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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1249 Battle Between Guilds

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Chapter 1249 Battle Between Guilds

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While John maneuvered the Themisphere army to eradicate the zombie army and outplay the Liguritudum army, Jeanny led Everlasting Heavenly Legends' members in cutting through the heart of the zombie army. Tip controlled their guild army and supported them.

After building up for a while, Everlasting Heavenly Legends had a guild army numbered above 40,000.

The basic units took up most of the bulk, at around 34,000 units. For the special units, the eagle rider hunters and blood counts now numbered 2,000 each. Twilight champions were 800-strong. Brave Riders numbered 500. The last and newest special unit, the Demonic Legion, numbered 5,000.

The Demonic Legion could be produced in large numbers because they didn't require large resources and their growth rate was also rapid. They were light infantry units that carried flaming short swords. Their ferocity didn't lose to the zombie army who knew no fear. Aside from their short swords, they also fought using their claws and teeth. They were wingless but had a strong jumping power, allowing them to jump over barricades if needed.

Despite having a low defense rating, their HP was high and they possessed high elemental resistance. They were also fast. Thus, they were even harder to kill compared to the basic heavy-armored Knight unit.

Then, there were the mechanical units. The Ice Cannon Tanks and Brave Golems. The guild had managed to produce 50 tanks and 10 golems. These tanks and golems were even stronger than the previous versions because they had been upgraded using rarer materials. They were also equipped with the protective framework and offensive formula rune diagrams, increasing their overall battle power.

As the Everlasting Heavenly Members and its guild army mowed down the zombie army, enemy players appeared from within the zombie army rank. They were members of the World Maker. Following behind them was their guild army.

World Maker's guild army had more numbers than the Everlasting Heavenly Legends' when the war with Hydrurond started. But after going through numerous wars all this time, they suffered casualties. Their number at this time put them at a bit lower than 40,000.

Even so, they didn't worry about this number disadvantage, because all the zombie soldiers around them were their allies. It was the Everlasting Heavenly Legends who were severely outnumbered.

As players clashed with players, the guild armies also clashed. The eagle rider hunters, who held superiority in the air, were engaged by the werebats. These werebats kept them busy and thus they were unable to provide air support to their comrades fighting below.

In the guild hero department, World Maker lost to Everlasting Heavenly Legends who had three heroes. One rare elite and two mythical grades. World Maker only possessed two guild heroes. The rare elite ethereal spell caster, Xalmath, and the mythical-grade orc warrior, Rollnoch.

While Rollnoch smashed through Everlasting Heavenly Legends' guild army with his mace, a towering high demon came charging at him carrying a whirlwind of flame. The saber from the high demon clashed with Rollnoch's mace, producing a powerful shockwave that threw everyone in the vicinity away.

The high demon was Rahab, Everlasting Heavenly Legends' third guild hero.

While their weapons locked, Rahab opened his mouth and a stream of dark flame poured out. The dark flame blasted Rollnoch but the orc didn't retreat. Rollnoch's skin hardened and glistened. That was Diamond Body which improved all defenses and resistances. Rahab's dark flame breath only caused Rollnoch little damage.

Rollnoch made a roar that debilitated those who heard it, but Rahab had high resistance against status effects.

Aside from depowering enemies, Rollnoch's roar also empowered himself. His strength increased and with two hands he swung his mace repeatedly.

Rahab was forced back with each impact. He cast the Demon Hand spell and his off-hand enlarged into a fearsome demon claw. With a saber coated in cursed flame in one hand and a demon claw in the other, he retaliated with fast attacks that overwhelmed Rollnoch's powerful swings.

Rollnoch was unable to cope against the fast two-hand attacks. Rahab's demon claw continued to steal a hit when Rollnoch's mace was busy dealing with the flaming saber. In retaliation, Rollnoch slammed his mace into the ground, creating a powerful eruption of energy that damaged everyone in the vicinity.

Rahab was forced to retreat by this powerful eruption. While he retreated, the zombie soldier swarmed at him. He did a whirlwind slash while his left hand formed a seven-runes spell formation. When the spell was completed, hundreds of shadow creatures poured forth from a gate.

It was the Shadow Army spell, the same one that Master had. The shadow creatures spread out and attacked the zombie soldiers, allowing Rahab to focus on Rollnoch who was coming again with his mace swinging fiercely.

While the two mythical guild heroes were contesting, Nilrem already cast her mega spell, The Knights of the Round. The twelve Arthurian knights spread out and helped Everlasting Heavenly Legends' guild members and guild army to turn the tide against the enemy's massive number.

Nilrem continued her second spell. She intended to cast the eight-runes spell, Lake of Death. But her spell formation fizzled mid-casting. She looked over to the cause.

Master was floating not far away. Nilrem's spell had been interrupted by Master's Cancel Magic. If any player could deal with this mythical-grade heroine, it would be Master.

Same as Nilrem who had summoned the knights of the round to aid the combatants on the ground, Master had also summoned hordes of creatures. These hordes of creatures spread out and helped his army on the ground.

He saved one summon to help him deal with Nilrem, which was also his current strongest summon. One of his classes already reached level 70. That class was Prime Demonologist, the special class from Warlock. At level 70, he gained a new spell, Summon High Demon.

The high demon summoned was a mythical-grade winged demon following Master's level. This high demon carried a flaming whip and a flaming axe. With a beastly howl, it flew toward Nilrem.

Nilrem wasn't anxious seeing the demon. She speed-cast a water orb protection spell before casting another eight-runes spell. This time, Master wasn't able to interrupt her casting.

This eight-runes spell was Nilrem's newest spell, a summoning spell. When it was cast, a torrent of water was conjured. This water coalesced and formed a transcendent-looking maiden. This maiden, who seemed to be living water, conjured even more water. The water danced to her will, striking the high demon who tried to approach.

Nilrem's spell was Lady of the Lake. It summoned a being who was also a mythical grade of the same level as the caster, which was level 72.

As Nilrem and Master fought in the sky, another force barged into the contest between Everlasting Heavenly Legends. It was World Ruler. Instead of helping Aurebor's army deal with Hydrurond's army, they came here instead to gang on Everlasting Heavenly Legends.

World Ruler brought all their guild members and guild army, including their guild heroes and guild guardians. Everlasting Heavenly Legends, who were already outnumbered from the start, were further overwhelmed by this additional enemy.

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