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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3775 What a generous sugar daddy.

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Chapter 3775 What a generous sugar daddy.

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“Old man, why are you asking so many questions? are you going to enter the city or not? if not, then go to the side and rest.” Da Mazi didn’t answer the question and said impatiently.

” 80000 five-colored spirit stones. Take it.” Ling Chuxi could not be bothered to waste any more time with him and immediately took out a storage bag and threw it over.

Now that she knew the origin of the aristocratic family adjudication meeting, Ling Chuxi did not hate it as much as before. However, there were all kinds of birds in a big forest. Some people wanted to use the aristocratic family adjudication meeting to maintain the balance of the heaven region and work together to ensure the peace of the heaven region. It was inevitable that some people wanted to use the aristocratic family adjudication meeting for personal gain, so there was nothing strange about it.

“Actually, 20000 five-colored spirit stones is really not a lot. I don’t know if you have heard about the nine suns shining together a few days ago. With the auspicious sign from the sky, the spiritual energy in our Seven Star City is more condensed than before, and the absorption rate is also faster. Many people have been stuck at the bottleneck of cultivation for many years, but because of this great opportunity, they broke through in one go in Seven Star City. Even I myself have reached the middle stage of the monarch level from the early stage.” MA Zi said with a smile after checking the storage bag and making sure there wasn’t a single five-colored spirit stone.

Auspicious signs from the heavens! Ling Chuxi and LAN Xinyu both looked at this person sympathetically. It was also fortunate that the seven Star City was quite far away from the nine spiritual Qi storms, so he was able to obtain some benefits. Otherwise, he would be either dead or half-crippled by now. Alas, ignorance is sometimes a kind of happiness.

Because of Dongfang Yunhui’s warning, they didn’t say much and just walked into the city.

“By the way, do you guys want to go to the Supreme tower to take a look?” He suddenly called out to Ling Chuxi.

Seeing Ling Chuxi easily take out 88000 five-colored spirit stones without even blinking, he knew that he had made an error in judgment. Although these people did not look like disciples from a large aristocratic family, their family backgrounds were not ordinary. It was not every day that he could meet such a rich man. It would be a pity to miss out on them.

“The Tower of Ascension? there’s a Tower of Ascension in Seven Star City?” Ling Chuxi was slightly surprised. She remembered that there was also a Supreme tower in Xiuzhou city. At first, meixiu had wanted to take her to tour it, but Ling Chuxi had no interest in such a scenic place. Instead, she went to a restaurant to have a big meal and successfully brought meixiu into the ranks of foodies. From then on, meixiu had never mentioned the Supreme tower again.

He didn’t expect that there would be a Tower of Ascension in Seven Star City. Could it be that these aristocratic families also had transmigrators who learned to develop tourism and relied on this to earn money?

“Do you know of the other Supreme towers?” “What’s wrong?” asked MA Zi when he noticed the word ‘also’ that Ling Chuxi had said.

“Doesn’t Xiuzhou city also have one?” Ling Chuxi said.

“Oh, it’s not just Xiuzhou city. There are many other places with Supreme towers as well. Any place where a Supreme level expert has cultivated before would have a Supreme tower, a Supreme Hall, a Supreme cultivation residence, and so on.” Da Mazi nodded and continued,”however, the seven Star city’s Ascension tower is different from the other places. If it wasn’t for the nine suns ‘auspicious sign, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been able to see the seven Star city’s Ascension tower in your life.”

“Oh?” After hearing what he said, Ling Chuxi became a little curious.

“Are you talking about the legendary tower of proving holiness?” Uncle Ling’s expression suddenly changed as he asked in surprise.

“You also know about the tower of proving holiness. That’s right, I heard that the tower was originally called the tower of proving holiness. I was afraid that others would not understand, so I changed it to the tower of ascending.” Da Mazi didn’t expect uncle Ling to know the original name of this tower of testimony. He was also a little surprised as he nodded and said.

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