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«Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 924 - The Three Great Spiritual Roots

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Chapter 924: The Three Great Spiritual Roots

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhong Yue did not manage to restrain himself from laughing after hearing this. Meanwhile, the gods quickly placed the bridge, allowing this young god to board the ancient ship and that was when a divine general said with a smile, “This lord that I serve is a human, are you here to look for my lord?”

The young god looked towards Zhong Yue and he scratched his head as he exclaimed, “Human? Huh! So many humans!”

Those many ancient universe’s wild human leaders standing beside Zhong Yue had given the young god a scare and he thought, The grand ancestor did not make it clear! There are so many of them and I only have one fruit! Who should I give it to? Besides, who am I supposed to observe…

Yin Fanxuan on the other hand, was in shock upon finding out Hundun Yu’s identity and she exclaimed, “This senior martial brother, you are from the Hundun Clan?”

The young god scratched his head again and this time, he said, “I am Hundun Clan’s Hundun Yu and I came with a Chaos Divine Fruit. If I may, who is the person in charge here?”

Yin Fanxuan quickly explained, “Hundun Clan is one of the 24 monarch races and the most mysterious among them all. Their disciples are rarely seen outside of their territory and they could only be seen active whenever chaos descend onto the world. Hence, the saying that whenever Hundun Clan appeared, along with them are always chaotic war.”

“The world as we know now is already messed up and it will be even more messed up in the future. All of these have nothing to do with Hundun Clan.”

Zhong Yue laughed, “How can we push the responsibilities onto them? Brother Hundun, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Left King Yi Feng of Xian Tian Palace, the commander of Heaven Suppression Fortress, the person in charge here and at the same time, a human.”

Hundun Yu let out a relieved breath and he replied, “Then you are probably the person I am tasked with looking for. Now, I present you the Chaos Divine Fruit.”

He then harvested the fruit from the tree branch, handed it over to Zhong Yue while the many generals around Zhong Yue had their expressions changed upon this scene. Chi Song immediately whispered, “My lord, you must be cautious! You are the commander of Heaven Suppression Fortress and granted how strategic this fortress is, countless powers are bound to have their eyes on you. They will do anything to remove you if they have the chance and this might be one of their dirty trick.”

Zhong Yue on the other hand, took over the fruit and he was moved by what he felt; within the fruit were strange Dao patterns.

“There are three spiritual roots in this universe with one being the Fusang Divine Tree, one the Innate Fruit Tree of Leizhe, and the other was the Divine Tree of Life.”

Hundun Yu said, “Among them, the Leizhe’s Innate Fruit Tree grows the Innate Dao Fruits that each contain a type of Innate Daos wonder; the Divine Tree of Life is a prehistoric tree that was rumoured to be owned by the prehistoric ruler. The fruits from the Divine Tree of Life have the power to prolong one’s age. However, the Divine Tree of Life disappeared without a sign later on but the Immortality Peach Trees were grew from the fruit harvested from the Divine Tree of Life. Thus, the fruits on the Peach Trees too, possessed similar effect as those from Divine Tree of Life. The Fusang Divine Tree on the other hand is said to be owned by Great Sui and after that, it ended up with the Jinwu Clan but the fruits grew on the tree were the Chaos Divine Fruit. This fruit that I gave you, is the fruit from Fusang Divine Tree and barely any of us from the Hundun Clan had the chance to eat it.”

Prehistoric ruler? Could it be Great Si Ming? He has the Divine Tree of Life?

Zhong Yue examined this fruit; he had eaten the Innate Dao Fruit once and back then, when he wanted to dig out even more Chaos Qi, the tree unrooted and started running away but not before it threw an Innate Dao Fruit towards him.

And though Great Si Ming’s Divine Tree of Life he had not once seen, he still managed to get his hands on a peach; in the Returning Ruins when he ran into the Immortality Mother Peach Tree Ancient Mother of the Imperial Woods, he was given two peaches and other lesser peaches.

