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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3772 Bu Xingtian's Secret plan

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Chapter 3772 Bu Xingtian's Secret plan

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Of course, just like how the big black face had been tormented half-dead by the Li clan’s medicinal pills and had his complexion change, such a spiritual pill would definitely not feel good after taking it. However, in order to improve his strength, what did it matter even if he suffered a little?

The more Ling Chuxi thought about it, the more excited she became. Even she herself could not help but clap her hands and call out in admiration for such a wonderful idea.

“Thank you, li shaoqiu. Thank you, big popinjay li. Thank you, big genius li.” In her excitement, Ling Chuxi also expressed her sincere gratitude to li shaoqiu, who was nowhere to be found.

Ling Chuxi immediately took out her martial soul six paths cauldron and began to refine the spiritual pills. At this moment, Ling Chuxi had a deeper understanding of how lucky she was to have the Meru space.

Under the nourishment of the soft water elemental Yuan Qi, the spirit herbs in the Meru space were growing rapidly and the area was more than three times larger than before. With so many spirit herbs, including the ones she had collected from the Xu family’s treasure vault, it should be enough to refine the spirit pills she needed.

The heavens and earth shook and swayed as Ling Chuxi punched and kicked, using the original Li Shi alchemy technique once again.

“I didn’t expect this little girl to have such a wonderful idea! If she can advance step by step and wait until her Yuan soul has advanced to the next level before breaking through to monarch level, my plan will be foolproof. If she advances to monarch level earlier, it will be difficult to succeed. ” In the depths of his sea of consciousness, bu Xingtian looked at Ling Chuxi, who was bitterly refining a spirit pill. He was emotional and anxious.

As Ling Chuxi’s nascent soul advanced to the primordial soul realm, the Xiantian Qi that she exuded also became richer. He also benefited from it. His spiritual soul became more condensed and no longer felt as empty as before. It looked as if it had a physical form.

“Forget it. Her idea seems good, but it won’t be so easy to succeed. Let’s see the situation before making a decision. If it really doesn’t work, I can only take a gamble.” After a long time, bu Xingtian sighed and disappeared. Ling Chuxi naturally did not know about his thoughts.

When a spiritual pill with a restrained radiance appeared in Ling Chuxi’s hand, it looked ordinary and there was nothing special about it at all. At the same time, a clear whistle filled with joy rang out. This voice was made by LAN Xinyu.

“This guy is really going all out. He actually reached the middle stage of the monarch level so quickly.” Ling Chuxi was a little surprised, but also a little gratified.

LAN Xinyu’s aptitude was actually not bad. Compared to ordinary people, she could be considered a genius. However, compared to Dongfang Yunfei, Ling Fenghua, and the others, she seemed too ordinary. The reason why she was able to advance from the initial stage of the monarch realm to the middle stage so quickly was admittedly related to the Water-type spirit spring, but the more important factor was her own hard work.

This time, realizing her own shortcomings, LAN Xinyu really threw away all distracting thoughts and focused all her attention on her cultivation.

It seemed that he had to work hard too. Otherwise, he might really be abused by this guy one day. Where would he put his face? Ling Chuxi secretly cheered herself on.

Although many people thought that Ling Chu was a genius, a ghost, or even a heaven-defying genius, she herself never thought so. The reason why she was able to have her current cultivation level was because she had experienced more hardships than others. Thus, her heart was also more mature than others. When others were still ignorant and at a loss about the future, she had already begun to work hard to change her fate.

And all the fortuitous encounters and good luck in the eyes of others, which one of them wasn’t something that she had risked her life for? The heavens would not always care for the same person, and good luck would not happen every time. The reason why she was able to turn misfortune into fortune every time she faced a desperate situation and finally obtain an unexpected surprise that others envied was that she had put in more effort than others when no one knew about it.

Of course, Ling Chuxi knew that this was still far from enough. This was because her gaze was no longer just on the heaven Domain Realm, but an even stronger realm: The venerable realm.

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