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«Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1308: Head North to Help the King

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Chapter 1308: Head North to Help the King

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When the Inferno Blood Devils caused havoc among the humans, it did not just happen at the North Region. Some of the businessmen who came to the North Region turned into Blood Devils.

Lu Shu had realized that the Inferno Blood Devils were intelligent back in the Koh Chang Island remains. They were no different from humans. Back then, when he and Li Xianyi faced the Blood Devil, the Blood Devil evidently had thinking skills that exceeded that of normal creatures.

But this did not mean much. Lu Shu had seen a Blood Devil that was more beautiful than a human. It had been brought away Tiger Zhi.

Back then, Tiger Zhi had even obtained the blood of the Blood Devil. According to the Blood Devil itself, as long as the blood was still with Tiger Zhi, it was unable to betray him.

Yi Qian saw various scenes through the messenger mirror. But ten minutes later, the messenger mirror was broken. Even the spy had been killed.

The Blood Devils were most concentrated in the North Region. They knew who were human and who were devils.

Thus, when they received orders to complete their transformation, the first thing they did was to eliminate all the humans in the North Capital!

The Inferno Blood Devils killed humans like locusts. They did not even give them a chance to struggle. Furthermore, strange things happened. When the Blood Devils started killing humans, people around them were immobilized by fear. Some humans asked their relatives for help, but realized that their still relatives had started to peel their human skin.

In the past, everyone thought that the North Region was a utopia in the Luniverse. The government was amiable, and the Lord of Heaven was kind.

But this kind of place had turned into a living hell!

Yi Qian ran to tell Lu Shu about this. Something strange was happening in the North Region!

Yi Qian was unable to directly show Lu Shu what the demons looked like. After all, the messenger mirror had been destroyed by the Blood Devil. But with just a few strokes on paper, Lu Shu could recognize the creatures beneath the human skin.

“Great Lord,” said Yi Qian in a heavy tone, “what is happening in the North Region? Hundreds of spies have discovered this. This transformation… is happening throughout the North Region!”

“Have you heard anything about Qing Kong? Tell me in detail.” Lu Shu asked.

Yi Qian, Li Liang, Zhang Weiyu, and the others looked at one another helplessly. For a period of time, they could not think of anything. Zhang Weiyu furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Every Lord of Heaven will have unpleasant and interesting stories, but it seems like there is nothing about Qing Kong. To everyone, he is simply a Lord of Heaven. He has no hobbies and no imperial harem. He is diligent and loves his people…”

“Qing Kong might be a Blood Devil. An extremely strong Blood Devil,” said Lu Shu with a sigh.

At this moment, Lu Shu recalled the details of what had happened in the Koh Chang Island remains. To his shock, he realized that the old King of Gods had locked up the Blood Devils in the remains to defend against Qing Kong.

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi should know how to control the Blood Devil. Who taught them this? It was definitely God Lu himself.

But a flawless person like God Lu would definitely not think that he would be able to threaten Qing Kong with just one Blood Devil, even if it was his own son. Qing Kong might even sacrifice his son without a second thought. Then why did God Lu leave that Blood Devil behind?

The blood! The drop of blood was most important! Lu Shu suddenly captured the key to the situation! The Blood Devil that God Lu had left behind was a clue for Lu Shu!

Before that, God Lu had probably controlled Qing Kong’s blood. But after God Lu “died”, Qing Kong was no longer controlled and he started to plan!

This relationship was both good and bad. When God Lu died, Qing Kong was the first person who knew about it. He suddenly regained his freedom!

But Qing Kong did not tell anyone about this. Even though he knew that the imperial edict from the palace of the King of Gods was fake, he still continued to keep the secret.

But he did not stop. Over the past 18 years, he turned the entire North Region into hell.

Lu Shu was suddenly alert. This Qing Kong was far too profound.

Typically, when people regained their freedom after being controlled and received a new life, they would not be able to hold in their joy! Who did not want to be free?!

But Qing Kong had endured for 18 long years!

Was an enemy like Duanmu Huangqi, who could not help but jump to do things, frightening? No. Enemies like Qing Kong were frightening.

But Lu Shu was more concerned about whether he had any relation to the evil intention of God Lu.

Lu Shu looked at Yi Qian. “The East Region has also started to assemble their army. The West Region is on their way. The North Region has turned into hell. Only the South Region is quiet.”

“The South Region is not quiet.” Yi Qian looked at Lu Shu. “This morning, Wen Zaifou rewarded three armies and said that they would head north to help the king. He said that he would rescue you from fire and water…”

“…” Lu Shu was speechless. “What else did he say?”

“He said in public that you raised a bunch of ungrateful young people. In the end, you would understand that he is still the most reliable,” said Yi Qian.

“He said that in public?” Lu Shu asked.

“Yes.” Yi Qian confirmed, “The information that my spies bring back will not be wrong.”

“How did the three armies react?” Lu Shu asked curiously.

“They were confused…”

Lu Shu sighed. “Be careful of movement in the West Region.”

“Sun Xunwen?” Yi Qian, Zhang Weiyu, and the others were dumbfounded. “Are you worried about him?”

“There’s no harm being careful,” said Lu Shu calmly. Although he was no match for Zhang Weiyu and Li Liang in leading armies, Lu Shu had trained his cautiousness through his experiences.

Yi Qian left. Since the North Region had turned into hell, there was no need for his spies to head towards the North Region and die. They could go to the West Region region.

Yi Qian was prepared. When Lu Shu fought, Yi Qian had been nurturing his own spies.

Spies were easy to nurture. There was no process involved. All Yi Qian had to do was to impose the mark of a slave on them.

Lu Shu was not willing to take in slaves, but Yi Qian and the rest were not kind people. Before Lu Shu appeared, Yi Qian was the most famous assassin in the Luniverse. He even dared to attack the sons of wealthy families in the palace. How would he survive if he was not ferocious?

However, there were constraints. As a result, he did not focus on the West Region. Thus, there were not enough spies in that area.

If they did not have enough people, they would have to capture the main points.

Yi Qian thought deeply about it. If they wanted to infiltrate the West Region armies, where should they go? At this moment, Li Heitan walked past. When he saw Yi Qian’s troubled expression, he curiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yi Qian was very stressed. When he saw Li Heitan, he wondered whether Li Heitan would be able to give him some help. He asked, “Let me ask you. Now that the West Capital is smooth-sailing, where do you think I should concentrate my manpower?”

Li Heitan was dumbfounded. “Do you really have to think about that?”

Yi Qian was dumbfounded. “Do you have any good ideas?”

Li Heitan clenched his fist. “Attack from all angles? Back in the land of forefathers, I would ask Teacher Bai Nuo what the main points of the exam were. She would always say that everything was important!”

“Go away.”

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