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«Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1455: Banding Together to Defeat a Newbie

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Chapter 1455: Banding Together to Defeat a Newbie

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As for her performance, it would not be out of place to describe it as extraordinarily unique.

As she read quite a lot, she almost had no free time at all. In addition, she had a wide circle of friends. If she needed to find any book—even if exceptionally rare ones—there would always be someone who would help her find it. In some ways, she already had some advantage by reading more and remembering more.

Besides, with the foundation from her previous life, she was already on a different level compared to the others. While she was in junior high school, her classmates were still learning simple sentences. As long as Qiao Nan was willing, she could easily pass the level four and level six tests for English. In the few years that followed, Qiao Nan had never been negligent about English just because she had an additional lifetime of experience.

Coincidentally, after she acknowledged Yuan Kang as a master, Qiao Nan’s knowledge had become so profound that domestic college students and even foreign college students of the same age could not match up.

In this way, even though Qiao Nan, Deng Wenchang, and all the others differed greatly in their ages, Qiao Nan was not lacking in any knowledge when compared to Deng Wenchang just because she had been born a few years later.

She knew she was extraordinarily unique. And after having known Deng Wenchang for more than five years, having officially been colleagues for four, Qiao Nan could tell that Deng Wenchang was extremely petty. While observing and narrow-mindedly comparing between the opportunities and treatments given to the two of them, Deng Wenchang was constantly improving himself at the same time.

Unlike Xu Xinming and Li Dawei who performed poorly when they had just entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She had treated these two as complete newbies who had just arrived and could not adapt to this new environment. Slowly, the situation might change.

But who would have known that in almost an entire year, Xu Xinming and Li Dawei did not make any progress. Every time Xu Xinming encountered a problem, he would go to Deng Wenchang for help. It was as though Li Dawei was collaborating with Xu Xinming. Every time Li Dawei encountered a problem, the person he would go to was always Qiao Nan. Other than Qiao Nan, there was no one else whom he would go to.

“Really? Is that so?” Upon hearing Qiao Nan’s words, Li Dawei flushed with embarrassment. “I don’t seem to have any impression of that.”

Although Qiao Nan’s voice was not loud, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was rather quiet most of the time. As such, no matter how soft Qiao Nan’s voice was, it was always very noticeable in the office. “How about this? I’ll check it through again myself. I’m so sorry to trouble you again.”

With lightning speed, Li Dawei took back all the information that he had just handed over to Qiao Nan. After returning to his seat, he took out his pen and made corrections with a pretended air of importance. The sight of this was enough to render someone speechless.

“…” Qiao Nan was the most dumbfounded. If she ever had the chance, she had to ask her senior about his thoughts. Why did he have to leave these two in such unsuitable positions?

Today’s incident was not even the first time it had happened. Li Dawei would commit the same mistakes that he had committed before after some time. He would even present them to Qiao Nan for approval, without any knowledge of his mistakes.

This was really too careless. Truly meticulous people who are eager to learn would prepare a notebook and jot their mistakes down. Once they have time, they would then read through the notebook to refresh their memory and consolidate their knowledge. As a matter of fact, that was already a foolish way of working hard.

People who are truly intelligent would never search for the answers and memorize them by rote only after the problem appears. People who are truly intelligent will take the initiative to find the problem and fully understand it even before the problem appears.

Xu Xinming and Li Dawei could not do the latter, but they were nowhere near close to even the edge of the former.

Even if Qiao Nan’s temper was good and she did not take issue with how Xu Xinming and Li Dawei would occasionally look at her with contempt and disdain, Qiao Nan had never been soft with her admonishments in situations like this. She would never be gentler with her words or let them off easily just because Li Dawei was a ‘newbie’ or because men were afraid to be embarrassed.

The word ‘uncivilized’ was really apt in describing people like Li Dawei.

Was it because Xu Xinming and Li Dawei felt that Deng Wenchang and Qiao Nan were the youngest ‘seniors’ in the department other than them? Or was it because they thought that it would be easier to communicate with Deng Wenchang and Qiao Nan since they were of the same age?

Even if such a situation occurred today, if anything happened the next day, Xu Xinming would still go to Deng Wenchang, and Li Dawei to Qiao Nan to ask for ‘advice’.

The thought of such a situation made Qiao Nan’s gaze darken.

A year’s kindness was more than enough. A senior would normally guide a junior for at most one or two months. No one would do it for a whole year or two! If Li Dawei was not willing to stop this, she would have to find a way to prevent Li Dawei from coming to bother her in the future.

“How’s it going? Have you thought of a solution?” Deng Wenchang’s voice rang out close to Qiao Nan. Lifting up her head, Qiao Nan was taken aback by Deng Wenchang’s closeness to her. “Why are you here? And what solution?”

Ever since she changed her seating arrangement, she was no longer seated next to Deng Wenchang. Deng Wenchang knew that Qiao Nan had specifically arranged it as such so as to distance herself from him. The arrogant Deng Wenchang was still unwilling for Qiao Nan to be seated too close to him. In these four years, Deng Wenchang had always made it a point to arrogantly walk around Qiao Nan’s seat instead of directly walking past by her seat.

It had already been four years, and this was the first time did Deng Wenchang not only not make a detour around Qiao Nan’s desk, but he even took the initiative to talk to Qiao Nan!

“What else could it be?” Deng Wenchang frowned. “It’s fine. You don’t have to pretend in front of me. Or do you feel that it’s inconvenient to speak here? We can find somewhere to chat after work. I’m annoyed.” Those people who relied on connections to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were not scary. It was the existence of people like Xu Xinming and Li Dawei that was really destructive.

“I don’t understand. What kind of place is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Do you mean any kind of Tom, Dick, and Harry can enter our department to pass their time? There are so many talents in China. Since we have positions, shouldn’t we leave them for those with ability? We’re really not prioritizing national interests by giving our positions to people like that.”

If he could, Deng Wenchang really wanted to ask He Yi personally how these two fools managed to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deng Wenchang did not even use vicious names to name these two fools. It could be seen that Deng Wenchang’s patience towards Xu Xinming and Li Dawei had already run dry.

Based on how Deng Wenchang clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth when mentioning the names of those two, Qiao Nan was sure that Deng Wenchang was prepared to be more merciless than her. Her only request was that Xu Xinming and Li Dawei be out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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