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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1126 Stalling A Guardian

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Chapter 1126 Stalling A Guardian

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There was nothing Ashala could do. The healing mechanism of the rune diagrams inside the palace was automated. They would heal her even if she didn't want them to. This was to make sure that the monarch stayed alive even if the monarch was somehow incapacitated by a spell that render her unable to give a command to the rune diagrams.

The healing light fell on Ashala. But instead of healing her, the black vapor around her body modified the light and it now devoured her HP. As her life continued to fall, more healing light was conjured to increase the healing speed. This instead caused her HP to plummet even faster.

No one could do anything about it. Mylaerla and Shalia watched in horror as their queen's life was depleted by her own palace's protection.

Ashala's body slumped next to the throne. At that time, a thundering roar was heard from afar.

"The country's guardian, Eurdrasill," Mistress informed.

The guardian had rushed over once he sensed Ashala getting attacked. He never expected the queen to get defeated so swiftly. He sensed it when Ashala's HP was depleted. He roared in fury to announce his impending arrival, telling the perpetrators to quickly scatter before he arrived. There might still be a chance to revive Ashala.

For that reason, Master now stood before Ashala's body that was next to the throne. He then unleashed Wing God Rage. A sphere of intense wind energies erupted, damaging the throne and cutting everything in its scope to pieces.

Ashala's body was completely reduced to atoms, stamping out any chance to revive her.

Without Ashala to activate the rune diagrams of the palace, Master was free to use his summons. He called out most of his minions. The lesser angel, the demon, his avatar, flame salamander, dirt golems, fae, winged feral tiger, and three skeleton warriors.

The three skeleton warriors were from the summon skeletons spell, which was the first spell of Necromancer Lord, another first-class special class Master had obtained.

Some of his summons pounced at Mylaerla while the rest assaulted the throne.

"Destroy the throne! I will stall the guardian," Master said to Mistress. He then cast Fly and flew up.

If anyone else uttered what Master had said just now, Mistress would have treated them as dog farts. If any player at this stage could stall a country guardian, she knew that Master was the only one qualified for it.

Without wasting any moment, Mistress cast spells to damage the throne. Although she had a first-class special class, her base class was healer-type. Her damage output wasn't that great. Lucky for her, she had Master's minions to compensate for that.

Master saw the large dark red dot coming their way from his radar, he headed in that direction.

Soon, the country guardian came into view. It was another dragon. A dragon that seemed to be made entirely out of wood. Its seemingly rigid wooden wings flapped and caused windstorms with each flap. Master used his Inspect.


Eurdrasill (Eternal Dragon, Draconic), level 90

HP: 4,800,000


Eurdrasill didn't put the tiny Master who stood in his path any mind. He planned to have the windstorm that followed his flight smack Master aside.

But when he came near the outworlder, he sensed a divine energy forming. Pillars of earth materialized out of thin air and then combined into a gigantic earth wyrm that came his way.

Eurdrasill uttered a thundering roar, creating a shockwave that radiated out. The space directly in front of him shattered. The earth wyrm that was flying toward him, shattered with the space, turning into debris that fell to the ground far below.

At Master's level, the earth prison wyrm from the Earth God Blessing was not enough to threaten Eurdrasill, but it still caused Eurdrasill's flight to stop.

"Who are you?!" Eurdrasill was displeased by the interruption but he was impressed enough that an outworlder could make him stop that he honored the outworlder with a question.

"Great Eurdrasill, I am Master, the ruler of Liguritudum," Master answered. "There is no need for your great self to come to Ashala's aid anymore because her body was no more. She can't be resurrected."

Eurdrasill frowned upon hearing it. "What do you mean…?"

"Her reign on Aurebor has ended. Aurebor will have a new queen. Join us and be part of this new dynasty," Master replied.

"I ask you, what do you mean by Ashala's body being no more?!" Eurdrasill growled. His growl caused the air around him to reverberate.

"I've destroyed her body using Wing God Rage, she can no longer be saved."

"I will destroy you!!!" Eurdrasill exclaimed.

At the same time, a rush of powerful wind burst from his opened jaws. The wind was followed by an outburst of thick green energy, creating a hurricane that completely engulfed Master.

Eurdrasill's divine wind breath could have destroyed Master many times over. But even after a few seconds of being bombarded by the destructive wind, Eurdrasill's mana sense told him that the outworlder was still alive.

Eurdrasill stopped his breath. The hurricane dispersed and revealed an earth giant a few hundred meters from where Master used to be.

Master activated the second skill of his Earth God Blessing, Earth Titan, and donned the protective suit of an earth titan. Eurdrasill's divine wind breath still knocked him flying a distance away. Cracks were seen all over the earth titan's body, it wasn't able to completely resist Eurdrasill's breath.

Even so, Master was extremely happy inside the titan suit. During the destruction of the Council of Virtus, he had been hit by a being of similar power, and his earth titan suit crumbled in one hit. This time, it was still intact albeit barely.

"Second level Earth God Blessing…," Eurdrasill uttered. "I admit I am shocked you managed to survive my attack, but don't think that you can stop me from reaching the palace."

"I'm not stopping you, great dragon. I'm merely stalling you," Master replied.

At that time, a system notification sounded in the minds of all who dwelled in Aurebor's, that the current government under queen Ashala had been defeated. An outworlder named Mistress was now the new queen of the Aurebor Dynasty.

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