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«Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 770 - Wit's End

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Chapter 770: Wit’s End

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Hearing this, Xin Huo was furious, “My inheritor is inferior to her? Brat Yue only became my inheritor not long ago. If he had been my inheritor sooner, you wouldn’t be able to act so high and mighty now!”

The young Lei Zhe did not care for Xin Huo’s words; he continued raining down a barrage of attacks on Zhong Yue. His moves were imbued with a wondrous essence; flawlessly simple yet impossibly complex.

And he showed his most fearsome aspect in close-quarters combat. He unleashed the full power of an innate god, suppressing Zhong Yue at what the latter prided himself in!

The young Lei Zhe was superior in every aspect; his defence was superior, his raw power was even brutal and his speed was much faster. Besides, his innate arcane energy and innate Yuan Shen were purer than Zhong Yue’s and his innate bloodline had supplied him with terrifying Qi!

Even if Zhong Yue had the same strength in terms of arcane energy, body, bloodline, and power, it would be difficult to fight with the young Lei Zhe as his attacks seemed to flow effortlessly and were completely unpredictable!

What is a dragon?

Dragons were majestic beings that were known for their flexibility; they could enlarge or shrink their sizes, ascend and descend freely and they possessed the ability to turn invisible. Before their ascension, dragons resided beneath the ocean, but after it, they would become so strong that they could roam around in the universe freely!

And as the first Innate Celestial Dragon, the young Lei Zhe stood at the pinnacle!

Thus, with an overall strength inferior to him, it was natural that Zhong Yue instantly lost the upper hand.

The only things he could rely on were his divine equipments that might be able to oppress this young Lei Zhe.

However, Zhong Yue had made up his mind and swore that he would not use any of them, especially the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror, to fight the young Lei Zhe.

Ever since the first encounter with Si Ming, Zhong Yue had made her his goal. He had finally gotten close to her level, and this test was more than just a test to get into the 81st level but also a test that allowed him to find out the gap between him and Si Ming. Hence, it he used any equipment, it meant that he was inferior to Si Ming!

When Si Ming arrived at this point, she was also on the same level as Zhong Yue now, and if he failed to keep up with her right now, it would be even more difficult in the future.

With my body, Yuan Shen, power and arcane energy all weaker than him, the only things I can rely on are my arts!

Zhong Yue’s eyes flashed as he did all he could to resist the young Lei Zhe’s rampage while he treated his wounds as quickly as he could; the young Lei Zhe’s attacks were so fast that Zhong Yue struggled to even keep track of them with his eyes.

At this rate, it would only be a matter of time until Zhong Yue’s immortal body finally broke down.

Surpassing him in skills may be difficult, but it was not impossible.

Zhong Yue stopped retreating suddenly and with a shake of his body, he revealed his Fuxi True Form and had the Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art spread widely while the Innate Pure Yang and Yin Qi turned into a raging sun and a beaming lunar moon. The Innate Celestial and Demonic Qi turned into a white and a black fish. The sun and moon then turned into the eyes of the fish and the two fish started slithering around him.

Zhong Yue then hurled his sabers out into the Tai Chi Art before another innate divine saber appeared in his hands; this saber was formed from the Heavenly Monarch Scepter and his Innate Qi.

The saber hilt was the Heavenly Monarch Scepter and the saber’s body was his sixth Innate Qi.


Zhong Yue’s presence hiked in a blink of an eye when he held onto the saber. With a flash of his saber, his saber met with young Lei Zhe and a tremendous impact came from his saber, pushing him backward while the [Tai Chi Art] nullified the impact as quickly as it could.

His weakness was that he was too pure. There is only one element to his strength and his Dao.

All sorts of calculations rampaged in his mind right away as he tried his best to decipher the Lei Zhe’s weakness.

Young Lei Zhe had an Innate Yang Body, an existence bred within thunder and lightning. It gifted him with immense power, but it was also why he was going to lose.

Because of his purity, the Lei Zhe was denied the chance to learn and understand Pure Yang, thus, his skills, arts and everything he learned belonged only to one element, the Pure Yang.

A lonely Yin will not reproduce and a sole Yang will not live long. Among Yin and Yang, he only had Yang, thus, he would not last long. Though Fuxi was his descendant, his power encompassed both Yin and Yang, making him superior to the young Lei Zhe!

The Tai Chi Art beneath Zhong Yue continued to revolve while continuously nullifying the young Lei Zhe’s strength, allowing Zhong Yue to suffer fewer injuries.

In terms of attack, Zhong Yue was inferior. After all, the young Lei Zhe was an innate dragon god and when it came to technique, he was not as good as Xin Huo who had a deeper understanding on the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture], [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] and many other imperial-level techniques.

And even so, Xin Huo admitted that he was not as good as young Lei Zhe in this field!

Hence, the only thing that could surpass young Lei Zhe was the [Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Scripture] but it was too complicated that Zhong Yue hadn’t even fully comprehended it.

But Zhong Yue still had his own advantages; when it came to the transitions in techniques and the Dao of Yin and Yang, his talent was far above Xin Huo’s and young Lei Zhe’s.

