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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3774 This snob!

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Chapter 3774 This snob!

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This was also miss Lan’s character. No matter whether she was angry or happy or sad, she would never hide her emotions. Oh right, she didn’t seem to be that sad.

“Then, do you want to spar with me again?” Ling Chuxi knew about this fellow’s problem. He would get carried away with the slightest improvement. This might also be the main reason why her cultivation level was suddenly fast and then slow, so she asked him expressionlessly.

“Uh, let’s forget about it. We’ll talk about it when I reach the monarch level.” LAN Xinyu immediately became listless, and her tail that had been raised high up in the sky also drooped down.

The few of them had just reached the city gate when they were stopped.

“To enter the seven Star City, each person must pay 20000 five-colored spirit stones.” A few men dressed in tight clothing stood in front of them and spoke to Ling Chuxi and the others arrogantly.

“What? I have to pay to enter the city?” LAN Xinyu’s eyes widened. They had been in the region for a long time, but they had never heard of anyone paying to enter the city. Moreover, it was 20000 five-colored spirit stones. Why didn’t they just Rob them?

“Judging from your clothes, you should be a disciple of some aristocratic family. How can you not know the rules? Look at our Seven Star City, the spiritual Qi here is much stronger than the cultivation treasure land of your sect residence and family. Let alone the ordinary sect residence, even the spiritual Qi in many illusionary realms can’t be compared to our Seven Star City. Cultivating here for a day is at least equivalent to cultivating at home for a month. Do you think twenty thousand five-colored spirit stones are too much?” A tall and thin man said in disdain. Although Ling Chuxi, LAN Xinyu, and the others were dressed well and had an extraordinary bearing, there was no family or sect residence symbol on their clothes. They should not be disciples of some large aristocratic family or sect residence, so he naturally showed some sense of superiority.

“That’s true, but 20000 five-colored spirit stones is a bit too expensive. ” LAN Xinyu thought for a moment and felt that what the other party said made sense. However, two hundred five-colored spirit stones was a little too much. Thinking back to when she was in the heavenly stockade village, she might not even be able to get this much money even if she robbed for a month. This made the former Mountain King feel very disappointed.

“If you think it’s too expensive, you can just not enter the city. I’m not forcing you.” The tall and thin man said.

“Are you going to pay or not? if you don ‘t, then get lost. Don’t block the city gate and prevent others from entering! A bunch of paupers who have no money but still grumble. ” The skinny man’s words were polite, but a man with a pockmarked face and a fierce aura was not so polite. He said impatiently.

“What did you just say?” LAN Xinyu raised her eyebrows and was about to lose her composure.

“Xinyu,” Ling Chuxi stopped LAN Xinyu. There were plenty of snobs like this in the world. Ling Chuxi could not be bothered to lower herself to their level.

Moreover, a place with abundant spiritual Qi like this was indeed a rare cultivation treasure land. For many people who were eager to improve their strength, even spending 20000 five-colored spirit stones was worth it.

“I remember that the entrance fee to Seven Star City was only 5000 five-colored spirit stones, right?” Uncle Ling asked in confusion.

“Old man, what you’re talking about is an old story from many years ago. Ever since Seven Star City belonged to the three great aristocratic families of Huang, cui, and Chai, the price has risen to twenty thousand five-colored spirit stones.” Speaking of the three families of Huang, cui, and Chai, MA Zi was very proud.

Only then did Ling Chuxi notice that although the few people in front of her were all dressed in martial arts, the styles were somewhat different. The symbols embroidered at the corners of their clothes were also different. They must have belonged to the three aristocratic families.

“Wasn’t the entrance fee of Seven Star City set by the aristocratic family’s ruling council back then? how can it be changed so easily?” Uncle Ling said with a frown.

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