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«Seized by the System (Web Novel) - Chapter 643: Do you have anything to say?

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Chapter 643: Do you have anything to say?

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Gu Buwei moved ahead with Shen Xingchen following behind.

He was very aware of his master’s intention.

His master did not fully trust him. If this was before he would have kept Gu Buwei by his side to watch the moving of the mountain’s entrance, but this is now impossible.

The reason was because of his friendship with the Venerable Dragon God.

This master of his was unable to let go of his own selfish intentions which made it hard for him to achieve the Path.

Shen Xingchen on the other hand, was secretly delighted. He did not feel bad at all. After all, his master of many years had excluded his first disciple of many years. He would soon be able to take over the position of his senior and become his master’s favorite.

Furthermore, he had to work harder.

As the two of them closed in on Vigilante A, he suddenly flew ahead.

Vigilante A was floating in the air and was watching the two elders moving the mountain’s entrance. He did not pay attention to both of them.

“Vigilante A, don’t you know it is a serious crime to spy on the privacy of others? Please leave immediately,” Shen Xingchen said sternly.

His voice spread to all corners with the help of the spirits.

It was at this point that Vigilante A turned his head to face them with a simple wave of the hand.

Suddenly, Shen Xingchen felt as if he was facing an endless sea of a billowing storm, there was no defense and no resistance, overwhelming him from all sides.

He was very proud of his Lake-Level cultivation. Before facing this billowing storm, he had potential, he was unstoppable.

The next instant, he found himself flying off with his back towards the earth.

It was like someone swung at a baseball that flew off at high speed.

“How is this possible?!”

“Is this the so-called level surpassing 150 points?”

He only had the time for these two questions. Before long, he became just a speck of dust in space. No one knew where he was.

Far off at the peak, Shang Ruoyu and his wife were busy moving the mountain’s entrance, patching the connection at the foot of the peak.

The process was massive and complex. It could only be achieved by Powerhouses such as the two of them, which explained their confidence to involve only two people.

If it was some other person, they would definitely have kept this process strictly secret.

“Oh no, Chen-er seemed to have got into a fight with someone.” Qi Hui took the initiative to voice it out. She believed her husband must have sensed the situation much earlier.

“There’s no harm done, he’s okay. He’ll be able to hone his skills. I believe he will have improved by the time he returns.” Shang Ruoyu did not panic.

“Okay. ” Qi Hui turned to look at a direction worriedly as her hand movements slowed down.

Shang Ruoyu frowned but said nothing. He proceeded to speed up his hand movements.

“Chen-er is far from being able to go against that person. Just to point it out, he had only exerted the level of 150 points.” Qi Hui finally understood why her sister lost even though she had the treasure personally given to her by the Master of the Mountain…

Even a Lake-level Powerhouse was just a speck of dust to the opponent.

Was this the true power of the Upper Realm’s True Dragon? It has not even been two years and he had already recovered to such an extent?

It was no wonder that the formidable Master of the Mountain rather stayed within the realm to rule it rather than fight for supremacy outside the realm.

It would seem he had understood the situation from his congenital calculation.

The Upper Realm Descended ones had an incomparable advantage at the outside world.

Did this mean that the local people could only act as their servants in the future?

At the very least, Azure Mountain would not treat them that way but would be their equals.

Qi Hui had mixed feelings about the situation. She continued helping her husband with moving the mountain’s entrance.

System Space.

Fang Ning was watching with suspicion and couldn’t help asking, “Sir, you flicked that kid into space with just a slap, we won’t have the chance to get rid of him again in the future.”

“Don’t worry, he will definitely return. Don’t your television dramas act it out this way?” Sir asserted.

“Well, I guess you’re right. After all, you’re a system aged one a half years, the perfect age for enjoying the logic in animations.” Fang Ning realized.

“Damn it, you are condemning me again. My instinct says he will definitely be back and will be fatter than before,” Sir replied gloomily.

