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«Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 2459: Moved Away (3)

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Chapter 2459: Moved Away (3)

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“Forgive?” Qiao Nan sneered. “You’ve thought too much. It has nothing to do with whether I forgive her or not. I just don’t want to care about it. Relatives generally keep in contact with one another and maintain good relationships. However, this will never exist in our family.”

To be clearer, Qiao Nan no longer cared about the Qiao family. She wouldn’t care if the people in the Qiao family led a good life or not. She would just let them be.

“You could treat Mom this way. Why can’t you treat me the same? The person who was the meanest to you and had let you down the most was Mom, not me.” As such, why was it that Ding Jiayi could do so but she couldn’t?

“Because she gave birth to me. If you were my mom, you can have the same treatment as well. However, you’re not my mom, so you don’t have the same treatment as her. Understand?”

Didn’t Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin always attack her with this point?

Alright, she wouldn’t refute this point. She compromised and acknowledged it. Would that do?

Was it okay?

To Qiao Zijin, that was not okay at all.

Qiao Nan was no longer suffering. What would she do in the future? Qiao Nan’s attitude toward Ding Jiayi was the basis for her to play a role. If Qiao Nan no longer did anything, then she would really be left with no other choices.

Take now for example. Qiao Nan was no longer calculative with Ding Jiayi. Upon knowing that Ding Jiayi wasn’t living comfortably in the courtyard, she helped Ding Jiayi move house. Now, she didn’t know where to go in order to find Ding Jiayi. What should she do? How was she going to settle her own meals?

Everything was terrible.

“Qiao Nan, you did this deliberately. You deliberately want to go against me. Qiao Nan, you’ve destroyed my happiness ever since you were born. I really don’t understand it. Why do you hate me so much? It’s so difficult for me to finally lead a better life. You just have to show up again and again at this time. Qiao Nan, did I kill your entire family in your previous life? Why do you have to take revenge against me in this lifetime?”

Qiao Zijin vented all her dissatisfaction on Qiao Nan.


Qiao Nan listened to Qiao Zijin’s grievances and anger. After a long while, she said, “Perhaps, Ding Jiayi and I weren’t in the wrong. It’s you and I.”

Qiao Nan knew that Ding Jiayi’s treatment of her was actually influenced by Qiao Zijin to a large extent. She didn’t expect Qiao Zijin to think of her this way in her heart.


Yes, Qiao Zijin hated her to the bones.

As the one who was bullied all this while, Qiao Nan wanted to laugh when she heard Qiao Zijin’s words.

It was still that saying. Ding Jiayi had given birth to her. No matter how bad she was to her, she couldn’t break away from their mother-daughter relationship. She couldn’t ignore Ding Jiayi’s life and death.

Qiao Zijin was different. They were just sisters. Since it was so difficult to accept each other’s existence, they could just stop keeping in contact so that they wouldn’t torment and hurt each other.

“Qiao Zijin, you don’t have to call again in the future. I won’t pick up your calls. We are only sisters. Our relationship isn’t as deep as you think. You hate me a lot. I can feel it. Coincidentally, I feel the same way about you. Let’s be strangers in the future. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. We won’t disturb each other. Also, you want to know where Dad and Mom are. You don’t have their mobile number, but they have yours. You can just wait for them to contact you.”

With that, Qiao Nan hung up the call.

Qiao Nan wasn’t surprised at Qiao Zijin’s attitude and answer at all.

She knew that it was impossible for Qiao Zijin to agree to cut off all ties with her from then on.

If the relationship between her and Qiao Zijin were like five years ago, where Qiao Zijin was stronger and she was weaker, without her saying this, Qiao Zijin would wish that she never had her as a younger sister. Even if they bumped into each other on the streets, Qiao Zijin would pretend not to know Qiao Nan and would only treat her as a stranger.

However, when the situation between the two was reversed and Qiao Nan was stronger and she was weaker, Qiao Zijin would never allow herself to cut off ties with Qiao Nan since she now had a chance to lead a better life.

However, it was no longer important what Qiao Zijin thought and what she was going to do. What was important was that Qiao Nan’s mentality had changed. Regardless of whether it was Qiao Zijin or Ding Jiayi, no one would be able to affect Qiao Nan’s judgments in the future.

She had finally managed to get rid of her relationship with the Qiao family. Qiao Nan devoted herself wholeheartedly to her family. She sent the triplets to school and fetched them home. She also brought them to the playground. Of course, Qiao Nan would also bring her mother-in-law, Miao Jing, along, so that she wouldn’t miss her grandchildren too much.

“Mom, I’m thirsty.”

Er Bao was sweating profusely after playing. He sat next to Qiao Nan and wiped his face with his sleeve. However, Qiao Nan pulled him back.

Qiao Nan first used her handkerchief to help Er Bao wipe his face clean. Er Bao knew how to enjoy life. He deliberately lifted his face higher so that it would be easier for Qiao Nan to wipe it. Then, he held a cup in his hand and took a sip of water. “Mom, when is Dad coming back next time?’

“Do you miss your dad?” Qiao Nan smiled. She had long said that although the three children often argued with their biological father, the relationship between them was still good.

Er Bao smiled. “I guess…” As long as their dad wasn’t at home, their mom could wholeheartedly accompany them. However, once their dad was home, this old man would snatch their mom away.

Sigh. In the face of a father who would snatch their mother away from them, Er Bao felt helpless. Why weren’t other dads like this? It was only their dad who was childish. He was even more childish than San Bao!

“If you miss him, I can call him tonight and ask him when he’s coming back this time.” After wiping the sweat off Er Bao’s face, Qiao Nan poured another cup of water into Er Bao’s cup.

“There’s no need to.” Er Bao waved his hands. He didn’t want to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice. He couldn’t wait for his dad to stay in the army a while longer. If there was a call asking for their dad’s return, even San Bao would laugh at him for being stupid. “I know that Dad has a lot of important things to do in the army. We have Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma by our sides. We’re so blessed. Mom, don’t call Dad. It won’t be good if we disturb him.”

In the past year, the three children’s chubby faces had become smaller and skinnier. They were said to have slowly lost their baby fat.

As such, the three-year-old Da Bao and Er Bao were gradually developing in the direction of a handsome boy.


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