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«Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel) - Chapter 732 - A Great Strike, Appearance of the Crack

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Chapter 732: A Great Strike, Appearance of the Crack

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Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Initially, after Xin Wuji escaped for his life, he returned to the mountain gate right away. He didn’t hesitate to send his spiritual perception to all the elders and ask them not to appear. Instead, he instructed them to activate the defenses of the Xin Clan as fast as possible.

If Xin Wuji had not learned of the Graceful Spiritual Bow’s power and neglected to protect the lives of these elders, most likely these core members would have become grieving souls under the Graceful Spiritual Bow!

As Qin Wushuang pierced through the sky, he still could not refrain from communicating to Qin Chongyang with the communication jade plate. “Third Chief, please ask Head Chief to delay Xin Tianwen quickly…”

Qin Wushuang talked about the news of how he had stirred great troubles at the Heavenly Emperor Gate. Qin Chongyang was also slightly surprised as a trace of gratification had flashed across his heart. Yet he said with a rather profound tone, “Wushuang, at this moment the Head Chief cannot go out and delay Xin Tianwen.”

“Why?” Qin Wushuang was stunned.

“Xin Tianwen has acquired a divine weapon from somewhere and its power is enough to destroy the spiritual roots of the Qin formation. Therefore, the Head Chief has used his divine soul power to seal and delay that divine weapon in order to protect the spiritual roots. We have speculated that the divine weapon is probably an object belonging to a totem elite warrior. Even thought it was sealed by the power of his divine soul, it could only reduce its power, not seal it completely!”

Qin Wushuang was violently shocked and he became dazed. The initial joy he had gained by causing a big ruckus at the Heavenly Emperor Gate had been swept cleanly.

“Wushuang, don’t worry. The Head Chief said that even in his death, he would delay this divine weapon for sixteen years, he will not allow the mountain gate of the Qin Clan to be breached! Get out of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain quickly! Hurry!”

“Third Chief, you guys take care!” Qin Wushuang knew that it would be pointless to be sad now. Instantly, he withdrew his spiritual perception and without hesitation, he informed Dark Mysterious Snake and Swallowing Sky Lion Dragon to leave quickly.

Qin Wushuang was not in a panic. No matter how much information Xin Tianwen had, he could not have guessed that Qin Wushuang’s next step was to go to the Tortoise King Mountain.

As long as the escape route was not traceable, Qin Wushuang would not be worried at all.

However, Qin Wushuang also knew the skills of the Supreme Dao elite warriors. Therefore, without delaying any longer, he increased his speed to the extreme and dashed towards that first meeting point.

If the Dark Mysterious Snake and the Swallowing Sky Lion Dragon could make it in time, they would regroup at the first meeting point. If not, they would meet again at the Tortoise King Mountain.

As long as they had arrived at the Tortoise King Mountain, with the transportation formation activated, even if Xin Tianwen were to step out himself, he could only sigh and shrink back at the sight of it for he would be helpless.

“That Ruo Ping Fairy was beating about the bush and using Shui Ruolan to threaten me, she just wanted to save her own life. Since that devilish woman Miao Yun had appreciated Ruolan that much, in terms of reason, she would not harm her. Since I am carrying the mission of the Qin Clan, in terms of priorities, of course I could not oversee this matter. When I am free, I will head to the Illusion Heavenly Lake.” While he was dwelling in his thoughts, suddenly a strange thought flashed across his spiritual perception. He always felt that something was not right in this matter.

Regarding exactly how it felt unpleasant, he could not figure it out despite thinking very hard about it.

Xin Tianwen had received the news of how the five elders were killed in the first attack. Feeling incredibly stunned, as bad news was continuously sent back, it finally made him realize that indeed, his home had been attacked.

And the person behind this attack was Qin Wushuang!

Xin Tianwen was filled with anger as he led his team back to their territory. They were met with a pile of stone in ruins, the aftermath of a disaster filled their eyes and a pile of their dead welcomed them.

Although not many of those core elders had died, his most trusted ally, Xin Tianhong, had died. This was a talented person with the most hope to enter the Supreme Dao Stage among all in the Xin Clan!

