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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1250 Waiting

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Chapter 1250 Waiting

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World Maker's two guild guardians fought against Everlasting Heavenly Legends'. All four guild guardians were mythical grades.

The Ice Roc was contesting with Penny, the lava dragonet, in the sky. Penny was level 72 now. She was two levels stronger than her opponent. The fire mana site installed in her lair had not only accelerated her growth but also passively strengthened her. Her stats were slightly higher than other monsters of the same level. All her attacks containing the fire element dealt more damage than usual. Her fire resistance was also extremely high.

Her opponent's attacks were mostly ice elements, so her resistance didn't bring her any advantage. But because of her superior stats, she was still dominating the contest.

Everlasting Heavenly Legends' new guild guardian, the dragon turtle Gumeru, struggled more. It had a very low level when captured, but due to intensive care given to it, it grew to be a powerful dragon turtle. The ice mana site installed in its lair was even more exceptional than the one Penny had, so its development was faster. Its level was 65.

Its opponent was World Maker's flame daemon. The level 72 gigantic demon monster was many levels higher, but the ice mana site also gave Gumeru better stats than the average monster's level. Additionally, a dragon turtle had exceptional physical strength and defense. Gumeru wasn't intimidated even when the opponent's level was higher. It charged and clashed with the flame daemon full frontal.

The flame daemon was insulted by having its lower-level opponent show such defiance. It gave the dragon turtle what it wanted, direct combat. The flame daemon's main weapon was a flaming axe, but it could conjure a dark flame that manifested into different kinds of weapons at will.

With the flaming axe in its right hand and an adaptable weapon that changed frequently on its left, the flame daemon showed the dragon turtle its place.

Gumeru suffered damages from all those varied assaults, but it refused to back down. When Gumeru was sure that the flame daemon was fully focused on its melee engagement, Gumeru unleashed its most potent ability, the Dual World Domain.

A large area around the dragon turtle burst with water within a split second. The insane amount of water just seemed to appear out of thin air and formed a gigantic water bubble.

The flame daemon was too close and too absorbed in its offense that it didn't have the time to react. It and the other enemies and allies in the vicinity were submerged inside this water bubble.

All members of Everlasting Heavenly Legends were already aware of Gumeru's ability, so they tried their best to stay away from it. But during a battle, it was difficult to decide where one wanted to be. Hence, some still got caught in this water world.

Within the water, the situation suddenly turned for the flame daemon. It had trouble moving due to all this water pressure, but Gumeru was right at home. Gumeru was even faster inside the water. It swam around and hit the flame daemon from its flanks and rear. The flame daemon was frustrated by this harassment.

Penny was winning in the sky and Gumeru had turned the situation to its advantage, but that was before the World Ruler barged into the fight.

World Ruler's guild hero, Sangumus, and guild guardian, a manticore, took to the air to provide support to the Ice Roc. Both Sangumus and the manticore had leveled up a great deal since the battle with Wicked Witches, they were both level 69.

They were only rare elites but their interference caused Penny difficulty to deal with the Ice Roc. The Ice Roc delivered ice attacks which was the weakness of Penny's element. With this interference, it was harder to avoid the Ice Roc's attacks.

Penny didn't just lie down and die from this difficult situation. Due to the girls' care, her intelligence stat was also high. She actively thought of a way out of the situation.

She continued to feign difficulty while leading her opponents to the place she wanted. The enemies unknowingly followed her because they thought they were winning. They didn't want to let Penny escape.

When the time was right, Penny grabbed the manticore who had become too confident. She then fired her lava breath at point-blank range which sent the manticore tumbling down. The lava breath continued to barrage the manticore and it dropped down from the knockback force.

When the manticore thought it would hit the ground, it instead splashed into the water. Penny had sent the manticore into Gumeru's watery world.

Gumeru wasn't troubled by this extra opponent. It coordinated with Penny and used its powerful tail to smack the manticore deep into the water sphere, preventing it from escaping. Inside this water sphere, Gumeru was king.

With one opponent reduced, Penny had more leeway. She had no trouble dealing with both the Ice Roc and Sangumus.


World Ruler's other guild hero, Airdan, provided support to Rollnoch who was battling Everlasting Heavenly Legend's demonic hero, Rahab.

Rahab was ten levels higher than Rollnoch. Rollnoch put on a strong resistance due to his fierce nature and high physical attributes, but he was losing. With Airdan's help, he fared slightly better.

Rahab was both a formidable fighter and spell-caster. While he was fighting the two, his spells also damaged all the enemies around him. He had several high-damaging Elementalist spells, especially one with fire elements. Many of the zombie soldiers and World Maker's guild soldiers nearby died from his spells even as he steadily decreased Rollnoch's HP.

When Airdan gave his support to Rollnoch, another also did. A reaver's soul orb came to Rollnoch and healed him. Rahab looked at the perpetrator and saw Mistress there. Mistress also cast Soul Link at Rollnoch, maintaining their HP at the same percentage. She then cast Haunting Spirit.

The chilling-looking spirit approached Rahab, attempting to suck his life to heal its caster. Rahab cast Cancel Magic and dispelled the spirit.

Seeing more troublesome opponents appearing, Rahab went all out. His body mass increased in size and his form turned more grotesque. He used the Demonization skill, turning himself into an even more powerful demon.


Up in the sky, while battling against Nilrem, Master looked to the sky from time to time. Nilrem didn't care, but Master did it so often that Nilrem couldn't help but ask, "What are you looking at."

"I'm waiting," Master answered.

"For what?"

Master didn't answer. He instead took out his king badge and said, "Well, if he doesn't want to show himself. Let's lure him out."

Master used his king badge and Suzaki, the immortal phoenix, descended from heaven and filled the clouds above with a sea of flames.

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