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«Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1244: We Are Willing To Advance

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Chapter 1244: We Are Willing To Advance

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When the soldiers of the Heavenly Network heard the deafening cries, they looked at one another helplessly. They did not know what had happened in the Luniverse. They did not know about Lu Shu’s identity, or how much of a threat he was. They were simply shocked that the loyalty of the Wei Wu Army had exceeded their expectations.

This was probably the reason the Wei Wu Army could never fully integrate with the Heavenly Network. They were only loyal to Lu Shu.

If the Heavenly Network was made up of bandits, then it would be fine. It was the same no matter whether they were loyal to their head or the assistant head. But it was a pity that the Heavenly Network was not made up of bandits. Such distinctions were not allowed within the Heavenly Network either.

Nie Ting was not excluding the Wei Wu Army. Furthermore, Lu Shu also understood this.

No one in the outside world knew that the Wei Wu Army had changed their name. They were no longer called the Wei Wu Army. They had inherited their previous name of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers.

The armor that Zhang Weiyu and the rest were wearing were like a city wall surrounding Lu Shu. The soldiers from the Heavenly Network were silent. This was the Ninth Heavenly King. He had an extremely loyal and strong army under his control.

They did not know that Zhang Weiyu and the rest had waited for far too long. For 23 years, they had been looking forward to this moment every single day.

They shouted, “Welcome back, my King”, but they were looking forward to their own return. They looked forward to the day they could return to their position beside the throne.

Every single Imperial Dragon Soldier walked under the King of Gods. They represented the King’s intentions. It was their most brilliant moment.

Zhang Weiyu had experienced the days and nights of suffering, and the pain when he lost his comrades. Now, it was time for him to enjoy life once again.

No wonder he started to cry. If someone had protected a dream alone for 23 years, and the dream was suddenly fulfilled, they would probably be the same!

There were people who had given up or killed themselves due to poverty. When Lu Shu first arrived in the Luniverse, one of Zhang Weiyu’s old friends had taken his own life.

This period had been extremely lonely. They waited in the night, not knowing when light would ascend upon them once again.

But they did not complain or regret it. Even if they died the most brutal death, they would not hold a grudge.

Their loyalty was not unfounded. Their loyalty had experienced many tests, and was eventually proven by time!

To be honest, if it were not for the fact that Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin understood Lu Shu very well, they would not allow anyone else to bring such a dangerous enemy to their territory. Even if they could not defeat the army, they would stall them outside the country.

The soldiers of the Heavenly Network looked around. They wanted to see how Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin reacted. But realized that they were standing in the field, as if it were none of their business. They were observing all of this.

At this moment, the soldiers of the Heavenly Network finally heaved a sigh of relief. If Heavenly King Nie was not panicking, why should they…

Zhang Weiyu and the rest of the Imperial Palace Soldiers stood up and walked in front of Lu Shu. They each pulled out the World Tide that belonged to them. They slashed the World Tide across the palm of their hands in one uniform action. The blood in their bodies flowed into the signs of the World Tide. This was the process by which the World Tide recognized their owners. Each World Tide belonged to one Imperial Palace Soldier.

Suddenly, all their arms trembled at the same time. The World Tide in their hands broke into seven pieces and flew to the sky. The pieces of the World Tide surged in the sky like a tide. They were like black clouds covering the sky!

The broken pieces arranged themselves in a strange formation. It was as if the black tide would surge to wherever the enemy was.

Lu Shu looked at the sky and remembered what Zhang Weiyu had said… the swords like a tide that could attack masters.

Nie Ting knew that once the World Tide appeared, things were growing serious. But he was not afraid. He asked Shi Xuejin, “Is the Heavenly Network able to create such weapons now?”

Shi Xuejin slowly said, “We currently have no need to create such things. If the enemy is from the Luniverse, this weapon will still be useless. But if the enemy is from Earth, we will be able to defeat them easily even without this.”

Thus, to the Heavenly Network, the World Tide was of little value for now. Most importantly, they had to continue increasing the strength of their soldiers. Furthermore, the Heavenly Network did not have many Rank One experts that could use the World Tide.

“Most importantly,” Shi Xuejin added on, “we do not have the materials. That young man controls everything.”

Nie Ting said, “… you’re right.”

“We have discovered a pattern in the opening of the space pathway.” Shi Xuejin looked at the report in his hands and said, “The space pathway will next open in 40 days. Furthermore, it will open more and more frequently. It will be completely open after about one year.”

“Do you think that… Lu Shu will stay in the Luniverse and not return?” Nie Ting asked.

“Don’t you understand him? He will definitely return.” Shi Xuejin said, “We should be concerned about our own affairs.”

Nie Ting was calm. He did not speak. Although the disaster in North America had been resolved by Lu Shu, if the space pathway completely opened, they could predict that a large number of people from the Luniverse would secretly come to the Earth. Then they would severely impact the stable order on Earth.

“It is time to organize a meeting among all the Practitioners on Earth, We have to form a line of defense against the Luniverse. If Lu Shu resolves the problem, then it will be fine. But if he does not, we have to make long-term plans,” said Shi Xuejin.

Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin had discussed this with Lu Shu. When the space pathway opened again, they would go to the Luniverse. They did not have any other goals than to help Lu Shu fight.

But before that, the Earth had to form an alliance to face the hidden threat.

In the past, the Heavenly Network rejected such alliances. After all, alliances were used by overseas Practitioner organizations to cheat them. But now, the Heavenly Network could not continue this stance. The greater their power, the greater their responsibility. The Heavenly Network had to stand up for the entire Earth.

Of course, Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin were not people who tried to get along with everyone. This was simply a process that established the Heavenly Network’s position in the entire world.

At that moment, Lu Shu looked at Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin. it was as if there was chemistry between them. Lu Shu faced the Imperial Dragon Soldiers and said, “This time, we might not be able to return. It is not an exaggeration to say that we might have a 10% chance of surviving. Those who want to stay behind can fall out now.”

Zhang Weiyu calmly said, “We are willing to advance!”

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers shouted in unison. “We are willing to advance!”

Lu Shu laughed. “Then we shall go forth. For those who survive, we will go for a drink together!”

At that moment, saying anything else would be unnecessary. One person had decided to go to another world and face the most dangerous enemy in order to end something. Another group of people did not care whether the path ahead of them was dangerous or not, in order to follow this person.

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