightening people and answering questions regarding the grand dao.

Feiyun never got to see a saint in his previous life. Thus, he was quite startled right now.

Even the immemorial age didn’t have 108,000 saints at the same time. According to the ancient scrolls, the appearance of a few already signaled a golden age.

“Could it be that the ashes here came from all the saints in history? They chose the vessel as their final resting place?”

Several hundred million years must have passed since time immemorial, numerous golden ages and civilizations as well. The number of saints should be difficult to add up.

The 108,000 stars in his body lit up in a blinding manner. They were the ashes of saints but too much time had passed. Even the body of these saints has become nothingness; only the specks were left. Thus, the power was virtually gone. Only a faint strand of intent was left.

Back during the earliest stage of these ashes, they would have been heavy enough to crush a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator to death.

Feiyun thought that this was a shame. Nonetheless, the strands of intents left behind were still precious, enough to make the ancestors salivate.

One could learn about the grand dao through them; it was beneficial for becoming a saint.

“The Buddhist energy is stronger after fusing with the ashes.” Feiyun raised one finger and golden energy gathered at the tip, eventually culminating into a Buddhist pill.

It was round and spiritual with a little Buddha image floating on the surface, looking alive. It was quietly chanting with both palms placed together.

“Ninth rank.” He smirked after speculating its relative effect.

Even an ancient clan like the Meng couldn’t have more than a few ninth-ranked pills yet Feiyun could easily create them. Other alchemists could go crazy from jealousy.

Of course, these pills were limited and could only be used for recovery, as an antidote, or to improve one's physical constitution.

On the other hand, alchemists had more versatility with their pills. Thus, Feiyun still had a long way to go.

Nonetheless, he didn’t wish to waste time on alchemy and hinder his own cultivation.

“The second diagram and energy are finished, time to learn the third.”

As for the vessel, it was still covered with a layer of ashes. The amount that had entered Feiyun’s body was nothing in comparison.

“Is this really a burial ship?” He picked up some specks and tried to refine them into his body.

Unfortunately, they rushed out the moment he forced them into his flesh.

“Why? Does it have to be during the life-death process with laws circulating around?” He eventually gave up.

Perhaps there were other sacred items around beside the ashes on the ship.

After reaching first-level Nirvana, his cultivation had improved countless times. He could control the ship for a long period on top of entering certain secret areas.

A while ago, he had less than 1/100th access to the vessel. Now, he could open a few places that were shrouded in chaos thanks to his cultivation improvement.

He stood before a bronze door that had rusted heavily. Only the handle made it clear that this was a door leading to the inner area.

He placed his hand on the door and felt a chilling touch, instantly freezing his hand. He could hear terrifying cries similar to beast roars, wailing of ghosts, or moaning of the gods.

Feiyun’s twelve phoenix bones became ablaze. He used all of his energy in order to expel this cold energy from his hand and quickly pulled back. The terrifying sounds disappeared.

“Could something alive still be in here? Impossible, even saints have turned to ashes, what can have a stronger life force to be eternal?”

He didn’t dare to carelessly touch the door again. Alas, curiosity got the best of him. He summoned his weapon essence, intending on breaking down the door.

“Whoosh!” It turned into a spear and Feiyun suddenly thrust forward. A piercing power emanated from his hand and assaulted the door.

“Boom!” A faint energy of death emerged from the door as retaliation. It sent Feiyun flying like a storm. Space trembled as if on the verge of collapsing.

He utilized his Swift Samsara to shift to the other side of the vessel, managing to dodge the force.

The door had a seal left behind by a saint. The current Feiyun shouldn’t be able to break it.

“I don’t think so, the weapon essence must not be sharp enough.” Feiyun took out three artifacts from his spatial stone.

Two were at the fourth rank, the last was at the fifth rank. He took them from the historical geniuses of the Meng.

The weapon essence assumed a liquid form and melted the three artifacts, absorbing the spirits inside.

If anyone were to see this, they would curse Feiyun and call him a prodigal son for wasting these treasures.

He didn’t give a damn and even took out his Heaven-raising Rod, a peak third-ranked treasure. He threw it into the essence as well.

“Boom! Boom…” The powerful artifacts turned into scrap metals, falling into the ground. They then scattered as dust.

The weapon essence’s light became brighter and turned into a sharper spear. The tip looked like a blade.

The thrust tore the spatial fabric apart. Even Feiyun was nearly wounded by the sharpness from the gales.

“Boom!” A metallic clank occurred and the chilling touch repelled the spear. Feiyun felt a power wanting to destroy his mind so he let go of the essence and leaped into the sky.

This power froze 100,000 miles of the river. The stars above trembled as well.

Feiyun looked down in astonishment. That was only one strand of power. The full thing would destroy the entire region.

The weapon essence was frozen now, still connected horizontally to the door. It didn’t leave a single mark.

Once this power calmed down, Feiyun landed and took out the weapon essence from the thick ice. Unfortunately, its spirit has been affected by the cold and couldn’t turn back into its liquid form.

“My divine intents would have been frozen earlier if I didn’t let go fast enough. I can’t touch this door right now.”

He then turned his focus towards the river. Everything there was covered in ice now.

“I’m sure the experts of Season will be alarmed by this, it’s best to leave right away.” He put away the vessel and ran back to the shore. Just one jump traveled a far distance.

Not long later, two old men reached this area. They had daoist robe and a whisker.

“Such a powerful aura, could it be the murderous intent of that devil king wanting to come out of the river?” One of them said.

“Shouldn’t be. The domain lord led us to seal this river six thousand years ago. The murderous strand shouldn’t be able to come out.”

Feiyun was already 100,000 miles away when these two men got here.

Season was large but didn’t have a dense population. Many places were desolate without a village, only one village several hundred miles or a city every ten thousand miles.

He calculated using his Minor Change Art and realized that it has been one month and seven days since he was pursued by the Meng.

They assumed that he was dead but some still continued to travel along the river to look for him.

After all, his head was worth 800,000 miles of land. Even Enlightened Beings were tempted and the Meng didn’t fully give up.

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