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«Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 735 - Request

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Chapter 735: Request

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The commoner kept shaking his head constantly while his trousers were already soaked wet. However, what came for him was a stab of a remorseless blade.

When a craven and cowardly commoner saw the two people lying on the ground, he promptly said all he knew! “H-he went to the Origin World! I beg you to let me go now!”

“Origin World? Hmph! Just a person who refuses to face reality!”


“Since you have already told me about Li Yunmu, you don’t have any worth left. Better if you die!”

When the other commoners saw the new city lord being so brutal, they were so scared that they didn’t dare to even open their mouths.

At that moment, Kass suddenly gave a new command. “I have already obtained information regarding Li Yunmu, so these trashes are useless. You can all play with them however you want!”

Kass’s words gave free hand to the experts of the other planes, and they began to massacre the commoners.

The city filled with miserable wails as the dying howled in grief and pain. The reason why they the experts did that was because Li Yunmu had devoured their planes, killing all of their loved ones. The commoners didn’t know where Li Yunmu’s family was, but as long as they could kill people of the world that swallowed theirs, they didn’t care who they were!

The city wailed like a ghost, which woke Lin Yuerou up at the Vampire Camp. Once she thought how Lucky Wind City had fallen into enemy hands, she felt restless.

The inside of Lucky Wind City was still brightly lit, but Lin Yuerou felt a stab of pain in her heart. She felt as if she was being suffocated.

However, everything had already happened, and she could only sob spasmodically.

In the western region, Asgard was in the same state as Lucky Wind City, being attacked by two powers. The rainbow bridge had been broken, and Asgard was in imminent danger.

Athena hadn’t expected that her motherland Olympus would suddenly attack Scandinavia, causing a calamity to fall upon the Land of Ice.

Li Yunmu hadn’t yet returned, and Scandinavia met with a great danger. How could the numerous gods of Scandinavia not be furious? They wanted to go out and battle, but Odin chose to withdraw.

He wanted to continue stalling in hopes that Li Yunmu would return in a timely manner and settle the desperate situation. But what left him incomparably disappointed was that since Li Yunmu had left the western region, he hadn’t returned once. Who knew whether something had happened to him or not.

“Father! Why are you not facing the reality of the situation? I cannot continue to endure anymore. The Heavenly Gods Council is being excessive! Once they learned that my husband’s strength has decreased, they immediately rose to fight against us!”

At this time, Thunder God Thor looked at Athena and quickly locked her throat with the hammer. “Then we can use his daughter to threaten that old bastard!”

Athena remained calm in front of the danger and said, “It’s useless! You all will only disgrace yourselves by doing so! I know Zeus better than you! He… doesn’t care about the life of his daughter! When he wants to get something, he won’t stop for anything!”

After hearing Athena’s reply, Thunder God Thor hesitated for a moment.

Odin, who was sitting on the throne, waved his hand. “Let her go! Since she has already married Li Yunmu, she is his wife. We need to protect her and not use her as a bargaining chip!”

Odin’s words made Thor loosen his grip on Athena.

“Father’s words are correct. You using Athena to threaten Zeus is useless.”

“Then what should we do now? Do you want to continue sitting here, waiting for our deaths?”

Li Yunmu still hadn’t returned, and Scandinavia’s numerous gods fell into a panic. If the Heavenly Gods Council had come by themselves, the Scandinavian God Council would have the strength to battle them, but there was also the Eight with them.

The strength of the Eight was well known. Previously, they had defeated the Eight together with Heavenly Gods Council and both sides had suffered great casualties. Who knew what sort of benefits did the Eight promised Zeus for him to ally with them.

“Zeus’ ambitions are wild, and you don’t understand his thought process. His aim is to unify the entire Origin World. Perhaps the Eight promised some benefits to him that are related to your Scandinavia, which is why Zeus decided to make an all out effort. Otherwise, I truly cannot think of any other reason.”

Brunhilda could only choose to believe Athena’s words, since she had already married Li Yunmu. While considering any matter, she should first think about her husband’s safety. Otherwise, if her husband died, she would also be doomed.

“If you all are willing to believe me, then I will go to persuade Zeus,” Athena calmly continued. “Although he doesn’t care much about father and daughter relations, only I can properly negotiate with him. He wouldn’t even hear a single word from anyone else. Moreover, I can also help you stall for some time. If we can stall until Li Yunmu returns, it would be for the best.”

Thor was the first to react, and he furiously said, “No! Who knows what sort of intentions you have? I am the first to disagree, and no one will be able to persuade me. Someone else can go and talk with Zeus but not you. What if you ran away? You said that using you to threaten Zeus is useless, but is it really? Why should we believe you?”

Brunhilda took a deep breath. After spending time with Li Yunmu, her fiery temperament had improved greatly.

She calmly said, “I believe her. Let her go! If she really wants to return to Zeus’ side, than that is also fine. We shouldn’t stop anyone. Being attacked by two powers from the sides is the fate of our Scandinavia, and we cannot rely on or blame anyone else for that.”

Brunhilda’s words raised everyone’s spirits slightly and moved Heavenly Gods Council’s Athena. Was she always so trustworthy in this woman’s eyes?

Athena looked at Brunhilda with a profound gaze, then said with a sob, “Many thanks for sister’s trust! I will definitely not fail to live up to your expectations!”

Odin waved his hand, also hinting that he agreed to Athena negotiating with Zeus. He tacitly agreed with Brunhilda’s words.

Athena took a deep bow and left while Thor said to Odin in confusion, “Father, why did you release that woman? What if she becomes the greatest threat to our Scandinavia in the future?”

“My son, you should learn from thou’s younger sister. Everything cannot be forced, so let her go. If she cares about our Scandinavia, she will definitely return,” Odin said calmly.

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