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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3778 This was bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

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Chapter 3778 This was bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

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“Middle stage of the monarch level!” The young girl was obviously stunned, as if she had not expected LAN Xinyu to actually have such strength. The so-called strong and weak were all relative. In Dongfang Yunfei’s opinion, LAN Xinyu’s cultivation level was not worth mentioning at all. However, for many other cultivators, the middle stage of the monarch level was already considered a master.

“Do you want to try again?” LAN Xinyu said with a smile. Seeing that the girl’s actual combat ability was so low, she didn’t even have the interest to fight. Bullying people should only be interesting if they were slightly better. If they were too weak, she wouldn’t be able to lift her spirits.

“Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you have some strength. You won’t have a good ending if you offend me. ” The young girl said ruthlessly, but it was obvious that she did not have enough confidence. The sword in her hand did not even dare to thrust forward half an inch.

Meng Zheng stepped forward impatiently and gripped the hilt of his sword. Although he did not draw it, the invisible killing intent had quietly dissipated, and the surrounding air suddenly became as cold as winter.

LAN Xinyu looked at Meng Zheng with satisfaction. This follower of hers was becoming more and more qualified. He had the potential to be an evil slave and Lackey. Ling Chuxi had not even spoken and he had already jumped out.

“You … What do you want to do?” Under the pressure of the invisible killing intent, the young girl’s face turned pale with fear. The long sword in her hand fell to the ground with a clang, and she did not dare to say another word.

“You guys, why make things difficult for a little girl? I’m afraid you don’t know the rules of seven Star City yet. No one is allowed to pick a fight and cause trouble in Seven Star City, or they will be severely punished by the three aristocratic families. How about we each take a step back before the matter is blown up?” The young man stepped forward and stood between the young girl and Meng Zheng.

It could be seen that the young man’s strength was not high, at most at the middle stage of the monarch level. Under the pressure of Meng Zheng’s killing intent, beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead, but his expression was calm and composed. He was not nervous, nor was he afraid. He had the air of a great family. Given time, he would definitely not be an ordinary person.

“Meng Zheng, stop.” Ling Chuxi greatly admired this young man and called Meng Zheng back.

“It was my friend who was impolite just now. I apologize to you two on her behalf. I hope you two don’t take it to heart.” Ling Chuxi said with a smile. She had a good impression of this young man.

“This lady is too polite. Just now, my friend was also rude and shouldn’t have attacked so easily. Please forgive me.” The young man was not shocked by the honor and humiliation as he returned the greeting.

“What? you’re actually apologizing to them? didn’t you see how they bullied me? Instead of teaching them a lesson, you’re apologizing to them. Are you even a man?” The young girl jumped up once again when she heard this. She pointed at the young man’s nose and began to curse.

“Are you done? do you really think I don’t dare to hit you? If you have the ability, then come up and fight me. Isn’t it embarrassing to point to someone else to stand up for you?” The more LAN Xinyu looked at this young girl, the more she found her to be an eyesore. She scolded her mercilessly.

The young girl had wanted to retort, but when she saw the cold look on LAN Xinyu’s face, she swallowed her words.

“Bully the weak and fear the evil!” LAN Xinyu muttered disdainfully.

“Let’s go,” Ling Chuxi had no interest in wasting time on such an unruly girl. She nodded at the young man and took the lead to leave.

LAN Xinyu and the others quickly followed.

“My ou family is really unlucky for eight generations to have a marriage alliance with an outdated family like yours. Look at your cowardly appearance. Even my family’s face has been completely lost by you …” After walking for a long distance, the young girl’s endless scolding could still be heard from behind.

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