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«Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 981 - Shang

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Chapter 981: Shang

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

On the luxury ship, Feng Zhen squinted, his white beard swung against the air and he laughed, “There must be a reason why little friend Wuji killed him, right?”

Zhong Yue laughed and kicked “Xiaoshan” lifeless body down the Mengchong Warship while saying, “How can I let him live? He’s from the faction that annihilated my race.”

On the other hand, Zhong Yue stopped the ship and transmitted a message to Hundun Yu, “Senior Martial Borother Yu, get the Fusang Divine Tree ready! This is a monarch!”

“A monarch?”

Hundun Yu was all tensed up but that did not stop him from acting. He hurled the Fusang tree branch into the air, which turned into a Fusang Divine Tree. But just as this tree was about to unleash its power, it was immediately suppressed by the monarch’s seals, causing it to barely be able to cover the ship.

As an exotic item created by the Hundun Clan’s monarch and given how mysterious the Hundun Clan was, this tree was a very famous one even among the monarch weapons.

However, with the amount of seals planted here, even the Fusang Divine Tree with endless might was not able to unleash its full strength.

Feng Zhen took a look at this tree and paid little attention to it. He looked at Zhong Yue as he smiled, “So you are that wild Fuxi? The real Wuji once came here to borrow Feng Qingyu and Fu Baochu to deal with you. I can’t deny the fact that you are impressive for being able to disguise as him to such a realistic extent. If it weren’t for my [Three Eyes Heavenly Pupils], you’d have gotten away. Now, reveal yourself.”

From the eye on his forehead launched out a light pillar while the Fusang Divine Tree’s branches and leaves waved, blocking the light pillar. But the light still managed to pierce through the layers of defence!

Though greatly weakened by the light pillars because of the Fusang Divine Tree, the light still caused Zhong Yue to groan while his body, Yuan Shen, and soul trembled before he uncontrollably revealed his true form!

And this true form had not the looks of Mister Yi but his own looks!

The Fuxi’s divine third eye possessed strength that could see through everything, and the [Three Eyes Heavenly Pupils] was an art that pushed this ability to the peak!

As Feng Zhen’s divine third eye locked onto Zhong Yue, his eyes lit up as he laughed, “What is this flame? Xin Huo! Haha! The Xin Huo passed down by Great Sui! The Xin Huo that brat Feng Changyang that spent his whole life to find has emerged! What else do we have here? A mirror?”

“Looks like the old dog Tian Yuan’s item? This old dog became a Heavenly Monarch and this mirror he left behind is definitely not bad!” shouted the happy old man.

Now, he was just like a greedy landlord, keys on his waist as he opened up one after another secret chambers to admire his treasures.

“Hmm? This saber is very odd, what is this hilt? Its the old bollock Dao Venerate Fu Min’s monarch sword’s hilt! Hahahaha, the monarch sword that suppressed the entire world, this is its hilt! The Power Hilt of Heavenly Monarch! Didn’t it turn into dust long ago? Whatever, I knew something on such level wouldn’t vanish without a reason!”

“And this, this looks like a damaged metal plate but the patterns on it are foreign to me. It should be a good item in some way!”

“Hmmm? What’s this? A bead?”

“Anyhow, the most precious one among all is Xin Huo.”

He burst out laughing, “The Fire Order Era to Earth Order Era’s heritages are all in Xin Huo’s mind. The item sought by the many Earthly Sovereigns will now be in my hands! How fortunate I am!”

Zhong Yue on the other hand, stared at him coldly and only said after he stopped laughing, “Feng Zhen, why did you betray your own race?”


Feng Zhen’s eyes widened, put his hands on his back and looked down on them from his ship, “I merely understood what was happening so I switched sides. Look, the Fuxi Celestial Race out there is no more, and you are the lone survivor. However, under my protection, there are still Fuxi Celestial Races living in the unworldly world. This is all because of me!”

He continued, “What can those stubborn people do? They tried to change their fate and made a fool out of themselves! They had no idea how strong their opponents were and resisted in futility! They are the ones that caused the race’s destruction. I am the one that saved the race!”

Xin Huo jumped out from Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean and shouted angrily, “Savior? You are not fit to be called that, you are just an animal that slaughtered his own kin for the enemies!”

Feng Zhen stared at Zhong Yue, then shifted to Xin Huo and rebutted, “What do you know? You are just a puny flame with no wisdom. How dare a mere tool judge me? That’s right, I am the one that killed them and it was also me who leaked their whereabouts to the enemy during the war in the waste star!”