Xin Tianwen’s heart bled for the many young disciples who died. Although they were not the most exceptional batch, it had greatly injured the vitality of the Xin Clan and certainly, they would have a rupture in terms of their talent pool.

The most fatal thing was that the ancestral house of the Xin Clan had been destroyed! That was the holy place where generations of heroic souls of the Xin Clan slept. It had been struck down into a pile of ruins.

As he watched this pile of ruins, purple lights erupted from Xin Tianwen’s face. Suddenly, he let out a long hiss to the sky. His voice shook the sky. He shouted until his voice became hoarse, appearing like a malevolent howling beast.

“Qin Clan, I will destroy you, even if it’s the last thing I do! Qin Wushuang, if I do not return your bones to dust, how else could I eliminate the hatred in my heart?”

Xin Tianwen’s heart was shattered. If only a few people had died, the Xin Clan would not be thwarted to the point it would hurt them. However, with the ancestral house destroyed, without a doubt it would become a big joke within the Xuan Yuan Mound!

At this moment, the status and pride of the Xin Clan, the pride and glory of the Heavenly Emperor Gate had been stomped down by the feet of Qin Wushuang. They have lost all their face!

Almost at the same time, disastrous news also came from the Heavenly Punishing Villa and the Sound of Thunder Sect. They had suffered almost the same treatment and the same disasters.

However, it was two spiritual beasts at the Peak of the Common Mysterious Stage who attacked them. These two brutal and ruthless spiritual beasts were not very interested in destroying architecture, yet their sense of brutality was not reduced as their hobby was killing people!

The same time when the Heavenly Emperor Gate was attacked, the people that remained at these two sects had almost encountered an inhumane massacre.

In less than half a day, more than five hundred people had died or were injured. Additionally, while these vicious beasts were killing people, they were not picky. They killed whenever they saw a living being. One could say not a single chicken or dog was left alone!

It was a disastrous loss!

The Heavenly Emperor Gate, the Heavenly Punishing Villa, and the Sound of Thunder Sect had all suffered the same.

Now, everyone knew that this was the Qin Clan’s counterattack and their revenge.

The Qin Clan had announced that the sects who participated with the Heavenly Emperor camp would be destroyed. It seems that these were not false words!

The Thousand Feather Sect, Mysterious Reform Gate, and the Hundred Lane Clan, these three neutral sects still felt somewhat lucky in the beginning. After this moment, upon seeing the experiences encountered by the Heavenly Emperor Gate, the Heavenly Punishing Villa, and the Sound of Thunder Sect caused them to understand a principle: the Qin Clan would stick to their word!

Additionally, it was clear that people from the Qin Clan were already escaping to the outside world. They had to be cautious, especially of that Qin Wushuang. Everyone had seen his profound power for he could already kill someone like Lei Ming, a Supreme Dao elite warrior.

For such a figure, if he was allowed to grow for a period of time and successfully achieve the Supreme Dao Stage, it would certainly be a scene of foul rain and blood as he returns.

By that time, most likely no one from the Heavenly Emperor Gate would be capable of stopping his path of destruction!

Thinking here, indeed everyone worried for their own safety. Especially those three major sects, thinking now, the Qin Clan had held back to some extent and dealt with the evil ones first.

If there would be a next time, most likely it would be these three powerhouses suffering.

While the Heavenly Emperor Gate was attacked, they would have the chance to regain their strength. The foundation of these three majors sects were not as rich as the Xin Clan. Once they are attacked, it would be questionable whether or not they could regain their vitality energy.

In the case where their Supreme Dao elite warriors were killed by the Qin Clan, it would be the same as having their sect crossed off from the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. Thinking here, these three sects all shivered with fear and anticipation.

Now they were feeling deeply regretful. Initially, they should not have got stunned by the power of the Heavenly Emperor. If they had stayed neutral like the Yun Clan, when encountering problems, at least they could form an alliance with the Yun Clan and clutch to them. With their three powerhouses along with the Yun Clan, they may have had a chance to resist the Heavenly Emperor Gate.

Now, the situation did not work in favor for both sides. Not only had they offended the Qin Clan, they had not gained anything from the side of the Heavenly Emperor. Thus, they were at a disadvantage on either side.

