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«Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1536: Not Afraid of Settling Scores

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Chapter 1536: Not Afraid of Settling Scores

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Chen Jun used the fastest speed to get a divorce with Qiao Zijin. When he kicked Qiao Zijin out of the house, he also made sure that she was penniless.

After marrying Zhou Zheng this lifetime, Qiao Zijin would actually cheat on him with her husband in her previous lifetime.

Qiao Nan scratched her head. Back then, she was running around to earn money and didn’t know much about Qiao Zijin’s matters. The only thing she knew was that Chen Jun caught Qiao Zijin red-handed with another man. Qiao Zijin didn’t want to get a divorce, but she couldn’t handle Chen Jun’s means. As such, she had no choice but to cry and get a divorce.

In this lifetime, Qiao Zijin had married Zhou Zheng and fooled around with Chen Jun. Qiao Nan wanted to ask in particular who the man Qiao Zijin had an affair with when she was still married to Chen Jun was. In Ping Cheng, the Chen family was powerful. Which brave soldier actually dared to steal Chen Jun’s wife and make a cuckold out of him?

Qiao Nan always felt that this matter of Qiao Zijin’s was a little strange. She couldn’t help but guess if the man who had an affair with Qiao Zijin when she was married to Chen Jun was Zhou Zheng.

If that was really the case, Qiao Nan could only say that there was justice and one couldn’t escape from their retribution.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look so bad?” Zhai Sheng touched Qiao Nan’s forehead. “Your temperature’s normal. It doesn’t look like you caught a cold.” Qiao Zijin’s matter was quite small. Qiao Nan shouldn’t have been frightened by that.

“Nothing.” Qiao Nan shook her head. She couldn’t possibly tell Brother Zhai what had happened in the previous lifetime, right? “Brother Zhai, I’m sleepy. Let’s rest quickly. You brought the children out to play this time around and must be tired as well. You just returned but had to settle Qiao Zijin’s matter as well. Let’s sleep quickly. I still have to work tomorrow.”

Chen Jun caused Qiao Zijin to get a divorce. Once Qiao Zijin was divorced, she would most likely cling to Chen Jun.

Brother Zhai was right. Perhaps she would be able to continue leading a good life. After the divorce, Qiao Zijin might stay in Ping Cheng alone to take revenge and wouldn’t rest until she achieved her aim. Anyway, there was a house in Ping Cheng. If Qiao Zijin had nowhere to go, she still had the keys to the Qiao family’s house.

“Actually, I can afford to be a little more tired. I helped you settle the matter with Qiao Zijin. Shouldn’t you show some appreciation to me?” As Zhai Sheng removed Qiao Nan’s clothes, he whispered lowly and blew some air into Qiao Nan’s ear. Qiao Nan’s ear turned red uncontrollably and things naturally went out of control on the bed.

“Remember. Don’t be nervous. Look closely at the questions on the paper. Don’t be in a hurry to answer them.” Very quickly, the day where the triplets had to take the exams arrived. According to the usual practice, of course Qiao Nan had to send them to school. Today was different. It was rare that Zhai Sheng was home. Zhai Sheng said that he wanted to fulfill his responsibility as a father as well, thus he accompanied Qiao Nan to send them to school.

“Mom, I feel that you’re more nervous than us.” Er Bao smiled and said, “Dad, remember to help us comfort Mom well. Don’t worry. There wouldn’t be any problem for the three of us. We will take the exams properly. You can just wait for good news from the three of us.”

“Yes, Er Bao is right.” San Bao nodded. Her plaided ponytail swayed as she moved, and she looked pretty. “Mom, it’s not early anymore. You’re the boss. If you take the lead in being late, that won’t be good. Hurry up and go to work. The three of us are fine.”

“Mom, drive carefully when you’re going to work.” Upon thinking about the heavy traffic jams in the capital and that it was the peak period to go to work now, Da Bao’s expression turned ugly. It was dangerous if there were too many cars.

“Don’t worry. The three of you can focus on taking the exams. I’ll send your mom to work. After the exams are over, I’ll pick you up.” Zhai Sheng, who was free, said that not only did he want to send the children to school and home, but he also wanted to send his wife to work and home. It really wasn’t easy for Zhai Sheng to get to where he was today.

Since it was with much difficulty that he was promoted to the chief position and now that he had some spare time, Zhai Sheng naturally wanted to make up the lost time to his children and wife as much as possible.

With Zhai Sheng’s assurance, the triplets felt relieved and entered the school, preparing to take the exams.

When they were in the car, Qiao Nan looked on as Zhai Sheng fastened the seatbelt for her, just like he did before they were married, and asked, surprised, “Are you really going to send me to work and pick me up from work? Actually, you can rest more at home if you have the time.” Qiao Nan would rather Zhai Sheng rest more at home. After all, she was already used to doing such things.

“I will rest, but I’ll also send my wife and children to school, work, and home. Otherwise, what’s the significance of me being a husband and a father? Didn’t you see how happy the three children were when they heard that I’m going to pick them up later?” No matter how matured the three children were, they would become childish and coquettish in front of their parents. Zhai Sheng liked how close the triplets were to him.

Qiao Nan leaned against the seat and yawned. “Okay, send me to work then. I’m a little sleepy, so I’ll close my eyes for a while. When we’re there, remember to wake me up. Otherwise, people would gossip again.” Li Dawei’s words inevitably traveled into Qiao Nan’s ears. Looking at Li Dawei, who was still intending to play some tricks until now, Qiao Nan found it funny.

If Li Dawei really had the capability to pull her off her position one day, she would rather change jobs than continue staying in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to let Li Dawei order her around. Based on Li Dawei’s capabilities, he was still alright in doing the foundation work. However, it was laughable that he wanted to lead the entire ministry.

It was good to have self-awareness. Li Dawei should have some of this too.

With Zhai Sheng’s help, not only did Qiao Nan manage to sleep for twenty minutes in the car, but she was also punctual for work. Li Dawei looked at Qiao Nan jealously. It was unknown what he was muttering but it felt uncomfortable.

Deng Wenchang entered Qiao Nan’s office quickly. “You should know how petty Li Dawei is. Not everyone is like me, willing to work honestly under you after losing. You’d better think of something so that Li Dawei can work closely with Xu Xinming again. Otherwise, I’m worried that he would mess up our ministry.”

Qiao Nan stopped her pen and smiled. “You took the initiative to bring this matter up. Why? Wouldn’t Peng Yu settle scores with your family?”

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