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«Scholar’s Advanced Technological System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1113 Level 10 Mathematics!

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Chapter 1113 Level 10 Mathematics!

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There was something Carlson didn’t know.

Which was that, while he was on his way to Harvard University, the news had already spread across the world.

Harvard, one of the world’s top universities, was no exception.

The discussions began on the MathOverflow forum, which spread to major college circles and Facebook math communities.

Most people were about to fall asleep, but they were woken up by a notification or a phone call. They instantly went on their computers.

Grand Unified Theory!

The holy grail that has stood for thousands of years!

This paper is going to be recorded in history!

In fact, it wasn’t just Harvard University.

Everyone from Princeton in New Jersey to Berkeley in California to the University of Bonn and Oxford on the other side of the Atlantic…

Professor Lu’s 40-page paper on Grand Unified Theory set off a chain reaction.

It was like someone set off a magnitude 12 earthquake in the mathematics circle and the academic community…

On the other hand, across the Pacific Ocean, in Jinling.

Lu Zhou, the “initiator” behind all this, was leaning in his chair with his eyes closed. He was oblivious to the sensation caused by his paper to the entire academic community.

However, even if he knew about the impact of his paper, he wouldn’t care.

After all, this wasn’t his first time doing something like this…

Inside a pure white space, a shiny gold translucent information screen floated in front of Lu Zhou.

[Legendary mission: First step toward the future.]

[Evaluation: You have made the first step toward the future. The two dissimilar fields of algebra and geometry have never been closer together. As you can see, the language of the universe is perfect. Like a beautiful equation, it is all-encompassing.]

[Mission reward: Mathematics level +1, Void Memory b, five lucky draw tickets, 10,000 general points.]

The mission completion dialog box gradually disappeared.

An updated characteristic panel was presented in front of Lu Zhou.


A. Mathematics: Level 10

B. Physics: Level 7 (113,215/1.2 million)

C. Biochemistry: Level 6 (10,000/600,000)

D. Engineering: Level 6 (10,000/600,000)

E. Materials science: level 6 (163,000/600,000)

F. Energy science: level 4 (0/200,000)

G. Information science: Level 4 (0/200,000)

General points: 24,335 (five lucky draw tickets)


The mathematics experience bar had completely disappeared.

The level 10 was like a medal, a stamp of his glory, engraved eternally in his characteristic panel.

The next step was physics…

Lu Zhou controlled the excitement in his heart and took a deep breath. He looked at his general points.

He had earned back almost all of the general points he spent on virtual reality, back to having over 20,000 general points.

If he couldn’t find a worthy project to spend these points on, it would feel like he had failed in his duty as a citizen.

However, now was not the time to worry about trivial matters like this.

There were still five lucky draws waiting for him, as well as the secrets behind Void Memory b.

Without hesitating, Lu Zhou reached out and selected the prize draw button.

The virtual wheel began to spin.

Maybe the five tickets got his hopes up, or because he had lost all hope in the system, Lu Zhou didn’t pray or do any kind of ritual before the lucky draw.

Lu Zhou could hear his own heart beating.

Fortunately, the system didn’t disappoint him this time.

He got a “rubbish”, but the four other lucky draws were “sample”, two of which were even “special”.

[Received: Future branded shampoo].

[Received: 30x Energy Medicine]

[Received: Random experience point card (range from 1-999,999 experience points).

[Received: “Transcendence” X-1 smart glasses]

[Received: Golden mission card!]

When Lu Zhou looked at the awards on the information screen, he couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

The Energy Medicine, the random experience points card… They were all useful items.

Especially for grinding.

Whenever he had to pull an all-nighter, the Energy Medicine was a godsend for him.

Not to mention the smart glasses.

Even though Lu Zhou didn’t know what the glasses was used for, the glasses was the same brand as the quantum computer, so it shouldn’t let him down.

He didn’t care about the shampoo at all.

He clicked on the random experience points card in his inventory, and golden light particles began to float toward him. When the light particles exploded, 100,000 physics experience points was added to his experience bar.

Even though there was still a long way to level up, every bit counted.

Lu Zhou then immediately looked at his golden mission card.

Even though it wasn’t a legendary mission card, reward missions of this kind often gave generous rewards.

However, this meant he would have to make a choice.

One was to use this mission card immediately.

The other was to continue the last part of the “Control Of Earth and Moon” mission chain, which he had ignored for more than a year.

He could get any mission from the golden mission card, while the mission chain was obviously fixed, in which he had to build a mass driver on the moon with a 50-ton ground to lunar transfer orbit capacity.

Lu Zhou looked at the golden mission card and contemplated it for a while.

This determined his work in the near future.

Should I toss a coin?

Or should I focus on aerospace engineering?

Lu Zhou thought about it for a while and made a decision. He reached out and selected the mission card.

I’ll use this first.

After all, a 50-ton ground to lunar transfer orbit mass driver couldn’t be built in a day or two. The Lunar Orbit Committee did not prioritize the mass driver over the Lunar Hadron Collider.

Not to mention that he wouldn’t be of much help for the mass driver project.

Instead of waiting time letting other people complete the project for him, he would rather do something himself…

The pale golden particles exploded again, and a mission soon appeared on his mission panel.

[Mission: Exotic Particle]

[Description: The completion of the Lunar Hadron Collider will go down in history as a highlight of human civilization. It is akin to a huge telescope, but rather than observing the stars, it is discovering the mystery behind the stars…]

[Requirement: Discover a new particle.]

[Reward: 1 million physics experience points. 10,000 general points. Purple “legendary mission”.]

Lu Zhou looked at the requirements and paused for a second. A smile appeared on his face.

Discover a new particle?

This sounds…


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