Seeing this, Xin Huo ceased to worry so much anymore as only until now, Zhong Yue finally stood his ground firmly. Upon being able to stand his ground against young Lei Zhe firmly, young Lei Zhe could no longer deliver a fatal blow. The two of them were now beginning to see a slight glimmer a hope.

“With this talent, no wonder Xin Huo picked you as his inheritor. However, you are still a little immature, did you not know that when things become too extreme, they will develop in the opposite direction?”

The element of young Lei Zhe’s attack changed without a sign; from the Pure Yang Qi, they were now surged with Pure Yin Qi and after merging the Pure Yin Qi with the Pure Yang Qi, young Lei Zhe immediately destroyed Zhong Yue’s [Tai Chi Art].

With a low grunt, Zhong Yue was knocked flying away.

Breeding Yin from extreme Yang… Does that means he has no weakness and no flaws?

This thought appeared in Zhong Yue’s mind before he crashed into a thunder mountain. He quickly got up again, and just as he got up, he swung his saber forward just to be met with the second wave of attack from young Lei Zhe, which sent him flying away again.

After regaining his balance, he discarded his previous calculations and started all over again after concluding that his approach was impossible.

The innate god is indeed terrifying. Trying to suppress him in terms of techniques in too hard but since he had to shift his Yang Qi into Yin Qi, his element transition speed was definitely slower by a beat just like how I transited my elements. This means that he was imperfect too.

The cogs in Zhong Yue’s brain turned quickly and he immediately figured out another weakness in the young Lei Zhe.

It matters not! As long as he still has weaknesses, he is still capable of being defeated! Now let’s see who is better in transitioning between techniques!

Zhong Yue suppressed his injuries and let out a long screech before he swung his innate saber like a menacing lightning storm. As he attacked, he searched for any plausible weaknesses within the young Lei Zhe’s technique. He focused on these weaknesses and he could not care anymore about the injuries he sustained.

As they exchanged blows, not only did Zhong Yue display everything he had learned, he also started to learn new things from his old knowledge, creating even more changes in his techniques.

The battle intensified with each passing second, and bit by bit, even Xin Huo felt uneasy and worried that the young Lei Zhe would accidentally kill Zhong Yue.


Faster! I have got to be faster!

This was what Zhong Yue was thinking. He needed to compensate for his flaws with overwhelming speed. When he attacked, he also started changing the form of his innate saber; sometimes, it turned into a huge bell, a scroll and much more.

The weapon form changed non stop, and each and every one of them had their own wonderful aspects while young Lei Zhe did the same. It was only that his strength was far greater, allowing him to continuously force Zhong Yue backward.

This battle lasted for days and seemed like it would have no ending. After fighting for such a long time, young Lei Zhe had still yet to come back to a skill that he had used previously. He also displayed a great talent in terms of the techniques changes, comparable to even Zhong Yue.

But Zhong Yue was the same; though he had many flaws, his talent far surpassed many. Through this battle, he gained better understanding onto techniques such as [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture], [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] and even from young Lei Zhe by learning all of his skills.

Half a year later, the battle was still ongoing and there were still no repeated techniques.

This is the reason I couldn’t get past the 80th level!

Xin Huo lamented and thought, Dragons and Fuxi Celestial Race are the same. They are both excellent in their creativity and skills transitions. I can only replicate the inheritors and Sui Sovereign’s skills but not surpassing them even better and develop new ones…

Though he had a vast array of knowledge on many aspects, Xin Huo did not have the talent to apply them creatively and develop new things from his existing knowledge.

But this was where Zhong Yue excelled. In everything taught to him by Xin Huo, he only managed to scratch the surface but he still managed to create new things from whatever he learned.

Eight months later, Zhong Yue suddenly became energized as he finally saw a repeated technique in young Lei Zhe!

Everyone had their own limits. When the young Lei Zhe was forced to use one of his previous skills, it was a signal that he had begun to reach his limit. The first occurrence was like a crack in the dam; it was only a matter of time before he was forced to use another old technique.

With that, Zhong Yue saw a chance to finally defeat young Lei Zhe; when young Lei Zhe repeated the same attack again, it would be the time when Zhong Yue finally defeated young Lei Zhe.

Suddenly, dizziness struck Zhong Yue and unconsciously, Zhong Yue repeated a move.

He had spent everything up in his sleeves and he was depleting all of his energy.

As the battle progressed to this point, Zhong Yue had unknowingly hit his own limits as well.

While young Lei Zhe repeated a move, he was now forced to do the same, and suddenly, the outlook of this battle became mired in uncertainty once again.

Xin Huo inevitably got all tensed up but he was also happy as well for both himself and Zhong Yue; to be able to stand his ground up until had been far beyond what Xin Huo had initially expected of Zhong Yue. The battle had reached a crucial juncture now and Xin Huo was hoping for the best of Zhong Yue.

Suddenly, both Zhong Yue and young Lei Zhe’s eyes lit up as they have both identified an opening in their opponent.

Seeing this made Xin Huo even nervous as this was a sign that the battle was about to reach its conclusion!

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