He smiled, “I was chosen as the leader of the war and led the armies from all races, ambushing them there. That is my most outstanding battle. There are a total of seven battles, and in the first battle, we ambushed the Feng Clan’s ten sects and among those that I slew were quite a handfulof my old subordinates.”

Zhong Yue’s eyes twitched as he immediately recalled the Fuxi Celestial Race’s heroic spirits that died a tragic death he saw as he left Ancestral Star.

“They are all but fools! They just couldn’t be a little bit more flexible!”

Feng Zhen continued to reminisce and laughed, “My hands were numb after swinging my weapon for too long, but also thanks to how stubborn they were, I managed to unleash a massacre that later on earned me great fortune. It was this fortune that ensured our survival! After six battles, I’ve finally forced them into the waste star, and little did they know that that place was where I would bury them. In the end …”

He grinned, “I decapitated them all.”

“And yet, they refused to surrender.”

Feng Zhen mockingly laughed, “They insulted me with every humiliating word possible, but it is better that they do not surrender. In that way, I will be able to ask for more rewards with their heads. Finally, they are all about to extinct.”

“We celebrated for a very long time, drank never-ending wine, enjoyed countless beauties from every race. On the way back, I even left behind a tablet to record my contributions. However, after a while, I decided to keep a low profile so that I wouldn’t attract any negative emotions from my master, so I removed my name from the tablet.”

He sighed and said, “And they said that I am respectful and humble one. Today, running into you brought me back to those glorious days. Seems like I’m really old now, becoming so talkative about the old days.”

“And thank god that you are not dead yet. If you are dead, then you would have escaped our revenge!” said Zhong Yue coldly as he remembered the three things Nong Sovereign once told him when he was still alive.

Among the three things, the second was more like a warning, telling him that the one that slaughtered the most Fuxi Celestial Race was definitely the traitors and that they were far more cruel than the enemies!

“Bah, enough said. It’s time to send you up the road, poor little thing.”

Feng Zhen smiled, “You are so weak that I feel bad for killing you. Fortunately, I’ve killed countless weaklings like you so I won’t soften myself anymore.”

In the layers of seals, his strength was also being suppressed but as a monarch, he was far stronger than Zhong Yue.

Feng Zhen pushed his palm out, grabbed onto the tree, robbed it away and even after trying all his best to resist, Hundun Yu was unable to fight against a monarch.

And all Zhong Yue did was send out a bead as Feng Zhen’s hand slowly reached towards him.

“Interesting, you are brave enough to resist.”

Feng Zhen grabbed onto the bead, which stunned him, pulling his attention towards the bead and through his horrifying three-pupiled heavenly eyes, his vision dwelled deep into the bead and his expression changed upon seeing a grim giant being imprisoned within the bead.

“Fu Shang!”

Feng Zhen roared and just as he was about to throw the bead away, a hand reached out from the bead and grabbed onto his arm firmly!

“Fu Shang, you have been suppressed by the monarchs, do you think I am afraid of you!”

Feng Zhen roared, unleashed all his strength and launched a decimating light from [Three Eyes Heavenly Pupils] towards Fu Shang’s hand.

Hong long—

The bead rumbled as the giant Fu Shang squeezed his way out from the bead while two Star Rivers continued wrapping around his body.

He was trapped still but still managed ram his fist into the light pillar and towards Feng Zhen’s face.

Zhong Yue heard Feng Zhen’s skull crack, and his eyes popped out, grinded out as they fell into the seals!

His entire face sunk and the divine third eye was squeezed into meat ball!

Ka cha—

Feng Zhen severed his own arm to break himself away from Fu Shang’s binding. Amidst the splashing blood and angry roars, Fu Shang leapt onto Feng Zhen’s back and used the Star River that chained him to wrap around Feng Zhen’s neck!

“Get away from me! You crazy bastard! You are the one that buried the entire Fuxi Celestial Race, not me! I merely gave another push to fasten the process!”

Feng Zhen was a monarch existence after all. He managed to break free from the Star River, endured the crazy seals as he run away, only to be pulled back by Fu Shang. Feng Zhen was in extreme shock as he felt like the one attacking right now was not the polite and well mannered crown prince but a beast!

This beast knew no pain, no danger and only raging battle intent, hurling fists and kicks onto him and even bit off fleshes from his body!

“Madness! This is madness! If you want to die in these seals, be my guest, but get off me!”

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