Zhong Yue even made a promise with the Immortality Mother Peach Tree Ancient Mother of the Imperial Woods to meet again in the future. But ever since arriving in Zi Wei, he still didn’t hear anything from Immortality Mother Peach Tree Ancient Mother of the Imperial Woods, not to mention seeing her, which led him to question if Immortality Mother Peach Tree Ancient Mother of the Imperial Woods escaped from the Returning Ruins or not.

As for the Fusang Divine Tree, Zhong Yue had the chance to see it but not the chance to eat its fruit.

But now, the Hundun Clan’s Hundun Yu actually came looking for him and said that he wanted to present the fruit to Zhong Yue, which was really odd and sudden.

Apart from that, the fruit looked extremely real but given how rare the fruit was, Zhong Yue couldn’t help but question Hundun Yu’s motive by presenting such precious item to him.

“Darling, you musn’t,” warned Yin Fanxuan softly.

Zhong Yue asked, “Senior martial brother, you must be seeking something from me by giving me such item. If it does not bother you, could you please tell me the reason behind this?”

A conflicted expression rose on Hundun Yu’s face and he whispered, “If I may, can we talk about this over there?”

With that said, Hundun Yun started walking towards a corner and Zhong Yue followed behind him with a smile.

“Now, can you please tell me what is it that you seek from me?”

Hundun Yu looked around and after seeing no one was around, he clarified himself, “I am here under the grand ancestor’s order. He wanted me to give you this fruit and after that, sneak around to observe you in his place.”

Zhong Yue did not see this coming and he laughed right away, “But senior martial brother, how are you supposed to sneak around after telling me this?”

“The grand ancestor said it will turn into a trade.”

Hundun Yu said, “After accepting this fruit, you will not chase me away and I will be able to stay around to observe.”

Not knowing he was supposed to laugh or cry, Zhong Yue shook and said, “I could let you stay around but this fruit is just way too precious. Besides, your ancestor’s motive is just very odd. Could you give me any other more justified reasons?”

His words immediately had Hundun Yu shouted, “There is nothing more that I can say! I did not want to come at all but what choice do I have? The grand ancestor insisted that I also have to tell you that the future timeline is disrupted and it was impossible to observe you anymore in the chaos …”

“Unable to observe me in the chaos?”

Zhong Yue was stunned and he shouted, “Your grand ancestor… Could he be …”

“Yes, he is the monarch of the Hundun Clan!”

Zhong Yue’s mind flinched and right away, he recalled the image he saw when he sailed towards Heaven Suppression Palace in the ancient ship which depicted a Chaotic Divine Turtle crawling onto the land and walked away after turning into a living being.

His psyche waved and he asked after visualizing that image, “Is this your grand ancestor, senior martial brother?’

Hundun Yu however, was confused and after examining this image for some time, he replied, “Doesn’t look like him.”

Could it be that the Hundun Clan’s grand ancestor is not this Chaotic Divine Turtle that crawled out from Chaos? Perhaps, there could be more than just one Hundun being that gotten back onto the land…

Zhong Yue was very puzzled. At this moment, he really wanted to meet this grand ancestor of Hundun Clan to answer his question.

“So can I stay and observe?” asked a worried Hundun Yu.

Zhong Yue nodded and answered, “But to prevent any possible misunderstandings in the future, this is the Heaven Suppression Palace, a very strategic and important location, which destined that this place will be an intense war zone. Please understand that dangerous is no longer a suitable word for this place.”

Hundun Yu laughed stupidly and said, “Which is also why the grand ancestor wanted me to bring the Fusang Divine Tree to protect myself.”

Zhong Yue then let him have his way and thought, The Hundun Clan’s monarch probably did not bear any ill intent. The Hunduns beings loved to swim in Chaos to observe the wonders of the universe. They probably got onto the land after Great Si Ming destroyed my Imperial Star and interrupted the future… But shouldn’t they immediately arrive at the present after getting onto the land? The Hundun Clan has been in existence for 10,000 years ago… Don’t tell me that he ran into the wrong time line?

