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«Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3771 Wonderful idea

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Chapter 3771 Wonderful idea

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After more than half a month of bitter cultivation, her primordial soul had finally recovered to its original state. She was once again in high spirits and Ling Chuxi could finally put her heart at ease. The only thing she felt regretful about was that her cultivation level had not changed at all. She was still in the middle stage of the monarch level. It couldn’t be helped. The vital Qi She had accumulated during this period of cultivation had almost been completely absorbed by her primordial soul. It was of no help to her own realm.

It seemed that if he wanted to improve his strength quickly, he could only rely on spirit pills, and not ordinary spirit pills.

Ling Chuxi had been thinking about this question: Her current situation was like a pool. Only by filling it with water until it overflowed could she break through. Unfortunately, this small pool was connected to a large pool that was ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times larger than her. Unless the large pool was filled with water, this small pool would never be filled.

In other words, no matter how many spirit pills she took, the power of the pill would be given priority to her primordial soul. Only when her primordial soul reached the bottleneck of the early stage to the middle stage would she have any hope of breaking through.

Advancing one’s primordial soul from the initial stage to the middle stage did not sound difficult, but based on Ling Chuxi’s experience of cultivating arduously for half a month, the amount of primordial Qi required was by no means ordinary. The result would be the same even if it was changed to spiritual pills.

Ling Chuxi estimated that even if she put all her effort into refining spiritual pills, she would need at least three to five years to reach the small bottleneck of the middle stage of her Yuan soul cultivation. At that time, she would not be able to advance to the monarch level. Ling Chuxi naturally did not want to wait for such a long time.

Was there any other way besides this? If it was anyone else, they would really be at their wit’s end. However, Ling Chuxi was different. Don’t forget, she had the improved version of the Li clan’s alchemy technique.

Why was li shaoqiu’s pill able to help people directly increase their cultivation level? This was because the medicinal effects of the elixirs refined using the Li clan’s alchemy technique were highly concentrated. When others refined a hundred elixirs, he only refined one. Although a lot of medicinal effects were wasted in the process, the medicinal effects were still more than ten times stronger than the similar elixirs refined by others.

After coming to the heaven domain, Ling Chuxi had made some improvements to the Li clan’s alchemy technique. She had placed more emphasis on hand techniques and skills, and the materials were not as wasteful as before. However, in order to refine a spiritual pill that could help her quickly increase her strength to the monarch level, she thought of the original li clan’s alchemy technique.

As long as the Elixir’s power was sufficient and her speed of absorption was fast enough, surpassing the speed of the yuan soul’s absorption, her strength would increase rapidly. Then, she would break through the bottleneck and reach the monarch level!

Of course, Ling Chuxi also knew that in order to refine such a spiritual pill with abundant pill energy, the amount of spiritual herbs required was also an astronomical figure. More importantly, the alchemy furnace needed was not just ordinarily large. Even if her super large alchemy furnace was ten times larger, it would not be able to hold it.

However, Ling Chuxi had also thought of a way. First, according to the size of the pill furnace, she would put in a sufficient amount of spiritual herbs to refine a semi-finished product. After that, she would combine two into one and continue refining. Wouldn’t she be able to refine a spiritual pill with sufficient pill energy?

If it were any other spirit Alchemist who knew Ling Chuxi’s thoughts, they would probably scoff at her. If the pill was successfully refined, it was a success. If it was not successful, it was not. It was just a matter of quality. How could it be called a semi-finished product?

However, it was different for Ling Chuxi. Apart from being a spirit alchemy master and a spirit Weapon Master, she was also a spirit talisman master. Since she could rely on her talisman refining skills to refine spirit weapons using weapon arrays, why couldn’t she use the same method to refine spirit pills?

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