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«Second World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1125 Another Coup

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Chapter 1125 Another Coup

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Ashala's surprise caused her to let go of the empty bottle in her hand and it fell to the floor.

"What…? What is this…?" Ashala called out in alarm.

Mylaerla, who stood beside Ashala, was a magic user. When she saw the black vapor on her sister's body, she turned to the bottle her sister had just drunk.

She cast Dispel and the bottle on the floor transformed into a different-looking bottle. When she used her Inspect again, she found that the description was completely different.


Curse of Reverse Heal Potion (unique consumable)

Reverse the effects of healing. Receives damage instead of recovering HP from recovery spells and items.

Duration: 10 minutes

Status: Empty


It was almost impossible to get two of the same legendary items. Master knew how to get the first Immortal Youth Potion, and he used it to entice Ashala into sending her troops during Liguritudum's rebellion. As for the second potion, Master didn't have a certain way of getting it. So, Mistress never had another Immortal Youth Potion.

The second Immortal Youth Potion she presented to Ashala had been disguised by another consumable that masked an item's appearance. The real potion that Mistress presented to Ashala was the Curse of Reverse Heal Potion.

"I will cure you!" Mylaerla exclaimed.

She started casting a spell. It was not the Cure spell that removed status effects. Healer's basic spell was unable to cure a curse effect from a unique consumable. What she was casting was a more powerful spell, Advanced Cure.

However, before her spell formation was completed, a series of runic symbols swirl around her body. These runic symbols entwined her. The spell formation on her magic staff fizzled. She felt the mana in her body getting locked. She was even unable to speak.

She had been hit by the Silence spell, which Mistress had started casting after Ashala drank the disguised potion.

Everyone had been so shocked by the black vapor that came out of Ashala's body that they didn't notice Mistress, who was now looking at them with a wicked grin. Mistress was holding a scythe that was forming another spell formation and two glowing plates were floating in the air next to her.

"You, despicable turncoat!" Ashala cursed. "Seize her!!"

The guards around the throne room immediately sprang to action. Shalia, who was the closest, unsheathed the two blades on her waist and rushed to Mistress.

Before Shalia could land a blow, the two glowing plates near Mistress exploded. Two people appeared, an ethereal in the regal outfit and a draconian in a monk's garb. It was Master and Long.

"Guards…!!!" Ashala shouted. The ruler of the enemy army who was invading their land had shown himself. If they could capture him, they could end the invasion before it began.

Master used his companion token. Urxor, his mythical grade companion, appeared. Urxor was level 67 now. Master himself was level 64.

Mistress also used her companion token. An elven woman wielding a large bow appeared. Her name was Keya Sinshooter. She was a level 65 rare elite

Master was not done. He took out his Ruler Token and summoned three royal agents. All three were ethereals and rare elite grades. The first one was level 70, the second one level 68, and the third one level 65. The three rushed to the sides and engaged the guards who were enclosing them.

Urxor lunged forward with his glaive and confronted Shalia while Keya stayed back.

Keya pointed her bow up into the air and fired an arrow into the air. The arrow exploded and turned into countless arrows that fell on a very large area. Her rain of arrows covered the entire throne room. It was Arrow Storm skill, a more powerful version of Elite Marksman's level 35 skill, Shower of Arrow.

Ashala cast Magic Wall to block the arrows raining from above. "Don't you think you can beat me just because I am not able to be healed! You've forgotten where you are, my soldiers will soon swarm you!" She exclaimed.

"All the troublesome ones have left to face the Liguritudum army at the border, Your Majesty," Mistress replied with a wicked grin. "And you are the one who forgets where you are. We only need to wound you a little."

"What…," A terrifying realization dawned on Ashala.


While Master and Mistress were dealing with the elf queen, Long ran to the large stairs that were the entrance to the throne room. Heavy footsteps were heard from those stairs. Many elven soldiers were soon seen coming up the stairs.

Long used his companion token and Abasi appeared beside him. Without needing a prompt, Abasi swung his giant axe forward. A giant flaming axe was conjured before pouncing the ground directly before the stairs. Half the soldiers who had come up were thrown away. Falling to their death far below.

While the remaining half of the soldiers were still staggering from the shockwave of Abasi's attack, Long rushed forward. His two palms multiplied. At the same time, the image of eighteen oriental dragons materialized following the movements of his palms.

Each of the dragons slammed into the elf soldiers. Each hit produced a powerful shockwave that caused high damage and sent the soldiers flying away, joining their comrades who had fallen earlier.

After clearing out the entrance, Long took out a magic scroll and activated it. A gigantic and ominous demonic wall appeared right at the entrance of the stairs, barring entry for the rest of the soldiers who were still coming up the stairs.

"Every time I see it, I still can't believe that is not a game skill," Abasi remarked of Long's move just now.

"It's not," Long answered.

"Can I learn it?"

"You have to master mana manipulation first. Focus on the mana sense that I've taught you. But even if you have mastered it, you are not proficient in the palm technique. I despise doing pointless things. I will teach you axe technique instead."

The two then went to the side and helped Master's royal agents deal with the guards inside the throne room.


Near the throne, Ashala was still facing Master and Mistress. She wanted to retreat after realizing what Mistress meant, but she was unable to. Both Master and Mistress cast their AOE spells. Ashala tried to defend as best as possible. Mylaerla, was unable to do anything since she was still silenced. The Silence spell had a short duration, she hoped her sister could endure long enough until the duration was over. She could then cast her Advanced Cure.

But that prospect didn't seem likely. Master's spells were too many and unending. With Mistress supporting Master, Ashala kept on receiving damage.

When her HP dropped to ninety percent, the rune diagrams on the ground and the leaves wall behind her flared.

"NO!!!" She shouted with a terrified expression.

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