His questions however, remained unanswered and he later decided to cast these questions aside.

Anyway, this Fusang Branch most probably possess some power from the main tree. Hundun Yu’s arrival can be good to me as well for I might be able to get in touch with this monarch race.

Zhong Yue then had Hundun Yu stayed around him and he said, “If you stay beside me, what if there is danger…”

“I have this tree to protect me!” Hundun Yu shook the Fusang Branch that was hung on his waist.

Zhong Yue’s heart moved and he asked, “What can this branch do?”

“Of course it can pull off something marvelous! Human, please take a look.”

Hundun Yu held Fusang Branch in his hand, tossed it into the air and the branch immediately expanded. In just a blink of an eye, the branch turned into a solid and giant tree that rooted deep into the Star River and remained unflinched no matter how hard the waves struck onto the tree!

Zhong Yue was amazed by this and the entire tree actually shadowed the whole Star River and even the entire south gate!

Wherever the tree reached, the star sands in the river uncontrollably flew up, circled around the tree and turned into stars that lit up the tree brightly!

And in between the tree, endless heavenly fire burnt brightly in mighty power!

Apart from that, there were eight fiery red flower. Those were the blossomed Fusang Flowers, which all contained fire elemental Dao.

In the Star River, the many gods on the ship all looked into the tree with an empty mind and a tightened heart. Meanwhile, the gods on the walls and in the fortress were all stunned by this massive tree and its unknown power!

Hundun Yu then kept the tree away and everything appeared just now turned back into an ordinary branch, which was then placed on his waist again.

“This is a monarch weapon?” exclaimed Zhong Yue.


Answered a slightly puzzled Hundun Yu as he knew little about this; he scratched his head and said, “No one told me about this but in the records of our clan, the grand ancestor once used this branch to fight off monarch weapons on equal grounds.”

Hearing this, Zhong Yue entirely lost his voice at the stupidity that Hundun Yu displayed; this foolish boy actually carried a monarch weapon all the way from the Zi Wei Imperial Star to the Heaven Suppression Fortress!

Was he not worried about being robbed?

That was a monarch level weapon, something that was very much desired by countless gods!

But then, with this monarch weapon, the Heaven Suppression Fortress’ defence is upped by another tier!

Zhong Yue felt extremely pleased right now and he directed his attention towards the Chaos Divine Fruit as he asked, “Senior Martial Brother Yu, while Divine Tree of Life and the fruit from Innate Divine Tree can prolonged lifespan and allow people to understand the Innate Dao respectively, what can this fruit do?”

Hundun Yu replied honestly, “I don’t know, never ate one before. Human, won’t you know after eating one?”

“Please don’t call me that.”

Zhong Yue was a little speechless, “You can just call me Mister Yi or senior martial brother.”

With a nod and a smile, Hundun Yu replied, “Then I’ll call you Mister Yi. You have to tell me what it taste like! I’ve been controlling myself from eating it throughout my way here. If the grand ancestor had given me two of them, I’d have eaten one on my way here.”

Zhong Yue lost his words again and this time, he kept the fruit into his psyche ocean and decided that he would consume it when he’s more prepared, to which Hundun Yu commented in disappointment, “You’re not eating it now? If you don’t eat it, how are you going to know what it taste like?”

Seeing Hundun Yu who had his hopes up, Zhong Yue felt a little pity on him and he immediately took out the fruit, swallowed it and the fruit melted right away upon entering his mouth.

“So? How does it taste?” asked a nervous Hundun Yu.

“It tastes strange… It’s a taste I’ve never tasted and while it does not have any taste, it contains endless tastes, each being extremely unique …”

As soon as he said this, Zhong Yue’s expression changed drastically for when the strong effect of the fruit exploded, the power charged its way right through Zhong Yue’s secret realms effortlessly!

Zhong Yue immediately felt what was happening and a cold shivered down his spine, I almost died after opening a few hundred Space Secret Realms at one go. But this fruit opened up every secret realms… This is bad!

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