“Congratulations then. These two weirdos won’t be easy to get rid of. They haven’t done anything wrong, they didn’t challenge us, and had even allowed Gu Buwei to reveal the secret of the magic to us… There’s no reason for you to take any action,” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Um, actually Mr. Rich Boss, you make them popular. I’ve got information from Zheng Dao that tells me these two are Qi Mei’s sister and brother-in-law. Qi Mei created all those troubles was because they didn’t discipline her properly…” Sir instigated Fang Ning.

“Damn, you are really leaning towards evil. What you are doing now is no different than provoking trouble. This is not the work of a hero.”

He was well aware of Sir’s weakness. He would do anything to increase his power, to the point of ignoring the rules and limitations of a hero.

“Oh, oh. I’m in the wrong. But I don’t believe these two will never do anything wrong. The people from Azure Mountain are quite overbearing.” Sir harped on it even though it decided not to take any action.

Fang Ning rolled his eyes. The feeling was quickly replaced by a sense of relief. With sir by his side, it was like owning the Sword of the Sky, bringing fear to all who are evil and those with the potential for evil. This was why a lazy person like him can live in peace.

Gu Buwei appeared at the moment and walked towards him.

“Venerable One, how are you doing?”

“Mm, not too bad. What are you doing here?” Vigilante A asked nonchalantly.

“Oh, just moving the mountain’s entrance.” Gu Buwei made no attempt to hide anything.

It was not necessary to keep the existence of the mountain’s entrance a secret. People would have found out eventually. The true secret to keep was how to use the mountain’s entrance.

“Oh, the nameless mountain on the South East side in China was the original entrance. Is it to be abandoned?” asked Vigilante A.

“Yes. Grandmaster said when things get easy in the world, we should make a change. Naturally, we would also need to make a change by moving the entrance. The original entrance has indeed been abandoned,” Gu Buwei replied honestly.

“Oh, I see. Don’t you have anything to say about me hitting your junior? Do your Master and his wife have anything to say?” Vigilante suddenly asked.

This is asking Gu Buwei to voice his opinion.

Gu Buwei shook his head lightly. “He doesn’t understand how to differentiate between the strong and the weak and challenged a Powerhouse without thinking. He deserved what he got, I won’t stick up for him and neither will my master interfere.”

This is the logic of Gu Buwei. He would never think from the angle of getting even but would prefer to look at the basic logic of the situation. What was there to pity ina person who picked a fight with a Powerhouse without thinking and got slapped away instead?

He was lucky enough to have survived the situation.

Qi Mei came from a much stronger background than Shen Xingchen but was killed with one palm and her spirit was suppressed. She had to pay a high price to redeem herself.

Vigilante nodded but did not say anything.

Gu Buwei suddenly cupped his firsts and made a request. “Venerable One, my Master and Mistress have always been charitable people and do not conduct any evil. Please do not waste your precious inspection time.”

Vigilante A did not express an opinion. He paused for thought before replying, “Two elephants visiting a busy city should still be kept under watch even if they are vegetarians…”

Bu Buwei shook his head and kept silent.

Sir watched them for two days straight. He, of course, did not waste any time by spending it with training.

“Mr. Rich Boss, there may not have any air or water but it is full of Vitality, far surpassing Earth. No wonder the Azure Mountain would move their entrance. They are indeed people with vicious foresight,” Sir told Fang Ning.

“In that case, you can come here anytime to meditate,” Fang Ning suggested simply.

“Yes, Mr. Rich Boss is right. I’ll sit right opposite Azure Mountain the next time I want to meditate. Hmm. I’ll definitely catch a few big fish,” said Sir smoothly.

“Sounds good. I will thank you on behalf of the people of the world,” Fang Ning continued putting on his act.

“You know that I hate people thanking for nothing. I have never needed this spiritual satisfaction that you humans crave. Give me money instead,” said Sir in all seriousness.

“…” Fang Ning ignored it.

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