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«Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1079 - Heartless

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Chapter 1079: Heartless

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Just as he thought, Mu Xiantian didn’t come with his celestial true body!

The Mu Xiantian that came was his demon true body that had been cultivated to the monarch level!

His heart sank. Mu Xiantian’s celestial true body was a natural leader, a wise and sensible lord. He knows how to lead his men with the light in him. That was the Mu Xiantian that trusted Zhong Yue.

But now, with him cultivating his demon true body in the monarch level, his celestial cultivation base would invariably falter before the domineering demonic cultivation base. With it, would he be able to still maintain the qualities that made him a wise and sensible leader?

And where was his celestial true body?

When Mu Xiantian arrived, he used his innate demon Dao’s monarch level and forced the thousands of future demon monarchs to kneel before him. Although it showed his dominance and prestige, he has offended all these future demon monarchs. No matter how one looked at it, it wasn’t a move that a wise lord would make!

Furthermore, Mu Xiantian’s demon true body definitely had no trust in Zhong Yue. Else, he wouldn’t have acted to rob the Tian Pan either!

Zhong Yue recalled his thoughts and looked at Mu Xiantian. Mu Xiantian’s appearance was even more handsome than his celestial true body, even to an extent that it felt spookily handsome.

There was also a vertical eye on his forehead with golden shining innate godly words sealing the eye like an arrow.

Zhong Yue’s heart skipped a beat. The eye was on Mu Xiantian’s celestial true body, but why was it now with his demon true body?

Did the demon true body dig Dark Monarch’s eye out of the celestial true body’s forehead? If that’s the case, Mu Xiantian’s celestial true body’s situation didn’t look so good!

Zhong Yue could feel his scalp tingle. Although Mu Xiantian was a celestial-demon symbiotic twin, he hadn’t combined his celestial and demon parts into one single entity. This time, his celestial true body didn’t cultivate into the monarch level and with the increase in his demon cultivation base, a deadly opening is present in his cultivations!

Mu Xiantian felt Zhong Yue’s gaze and he looked over with a smile that felt eerie. His voice was hoarse like the clanking noise of metals as he said placidly, “King Yi, you’ve conquered the lands to just before the Imperial Star. Your merits are undeniable, I will not disappoint you with your rewards. Zi Guang is leading the armies to the races to make them yield. From now onwards, there will be more reinforcements coming in. The only battles that are left now are the battle for the Imperial Star and the Heaven Court. Leave Heavenly Monarch Di Ming to me, and you will handle the Heaven Court’s army.”

Openly in front of the gods, Mu Xiantian spoke these words that had changed the gods’ faces drastically. Some of them even regretted heavily to have come and joined the General Assembly of Future Monarchs in the Heaven Breaching Fortress.

If Heavenly Monarch Di Ming responded to Mu Xiantian’s words with actions, the battle of the three monarchs would inevitably drag them into the battle. Even though they had the potential of becoming monarchs, they still weren’t monarchs. They wouldn’t stand a chance to even flee from the scene alive before dying by the aftermath of the monarchs’ skills!

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming smiled, “Fellow Daoist Xiantian, we are here today to speak of only Daos, not war. King Yi killed my beloved daughter but you see, I still come here in peace. Why do you have to speak of war?”

Mu Xiantian laughed, “Fellow Daoist Di Ming, you are right. Fine, I will not speak of war. Today, we will just talk about the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation, nothing else more.”

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming laughed. Just as he finished, 95 light beams shot out from the Heaven Court’s military camp. The light beams shattered the dimensional barrier between the Void World and Zi Wei Galaxy and the beams disappeared into the Void World.

Right away, Mu Xiantian’s face changed drastically, he stood up in sudden and looked up at the Void World with a gloomy face.

Whereas Queen Goddess said while smiling, “Fellow Daoist Xiantian, please just sit and concentrate in our discussions. Whatever that is happening in the Void World, you can’t do anything about it anymore.”

Mu Xiantian sat down with a dark and gloomy expression.

Zhong Yue whispered, “Your Majesty, what happened that made you so bothered?”

Mu Xiantian’s voice was filled with anger as he replied, “I’ve brought 36 innate gods with me and hid them in the Void World. I was waiting for a chance to ambush the Heaven Court. But Di Ming took advantage of my leave and ordered 95 innate gods to enter the Void World. Now that I’m entangled down here by them, I’m unable to enter the Void World and help. I’m afraid that the 36 innate gods I’ve brought here will be eliminated! King Yi, do you have any plans that can save them?”

Zhong Yue immediately understood. