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«Second Life Ranker (Web Novel) - Side Story Chapter 13 - Traces (3)

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Side Story Chapter 13 - Traces (3)

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The moment Yeon-woo faced Allforone, all kinds of thoughts swept through his mind. It was complicated. Allforone was the reason why his family had been scattered, and Allforone was the enemy who blocked him several times. Yeon-woo still resented him, but he also pitied him.

Yeon-woo had glimpsed into Allforone’s past memories after absorbing him through Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword. He knew what kind of life Allforone had lived, what ideals he had fought for, and how much he had been hurt in that process. His lover had also been one of the causes of his pain.

‘A monster swallowed by his ideals.’ Yeon-woo thought Allforone was a monster swallowed by himself—a man who had gone far beyond the point of return. The problem was that Allforone also knew he had become a monster.

Allforone and Yeon-woo were like twins in how they were so similar, but they were also exact opposites. They were the same in that they readily sacrificed themselves for their goals. However, while Yeon-woo continued to give his everything for his family despite facing endless despair, Allforone had a happy childhood but felt something was missing and sacrificed himself for his own definition of justice.

Yeon-woo started out with nothing, whereas Allforone started out having everything. Yeon-woo wished to walk the path of darkness and be forgotten, while Allforne wished to become a bright light and fade away within it. At the same time, the two desperately desired to be acknowledged by their fathers, and they had struggled as a result of it.

It was impossible to measure which life was more honorable and worthy. However, one thing was clear. What they each wanted was different, but Yeon-woo succeeded in getting what he wanted while Allforone didn’t.

Many thoughts flashed in Yeon-woo’s mind at that moment. What should he do about that pitiful being in front of him? The poor ascetic who didn’t live a life for himself could be destroyed with just a touch of Yeon-woo’s fingertips.

『The energy I feel is definitely Cha Yeon-woo’s…but you intensely give off the aura of the Black King. I see… You are… Yes. You’ve succeeded in obtaining what you want.』Allforone’s quavering voice suddenly turned low. He seemed to have realized something. He knew the secrets of this world’s ‘Day’ and ‘Night.’ He most likely also knew of the long conflict between the Heavenly Demon and the Black King. Allforone seemed to have a grasp on what happened.『The fact that this dream wasn’t awakened even after you took darkness…must mean you became darkness itself. I did think it was strange player Cha Yeon-woo disappeared a while ago.』

During this time, Allforone had been carefully observing Yeon-woo’s every movement. He had watched Yeon-woo escape Thanatos and attempt to exuviate in the Changgong Library. Since then, Yeon-woo had been marked by Allforone as a problematic player.

But Yeon-woo had suddenly disappeared and was now right in front of Allforone. His appearance was the same, but he was of a level that made him seem like an entirely different person. It was a level that Allforone couldn’t dare to grasp the strength of, even though he was the strongest in the Tower. When he realized Yeon-woo had a strength that was equal to the Heavenly Demon, he knew that Yeon-woo had already reached the emperor level.

『In the end… I failed?』Knowing that could only mean one thing, bitterness and remorse filled Allforone’s voice.『So Father didn’t watch over me even in the end. How very like him.』

How would someone react when they learned of their future? And if that future wasn’t a good one? No matter how firm their beliefs were, they’d likely feel defeated and give up.

An Allforone who gave up…seemed bizarre. The Allforone who Yeon-woo knew all this time wasn’t someone to ever do such a thing. However, Allforone’s ideals would probably be broken more easily due to the reason that they were so steadfast. Then, who knew what he would become then?



But contrary to Yeon-woo’s concerns, Allforone just clapped his hands together in front of him with a face that was no different from normal.

『That does not mean anything.』Each letter and word Allforone spoke was powerful. There was still some remorse, but there was a power that surpassed the remorse.『I wouldn’t have started if I was going to give up here.』

The light around Allforone shone brighter than ever. This wasn’t the faith sent by the people in the Tower. It was a power that originated from his own beliefs. This belief was turning into a great faith to radiate.

“…I see.” Yeon-woo smiled lightly. It appeared he was wrong. Allforone was Allforone, Vivasvat. Like the name of the sun god, Allforone shone brightly even in front of a future full of despair. Yes. This was one worthy of being called Yeon-woo’s…rival.

“However.” A smirk formed on Yeon-woo’s lips. “You aren’t strong enough.” Just because Yeon-woo understood Allforone didn’t mean the resentment toward him was gone. Moreover, Yeon-woo had come to this timeline as a trip. He didn’t want to become involved in bothersome matters.

[The system is activated with the authority of a High Guardian!]

[Please give the command.]

Clunk. The sound of machinery that was invisible from this world rang out.

“Target ‘Vivasvat.’”

『What…!』Allforone quickly tried to step back but emptiness opened in front of him before he could. Chains soared out toward him.

Clatter. Clang, clang! Great Handprint was activated in the air. Each attack was powerful enough to easily destroy a stage, but the chains easily evaded the Great Handprint to reach Allforone. Yeon-woo’s will and the system’s direct management allowed the chains to be extremely durable. They were the laws of causality itself. Whoosh! Whoosh! Allforone struggled to escape from the chains.

[Thousand Li Eyes]


[Great Handprint]

Allforone focused the eyes that observed the Tower onto the chains to predict their path and moved to where the chains wouldn’t reach him. When there was a spot he missed, he exploded light to change the chain’s direction. However, despite all his fancy tricks, the chains continue to close their distance. Clatter! Then, one of them succeeded in wrapping around his right ankle. And that was it.

“Seal.” When Yeon-woo spoke a new command, another chain dashed forward and tightened around Allforone’s limbs. Due to this, Allforone wasn’t able to activate the Great Handprint for his powers anymore. The moment the seal took place, the light around him was extinguished like a candle in front of the wind.

And the subsequently exposed face…was very similar to the Heavenly Demon. However, while the Heavenly Demon looked mischievous and friendly, Allforone had an indifferent and firm gaze.

“Let go of…!” Allforone was cut off mid-sentence by the chains.

Clatter! Allforone was powerlessly absorbed into the emptiness. Yeon-woo could feel him thrashing about, but even Allforone couldn’t resist the chains of laws of causality.

‘What should I do about him?’ Yeon-woo contemplated what to do about Allforone, to seal him off or kill him like before. Their relationship was like a problem that could never be solved. Even now, Yeon-woo felt the urge to pay him back. However, he contained his anger and quietly closed the door to emptiness. ‘I’ll just take him to the Heavenly Demon later.’

It would be simplest to let the Heavenly Demon take care of it. Of course, the Heavenly Demon would probably be taken aback.

‘That’ll be a sight to see.’ Yeon-woo smiled, imagining the Heavenly Demon feeling conflicted over Allforone. Then, he thought, ‘Of course, I can’t let these creatures act up either.’

[The gods of the ninety-eighth floor shout at the sudden occurrence!]

[The demons of the ninety-eighth floor consider this their only chance to finally descend to the lower floors!]

Yeon-woo could see the gods and demons Allforone had been blocking from the seventy-seventh floor start to get louder. It was quite like the heavenly world to become excited rather than wary of seeing Allforone being defeated so easily.


[The ninety-eighth floor is closed off from the other floors!]

Clunk! The Tower rumbled once again.

[The gods of the ninety-eighth floor are shocked at the fact they cannot move out of their stage anymore!]

[The demons of the ninety-eighth floor look at you in fear!]

It must’ve come as a shock to the heavenly world to see Yeon-woo control the Tower with just a single command. To them, it was the appearance of someone worse than the Heavenly Demon.

Yeon-woo could feel all the gazes of the ninety-eighth floor focused on him. He grinned at them, making them boil with frustration.

* * *

“Hehehe. I feel better after letting loose for the first time in a while.” Phante returned, swinging his arms. He had a refreshed expression on his face.

“That was fast.”

“Well, it wasn’t anything difficult.” Phante tossed the sword in his hand in the air and caught it. It was Gungnir. Phante had succeeded in eliminating Faceless. However, he acted as if it had only been a light jog in the park. Considering that Faceless was the Martial King’s first disciple…Phante had really become stronger during that time.

‘But he’s still Phante.’ Yeon-woo brightened, thinking of how Phante’s expression would be crumpled soon.

“…What’s with that face? Your expression is making me uncomfortable.”

“So where’s the arm?”

“Hm…?” Phante’s expression slowly froze. Yeon-woo’s words from before he left to take care of Faceless flashed in his head.

Leave an arm for me. You’re gonna have him to yourself?

Yeon-woo didn’t miss the flustered face Phante quickly smoothened out and narrowed his eyes. The excitement on Phante’s face faded away. Yeon-woo said, “You didn’t leave anything behind?”

“…So you weren’t joking?”

“I see.”

Swish! The air surrounding Yeon-woo changed.

Flinch! Phante paused and tried to retreat, but it wasn’t an easy feat.

“I guess my words aren’t that important anymore, hm?”

“Ugh, fuck! I didn’t know you were being serious…!”



“You’re swearing at me now? Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since we established our hierarchy. Isn’t that right?”

“No…! That isn’t it!” Phante expressed how wronged he felt while summoning his magic power. A small part of him was curious about how much stronger Yeon-woo was, and he wanted to test him out of curiosity.


Fwoosh! Yeon-woo was in front of Phante before he could take up a defensive stance.

“Needs to be beaten out.”

“W-Wait…!” Phante shouted desperately, but Yeon-woo’s fist was already speeding toward his eye.


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