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«Spirit Realm (Web Novel) - Chapter 1824: Hand in Hand

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Chapter 1824: Hand in Hand

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"The Soul Race's Infinite Soul Sea," Vik said calmly.

"Infinite Soul Sea?" Assad was shocked. "The Infinite Soul Sea can defend against the Light of Annihilation?"

Vik nodded. "The Soul Race's Infinite Soul Sea seem to be the polar opposite of the Sea of Annihilation of the shadow beings. You only need to refine armor and cover each pore on your body before we channel the water of the Infinite Soul Sea into the armor with a secret art. Then the armor can ignore the corrosion from the Light of Annihilation. Without the Light of Annihilation as a weapon, you can fight the shadow beings."

"The souls of the shadow beings are very similar to the souls of the Soul Race. The only difference is that they also have bodies in addition to their unique souls."

"Their bodies are not made from flesh and blood, but pure power."

"All kinds of powers gather together with the laws of the universe to become the bodies of the shadow beings."

When he said this, Vik looked at Qin Hao and the experts of Spirit Realm. He said, "You have experience fighting the shadow beings. You should know how to destroy their bodies."

"Yes, if we disrupt the laws of power making up their bodies, we will damage their bodies forever and they will die." Qin Hao nodded.

"Just like that," Vik said confidently.

"The Infinite Soul Sea and the Sea of Annihilation are polar opposites…" Tian Qi had a thoughtful expression.

"Refine armor that can completely cover the body. Then the Soul Race will use a secret art to channel the water of the Infinite Soul Sea into the armor to defend against the corrosion of the Light of Annihilation, yes?" Qin Shan confirmed.

Vik nodded again. "When we fight the shadow beings with our Soul Beast bodies, we use this method to defend against the Light of Annihilation. If it works for us, it will work for you."

"What does everyone think?" Qin Shan asked.

"Is the Soul Race trustworthy?" Manon of the Moon Star Race said worriedly.

"I believe them," Qin Shan stated.

"Me too," Tian Qi said.

"The God Race also believes them, "An Hao answered.

"We also believe the Soul Race," Nine Hells Monarch Auston agreed as well.

By this point, Qin Shan, Tian Qi, An Hao, and Auston had already discovered  Qin Lie’s true identity.

Vik had originally been one of the four Apostles of the Imperial Soul Monarch. His trip this time showed the Soul Race had realized who Qin Lie was.

Thamur had been expelled and Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar had gone to the Soul Realm. This proved that Vik and Qin Lie had met up.

They all knew that Vik was completely loyal to the Imperial Soul Monarch—or rather,  Qin Lie of the current era.

With such a premise, they naturally would not suspect Vik's motives and completely believed his words.

"Since you all believe, then we… naturally have nothing to say." Manon of the Star Moon Race nodded.

The Spirit Race, God Race, the Abyss Devils, and Qin Shan's trust towards Vik caused the patriarchs of the other races to get rid of their doubts.

"Then it’s decided. Do your best to refine armors suitable for your fighting styles, and bring them to the Soul Race." Vik looked at everyone and said, "Let me remind you. This battle with the shadow beings may only need peak experts that are familiar with the power laws and concepts, in other words, rank ten bloodline warriors, the Genesis Realm experts of the human race, or those that have mastered more than one kind of law. Then, they can still use the laws they’ve comprehended and use them to damage the shadow beings’ bodies."

"The others cannot threaten those shadow beings who have bodies so there is no need to waste too many materials on armor."

"I hope you will understand this."

Vik warned.


"Let's do this!"


"We will work together to refine the armor suitable for us!"

The experts of different races gathered at Sky Bearing City quickly reached a consensus and immediately discussed trading resources to refine the armor for their peak experts as soon as possible.

"Grand Elder Terry has returned. He is attempting to reach the ultimate realm. If Grand Elder Terry successfully breaks through, we will have an easier time against the shadow beings," Kermit of the Winged Race said, purposefully relaxed.

"Our old forefather has also returned,” Manon said with a smile.

"My uncle has also returned," Manon of the Multihand Race echoed.

"Our race's…"

The other patriarchs all had smiles and proud expressions.

They seemed to feel when their returning elders reached the ultimate realm, the state of the universe would change.

They did not know the details.

Only Qin Shan, Tian Qi, Vik, Assad, and the seven Devil Monarchs knew the truth

Those that were in the know had an unspoken agreement and acted oblivious toward the joy of the foreign races’ patriarchs.

They knew that those that had returned… were not necessarily boons to their races.

It was the opposite. The returnees would only increase trouble for Qin Lie, cause the universe to grow unstable, and spell a whole lot of trouble.

They all knew that those experts who had returned would have no chance of reaching the ultimate realm.

If there really was someone who entered the ultimate realm at this time, then… it would mean Qin Lie had been defeated.

Qin Lie's defeat would mean the Saint God of the shadow beings would have no more fear and he would appear in the universe with his true body.

If that was the case, no matter their efforts, they would have no power to change anything.

Their universe would undoubtedly head towards destruction.

Because they were in the know, their moods were heavy when they looked at the relaxed foreign race patriarchs.

"Everyone, work hand in hand to prepare," Qin Shan said coolly.

Afterwards, the foreign races’ patriarchs from the different realms left Sky Bearing City for their preparations.

Tian Qi, Assad, the seven Devil Monarchs, the five patriarchs of the God Race, and the Soul Race’s Apostle Vik stayed until the end.

The four transcendent races’ experts, Qin Shan, Qin Hao and a few others remained in the hall.

"The monarch, alone, is roaming in the soul seas of the returnees, attempting to remove the imprint left behind by the Saint God." Vik's expression was depressed as he said, "They have been bewitched by the Saint God, all they can think of is assailing the ultimate realm as soon as possible. They consider the monarch an obstacle and refuse to work with him. They are all trying their best to kill monarch’s subsouls inside their soul seas. Just our monarch’s power is not enough to defeat them, so all rank ten Soul Race clansmen were asked to pour their soul energy into Soul Pavilion."

Inside the hall, everyone looked at Vik and didn't know what to say.

"In my view, the battle between the Imperial Soul Monarch and the Saint God is of the utmost importance!" Vik snorted. "Those obstinate returnees are our greatest danger! How about…"

"What are you thinking?" Tian Qi said calmly.

"During their breakthrough, we work together and kill those that returned!" Vik said viciously.

"No!" Tian Qi frowned and hurriedly said, "Once we act, the races of the universe will fall into the greatest of upheaval. Those that return, if they temporarily put down their breakthrough, will gather the power of their races and fight us. It will be more troublesome!"

"The four transcendent bloodline races together are enough to kill all those people!" Vik urged on.

In order to lighten the burden for the Imperial Soul Monarch, he would not hesitate to have all beings die, and let the universe sink into endless upheaval and war.

"More than thirty people returned. All their bloodlines are at the peak of rank ten. Once they work together, we will be in great trouble." Tian Qi shook his head again. He looked deeply at Vik. "He gathered the soul energy of the Soul Race and created so many souls to fight the ones that returned. He’s made up his mind. If you are his Apostle, respect his decision and don’t act on your own."

"I am just saying." Vik calmed down immediately and said, "If so, then I will wait at the Soul Race for you and hope that you will not disappoint the monarch."

Then, he finally left Spirit Realm.

The Spirit Race, God Race, and the seven Devil Monarchs discussed some more in the hall before they left.

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