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«Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 845: The 11th Heavenly King

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Chapter 845: The 11th Heavenly King

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu shot a look at the distress points he received. Okay, so the Bishop’s name was Camillo Borghese, and the Saint was King Garcia…

Sometimes you really could not deny the cultural differences embedded in different languages. For instance, the English name “King” gave the impression of a superb and mighty man, yet its Chinese translation “Jin 1 ” was much more down-to-earth and even a tad low-class…

Before this, Lu Shu did not have the chance to figure out their true names because their distress points would have come with a huge wave of many others, rendering it impossible to differentiate which name belonged to them. Now, however, he could finally target the two of them…

Now that he knew the Bishop’s name, Lu Shu realized that he had actually received quite a number of distress points from him.

Countless points flowed in after he killed all the seven Class B’s in the forest. After the fight, he had even earned himself the reputation of being the most powerful man under the Class A’s as more people in the large organizations became aware of his actions. Thus, inevitably, those in the opposite teams had developed some grudge against him.

By now, Lu Shu had ignited the fourth star and he was only one third away from the fifth. Moreover, the number of Sparrow Shade threads had also increased to 576!

It was no easy feat as the fifth star required eight million distress points.

If he had been more diligent in cultivation practice, the number of Sparrow Shade threads would have surpassed that of his lightning aurablades.

By then, he would redefine “success”. In the past, an overachiever was one with a successful career, a happy family, endless inflow of cash and a fulfilling life.

Yet, Lu Shu would be even more impressive. With Sparrow Shade in his left hand and aurablades in his right, he would be able to defeat the Department of Faith Theory and the Phoenix Society effortlessly and became the strongest man on Earth.

As a result, the tensions on the walls had suddenly eased up with Lu Shu’s arrival.

Moreover, his words also made the bronze-clad soldiers realize that the Saint and the Bishop had purposely kept their distance from Nie Ting despite their arrogant attitude…

This observation affirmed to them, that in fact those three Class A’s were secretly afraid of Nie Ting. Otherwise, they did not have to be standing so far away…

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaoyu stood beside Lu Shu without a word. She was restoring her energy, in preparation for another fight.

Earlier, Lu Shu carried her not because she was too weak to run by herself, but she did not refuse when Lu Shu made the offer.

At this moment, the Bishop laughed. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m afraid you are unaware… The heroic girl that you respected is in fact the evil spirit capturer. If I am not mistaken, one of the spirits in her control is the earth-type Class B Anthony. Moreover, it’s rather easy to guess the identity of the other one. Johnson, the materialization-type Metahuman. She’s not a double awakener. Your information was all fake. I saw with my own eyes just now that three black shadows flashed past when she appeared in the deep cavern. Those were probably the spirits she captured.”

As he spoke, the Bishop threw an envelope to Nie Ting. Nie Ting frowned as soon as he drew out the photos from the folder.

Apparently, judging from his expressions… the Bishop was telling the truth!

In the early days when the spirit capturing was just exposed to the public, it was played up to be an extremely wicked witchcraft. Some people from the Heavenly Network also jumped on the bandwagon when they were unclear about the situation.

The unfavorable public opinion was what made Lu Shu to decide to hide the truth.

Lu Shu’s expressions turned cold. “So it’s you.”

“No. Absolutely not. Somebody gave it to me,” said the Bishop. He shook his head and continued, “Yes? I bet none of you saw this coming, right? This innocent-looking girl is an evil witch who catches spirits! Are you not concerned that your souls may be taken by her after your death?”

Lu Shu let out a cold laugh. “Tell me who gave it to you. I may consider granting you an easy death.”

The Bishop cackled, as if he had just heard the most ridiculous joke. “You? Want to kill me?! You’d better worry about yourself and think about how you are going to survive in the Heavenly Network. If your sister is a witch, what are you?”

Lu Shu glanced over at the bronze armored soldiers. Everyone seemed to be in deep thought. Lu Xiaoyu suddenly grabbed Lu Shu’s hand tightly. The temperature of her palm had seemingly dropped too. Yet, the pair did not make any moves.

Lu Shu’s head was spinning. What should they do? Run? He could sense the malice in the air. Were they really not supposed to have any friends?

Meanwhile, the troop of Phoenix Society had arrived at the foot of the fortress with the Department of Faith Theory. Silence befell the entire battlefield as people awaited how the Heavenly Network would react towards this abrupt change of plots.

In fact, they were more like curious spectators.

At that moment, it was as though Lu Xiaoyu became the common enemy of humanity,

The Bishop smiled. “Yes? How about hand her to us if you are not willing to do it?”

The crowd turned their gaze to Lu Shu. However, he did not answer the Bishop. He looked at Lu Xiaoyu’s shoes, whose white canvas was dirty and shoelaces loosen. Then, he knelt down and gently tied back her shoelaces. Lu Shu smiled. “Tie your shoelaces before you kill.”

No one had expected such a reaction from him.

Lu Xiaoyu’s gaze stayed on this young man’s face. His expressions were serious and solemn, as if tying her shoelaces was the most important thing in the world.

The scene was reminiscent of the night on the rooftop where she asked Lu Shu what he would do if the entire world wanted to kill her.

She remembered his reply clearly too. He said, “Then I will wreak havoc in this world.”

At this moment, Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao came up and stood beside them. They glanced around alertedly and said, “Let us go, if you can’t accept what they did. I don’t want to fight against my comrades.”

Suddenly they heard a laughter in the crowd. It was Hao Zhichao. He pulled up his visor and smiled. “Don’t be so tensed up. You two are not the only friends that Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu have. We need to hear Heavenly King Nie’s decision.”

Nie Ting drew out a black box from his cloak. He glanced at the Bishop and then asked Lu Xiaoyu with a smile, “Can you capture a Class A’s spirit?”

The Bishop immediately retreated another 500 meters, as if he had just been electrocuted. He shouted in despair, “Why do you want to stand against the world just to shield her?!”

“How is capturing spirits a big deal? Stop basing your morality on cultivation techniques like a child! True justice… is not determined by techniques.” Nie Ting said calmly, his fingers never left the black box. “From today onwards, Lu Xiaoyu is the 11th Heavenly King of the Heavenly Network. We, the Heavenly Network, are willing to stand against the world for her.”

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