Erupting with great anger, just when Xin Tianwen was infuriated, Xin Wuji asked to see him. Regardless of how much he was enraged, for his precious son, Xin Tianwen never lacked patience.

Upon hearing Xin Wuji’s story, Xin Tianwen gave a long sigh. “It’s a shame that Tianhong who is usually intelligent and mindful has been tricked by someone without getting to know the cause thoroughly. Wuji, you did well. A true man can bend and move forward at anytime. You were able to trick that kid, get back to the mountain gate to activate the defenses, and protect the Heavenly Emperor Gate from suffering greater attacks. This is a great contribution.”

Xin Wuji shook his head with pain. “Father, in my heart, you have no idea how painful I feel. I watched that kid strut around and yet, I was helpless. I have to accept a compromise. I only want to swallow his flesh and drink his blood!”

‘Wuji, no need to feel troubled. I will certainly bring you justice. Since this Qin Wushuang has left the Qin’s defenses, I promise that he will die!”

“Father, that Qin Wushuang truly resembles a defiled demon, I was able to trick him! When I was feigning civility with him, I secretly put a tracking talisman on him. He had no idea. This tracking talisman will work for ten to fifteen days. I see that he has not returned to the Qin Clan…”

Xin Tianwen was greatly overjoyed as he sent through his spiritual perception after a moment of silence, “Tianwu, come see me now!”

Xin Tianwu immediately arrived before Xin Tianwen. “Your majesty, Tianwu is here to see you!”

“Tianwu, you and Leiyue, along with Luo Tongtian, the three of you take Wuji and go ahead to chase after Qin Wushuang, you must not let him run away! Wuji has planted a tracking talisman on him. Follow this tracking talisman and with your fastest speed, you must chase up to this guy before the talisman loses effect!”


“Go quickly, but watch out for the Graceful Spiritual Bow! Regardless, I must see him either dead or alive. Besides, you must bring that Graceful Spiritual Bow to me, no mistakes will be tolerated!”

Xin Tianwu replied, “Rest assured your majesty, it’s only a fluke that the Graceful Spiritual Bow killed Lei Ming. Me and Lei Yue are all elite warriors at the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage, how could we fall into that kid’s tricks?”

Xin Tianwen said lightly, “Do not underestimate him… Go!”

As he watched Xin Tianwu and the others leave, Xin Tianwen reorganized his mood and walked towards the divine palace. Now, Xin Tianwu, Lei Yue, and Luo Tongtian were already gone.

At the current scene, only Xin Tianchen and Xin Tianchong, Supreme Dao warriors of the Xin Clan, along with Yan Beifei and Yan Guinan, who were brothers, remained.

The leaders of the three other major sects were all outside the Heavenly Emperor Divine Palace and they did not enter.

Xin Tianwen frowned slightly. “What about them?”

“Your majesty, it seems those three powerhouses are swaying,” Xin Tianchen said with a concerned expression.

“Swaying, up to this point, do they think they could still have a way to back out? Backing out now, the Qin Clan will not forgive them and neither will I!”

While he spoke, the six major Supreme Dao elite warriors of those three powerhouses walked in with fear and trepidation. They knelt immediately to the ground as they had arrived before Xin Tianwen.

“Your majesty, please let us go!”

“Your majesty, the three of us can truly not afford to play anymore!”

“Please allow us return to our mountain gate, your majesty!”

Xin Tianwen revealed an ashen expression and shouted, “What are you guys doing? Back out, do you think you can still back out? The Qin Clan would show mercy? And how could my Xin Clan tolerate cowards and traitors who turned their sides just before battle?”

“Your majesty…”

“No need to speak anymore. That Qin Clan is already struggling on death’s door. In ten years, the Qin Clan will surely be breached! You don’t need to worry about the Qin Clan seeking revenge on you. For that Qin Wushuang, with Tianwu and Lei Yue chasing after to kill him, he will not escape death this time! There are no more tides he can flip!”

Currently, Qin Wushuang was rushing towards that Tortoise King Mountain with full power. His thought already flew to the Seven Deadly Arrays Formation. What kind of fortuitous opportunities were waiting within the Fifth Loop?

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