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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3780 City that never sleeps

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Chapter 3780 City that never sleeps

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“I wenty thousand five-colored spirit stones isn’t a small sum, and not everyone can afford it. In the past, even though stellarsky city also charged a fee, it only cost 5000 five-colored spirit stones, which was much cheaper than now. At that time, the seven Star City was full of vendors, and the goods they sold were a dazzling array. I remember there’s a saying that as long as you have enough patience and time, there’s nothing you can’t buy in stellarsky city. As long as you want to get it, you can definitely get it in stellarsky city. There are even many cultivators who spend five thousand five-colored spirit stones to come to the Heavenly Star City not for cultivation, but to purchase the heavenly treasures they need. ” Uncle Ling said with a smile.

“Five thousand five-colored spirit stones doesn’t seem like a small amount. I remember that those merchants in the small realm heaven don’t make much on a round trip. If the goods aren’t worth much, wouldn’t it be a huge loss to spend five thousand spirit stones on stellarsky city?” LAN Xinyu asked, puzzled.

“You’re right. For many small merchants, five thousand five-colored spirit stones wasn’t a small amount. However, there was a rule in Heavenly Star City at that time. Any merchant that came to Heavenly Star City to trade could use their taxes to set off their entrance fee. When they left, they could retrieve the set off fee. Heavenly Star city’s taxes were originally much lower than ordinary market fees, so who wouldn’t be happy that they could use it to set off their entrance fee?

In addition, every merchant who came to Heavenly Star City could go to the city lord’s estate to register their name, and the next time they came, their entrance fee would be halved. As long as they came a few more times, the entrance fee would be next to nothing. With the tax offset, the entrance fee would be even less. That was why there were so many merchants in Sky Star City at that time. With these merchants, it attracted a large number of cultivators, and its prosperity was one of the best in the entire heaven domain. ” Uncle Ling sighed with emotion.

“You’re too smart. Who came up with this rule? He’s a genius. ” Said Ling Chuxi in admiration. She had been to another world before. When it came to business, her horizons were much broader than many people here. However, now that she had heard this, Ling Chuxi also admired this person’s thinking. With such a rule, it would be strange if the city did not become prosperous.

“Hehe, it’s all in the past. On the surface, the current Heavenly Star City seems to be quite lively, but in the end, it’s just relying on its abundant spiritual Qi to attract cultivators. It’s completely different from the past. ” Uncle Ling’s eyes flickered slightly, and an imperceptible sense of loss flashed past his eyes. He did not answer this question, but chuckled and continued,”the reason why Seven Star City has such an abundant spirit Qi is that there is a spirit gathering array formed by the heaven and earth below the city. Later, when the city was built, it was changed into the seven Star Spirit gathering array. Activating this array itself consumes a large number of spirit stones. If we only rely on these cultivators, sooner or later, we will not be able to make ends meet. By then, Seven Star City will become a Dead City.”

“That’s a pity. By the way, I remember that when I entered the city, I heard that Seven Star City didn’t belong to the three aristocratic families of Huang, cui, and Chai. It was only later that it belonged to them. Are these aristocratic families idiots? they kept changing the rules. Do they have to turn Seven Star City into a Dead City before they’re satisfied?” LAN Xinyu said pitifully as she imagined the Grand occasion of the seven Star City in the past and looked at the false prosperity in front of her.

“One monk carries water to eat, two monks carry water to eat, and three monks don’t have water to eat. Haven’t you heard of this?” Ling Chuxi asked. She had long been used to the infighting between these aristocratic families, so she didn’t find it strange.

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