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«Spirit Realm (Web Novel) - Chapter 1823: Center of the Universe

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Chapter 1823: Center of the Universe

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Sky Bearing City was filled with people.

Peak experts from all races kept pouring in through the realm entrances one after another. Everyone of them were pillars of their own parts of the universe.

The patriarchs of the Winged Race, the Bone Race, the Multihand Race, the Star Moon Race, and more were already waiting inside the grand hall, but more leaders were arriving still. 

“The five patriarchs of the God Race have arrived!” Qin Ye declared loudly from outside the hall.

After that, An Hao, Han Che, Lieyan Zhao, Kuang Jue, and Yu Xi were led into the grand hall by Chen Lin.

“It’s the five patriarchs of the God Race!”

Most of the second tier patriarchs already present inside the hall were eyeing the God Race patriarchs seriously.

“Welcome leaders of the Spirit Race, Indigo and Assad!”

“Vik, the Soul Race’s Great Elder, has arrived!”

Indigo, Assad, and Vik slowly entered the grand hall after the announcement.

“The Soul Race and the Spirit Race!”

“Ah? The Soul Race has sent someone too?”

“Strange, didn’t they invade Spirit Realm not long ago? Shouldn’t the Soul Race and the Spirit Race be at odds with Spirit Realm?”

“They’re here too?”

The patriarchs whispered among themselves as they watched Assad and Vik.

From what they heard, Qin Lie, the Soul Race, and the Spirit Race had been fighting each other for over a century already.

Tian Qi especially was one of Spirit Realm’s greatest enemies!

However, the leaders of the Spirit Race and the Soul Race had surprised everyone by responding positively to Sky Bearing City’s summons.

It confused a lot of foreign clansmen.


A terrible pressure suddenly descended on Sky Bearing City. It caused everyone’s bloodline and energy to shudder violently.

“It’s the aura of a Great Lord of the Abyss!”

“Only the Great Lords of the Abyss could affect our bloodline this much.”

“Even G-great Lords of the Abyss are attending this meeting!?”

The discussion between the races grew noisier.

“I am the Nine Hells Monarch!”

“I am the Ghost Sacrificial Monarch!”

“I am…”

The seven Devil Monarchs of the Abyss Purgatories reported their names immediately after they descended on Sky Bearing City.

Before the experts could recover from their shock, they shrank and transformed into seven elegant-looking high rank Abyss Devils.

The seven Devil Monarchs were now only a head taller than the average person. They then walked into grand hall and took up a corner.

“It’s the seven Devil Monarchs of the Abyss Purgatories!”

“All seven Devil Monarchs have left the Abyss Purgatories at the same time! This is unbelievable!”

“Qin Lie’s face is important enough to rouse the arrogant and lazy Devil Monarchs? This is… too much.”

All the patriarchs who were invited to the grand hall were shocked by the Devil Monarchs’ arrival.

Not even Assad of the Spirit Race, Vik of the Soul Race, and the five patriarchs of the God Race were an exception.

The Devil Monarchs almost never left their Eight Purgatories. This had been the case for the past tens of millions of years.

During those rare moments they did leave the Eight Purgatories, they normally sent avatars to do their bidding. They almost never went anywhere in their main bodies.

But at this time, all seven Devil Monarchs who had come to Sky Bearing City were clearly their true bodies!

It was also the first time in history where all seven Devil Monarchs were on the move at the same time!

All four transcendent bloodline races—the Abyss Devil Race, the Soul Race, the Spirit Race and the God Race—had shown up in response to Sky Bearing City’s invitation. It was a meeting that cemented the fact that Spirit Realm was truly the center of the universe!

From this moment onward, Spirit Realm wouldn’t be forgotten for all eternity!

“Ah, you’re finally here.”

Tian Qi suddenly appeared out of nowhere and smiled at Assad and Indigo.

Assad was clearly surprised to see Tian Qi. He didn’t expect to see the Great Sage at Sky Bearing City.

“Why are you…?” Assad looked like he wanted to ask something.

Tian Qi smiled at him and replied, “The circumstances have changed. While the shadow beings are invading, Spirit Realm and I are allies who share a common enemy.”

“That’s right,” Qin Shan chimed in. "The Great Sage understands that the universe is in great danger, and that this isn’t the right time to hold onto old grudges. This is a time where we work together to fight against the shadow beings.”

Assad calmed down when he heard this. He said, “Lord Farid has returned.”

Tian Qi nodded and said, “I know. You… don’t have to worry too much about Farid. Someone will deal with him.”

He then smiled at Indigo and said, “Girl, I’m happy to see that you’re growing very quickly. Most of your decisions are to my liking.”

Indigo smiled at him and gave him a humble salute.

Tian Qi waved his hands before looking at the crowd. He said, “I’ve noticed signs of a huge shadow being invasion all over the universe. The Dark Shadow World is seeping through all the spatial black holes. The shadow beings are going all out this time, and our fight will be even harder the last time. The good news is, we’re not fighting alone. This time we were able to gather everyone in one place to discuss a plan to repel the shadow beings.” 

“The shadow beings aren’t too much of a threat. If we can find a way to cancel out the Light of Annihilation, we’re more than capable of fighting against them.”

“Therefore, our first priority is to find a way to protect ourselves from the Light of Annihilation.”

“Great Sage Tian Qi, you once entered the Dark Shadow World and came unharmed, so you’re immune to the Light of Annihilation, am I right?” Manon of the Star Moon Race asked.

“The reason I’m not afraid of the Light of Annihilation is because of my mastery of spatial energy. I can travel through time and space to avoid all the rays,” Tian Qi said with a frown. “Unfortunately, I don’t think my method is applicable to you all. That is why we need another way to solve this.”

“What about the Geocentric Motherlodes?” Manon asked.

“It takes a great destiny to merge with the Geocentric Motherlode. It’s not as easy as you think.” Tian Qi shook his head again.

“Qin Hao, what about you?” Tutan of the Multihand Race asked.

Qin Hao replied seriously, “Unfortunately, my method is not applicable to others as well.”

“Then…” Tutan looked at a loss for words.

At this point, the grand hall was filled with the peak experts of the entire universe. Anyone of them could stomp their foot and cause quakes throughout the universe.

However, none of them had a good plan to defend themselves against the Light of Annihilation.

“We can stop the Light of Annihilation.”

Suddenly, the sole representative of the Soul Race, Vik spoke up.

Everyone subconsciously directed their gaze toward him.

“The Soul Race…” Someone muttered.

“Vik, where is your new patriarch, Thamur?” Assad asked in astonishment.

“I’m sorry, but Thamur is no longer the patriarch of the Soul Race. He… he was actually a subsoul of the Saint God.” Vik’s expression looked a little dark as he said this, “Our patriarch will always be the monarch, and right now the monarch is…”

“Ahem!” Tian Qi suddenly broke into a coughing fit before he shot Vik a meaningful look.

Vik matched his gaze and realized what was going on. He immediately said, “…missing. But the monarch is still our patriarch unless we have definitive proof of his passing.”

“Why don’t you tell us how we can defend ourselves against the Light of Annihilation,” Tian Qi reminded.

Vik nodded and began his explanation. “We’ve fought the shadow beings for millions of years, so we know the shadow beings better than anyone. Of course, we Soul Race clansmen have no bodies to begin with, so the Light of Annihilation is ineffective against us. Still, if we must fight the shadow beings with our Soul Beast avatars, then we need to use a different method to protect our puppets from harm.”

“What is that method?” Assad asked.

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