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«Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 2083: Dreaming

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Chapter 2083: Dreaming

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Shi Qing was amused by her mom’s words. “Mom, you mean that you know what the Feng family thinks of me too?”

Her grandpa and grandma had passed away a long time ago, but her eldest uncle, second uncle, and their families were all still around. On the surface, the Feng family always praised Shi Qing, saying that she was the most promising child in her generation. Although her uncles both had sons, there was not one of them who could match up to Shi Qing.

Behind her back, however, the Feng family had been sour about Shi Qing being unwilling to get close to the Feng family, not even wanting to help her uncle’s sons, causing them to lose out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Feng family even mocked Shi Qing, laughing that she had been a soldier for so long that she had no feminine touch to her. That was why she did not even have a boyfriend at the age of forty, much less being married.

There was no way that tomboy Shi Qing would ever get married in this lifetime!

Since there was no one else left in the Shi family, the Feng family was Shi Qing’s closest kin. It did not matter if Shi Qing did not want to help them now. Once Shi Qing died, their descendants would still inherit all of Shi Qing’s assets anyway.


Yes, the Feng family had the exact same thoughts as Wang Yang and they were all certain that they would stand to gain from Shi Qing’s death since she would never get married or have any children to inherit her assets.

“Oh right, Mom. It’s indeed better for me to have a child at my age. Do you want a girl or a boy?” Since Brother Zhai was already going to become a father, it was only right for her to change her status and become a mother as well.

“A girl or a boy? Have you finally come to your senses and decided to get married? Aiya, I have no preferences for any gender. As long as you’re willing to get married, I’ll love your child all the same.” She had waited and longed for that child for such a long time. Would she still be picky about it?

After finishing her meal and drinking her tea, Shi Qing smiled and replied. “Mom, you’re overthinking it. I never said that I was going to get married, much less give birth to a child. I’m thinking of adopting a child. That’s why I asked if you’d prefer a girl or a boy. Mom, if I really adopt a child, you’d better not treat that child badly just because I didn’t give birth to him or her. Given my situation, I think it’ll be better for you to take care of the child in the beginning stages.”

She was not like Brother Zhai, who could get married when he wanted to and have a child when he wanted to. Brother Zhai had good fortune and had met someone whom he was willing to change for the better for. Unfortunately, she had not had such good fortune. At the very least, the thought of adopting a child had come before she had met a man whom she thought was suitable for marriage or even as a father to her child.

Feng Cheng was in a dilemma. “I want a child that’s yours.” She was afraid that she would not get close to a child that was not Shi Qing’s biological child.

“Mom, think about how difficult it’s been for me to get to where I am today. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve visited the hospital. To be honest, no one can be sure of whether I can still have children in my state even if I were to get married. Mom, have you forgotten that I was shot here?” Shi Qing touched her stomach. The scar from the surgery to remove the bullet was still there.

“This…” The doctor had not said for certain that she would be unable to get pregnant either. If there was even a sliver of chance, Feng Cheng had no intention of giving up.

Shi Qing handed Feng Cheng a cup of warm tea. “Mom, what era are we living in? You should be more open-minded. Besides, there are children of all ages up for adoption. I’ll try my best to adopt a younger one. Why don’t I adopt one that hasn’t been weaned? The ones who raise a child are more important than the ones who give birth to them. You’re just afraid that I don’t have anyone by my side once you pass away. With this child around, you won’t have to worry about that. Besides, once I have a child, the Feng family would probably tone down their nonsense.”

In short, the people Shi Qing hated the most were still the Feng family.

At the mention of the Feng family, Feng Cheng was at a loss of words. She thought about how her nephew had dared to cause such huge trouble outside at such a tender age. His auntie was a female general and was doing well for herself. Since his auntie had no children of her own, everything that belonged to her would eventually be passed down to him. If anyone dared to offend him or tattle on him, he would get his auntie to deal with them.

Just listen to that!

The Feng family had raised their next generation wayward. They even dared to spout such nonsense!

It was not enough that he had gotten into trouble, but he was even trying to drag Qing Qing down with him! After that incident, her brother and sister-in-law had even said that their son was still young and insensible and that he had only been joking and had not meant what he had said.

Nonsense! Did they still think that she was that innocent and gullible Feng Cheng of the past?

If the Feng family did not have such ideas and say such things in front of their children, they would never have dared to express such thoughts even if they did think this way inwardly. Besides, he was already eighteen and possessed his own identity card. Was he still a child? Was he a giant baby?

Faced with the fact that the Feng family regarded Shi Qing’s assets as their own, even creating trouble for Shi Qing from time to time, Feng Cheng was frustrated too and was no longer willing to entertain the Feng family.

Although the Feng family had thought through their plan carefully, things had not gone as planned because of Shi Qing and Feng Cheng’s attitudes. After all, everything depended on Shi Qing’s cooperation and whether Shi Qing was willing to acknowledge the Feng family as her relatives.

Shi Qing remained single up until now and did not even have a boyfriend! Although the Feng family was upset over the matter, they tried to comfort themselves. They were one generation above Shi Qing and could not enjoy the good fortune of having a female general as their niece. Their sons were of the same generation as Shi Qing and were Shi Qing’s elder brothers. Unfortunately, their sons faced the same fate as them and could not experience the glory of having a female general as their younger cousin.

Fortunately, their sons were married and even had sons of their own, who were Shi Qing’s juniors. Their grandsons were still young and would outlive Shi Qing. Once Shi Qing passed on, and without anyone else to inherit her assets, the Feng family would naturally be the ones who would be most eligible to inherit them.

In short, their grandson could just wait it out. Once Shi Qing passed away, the Feng family would rise to glory.

Knowing that the Feng family had such plans, Shi Qing was both amused and angered. Then, she immediately found a lawyer to write a will. If she were to pass away, all of her assets would be donated to the less fortunate, especially those living in old folks’ homes.

The Feng family could dream on about taking advantage of her!


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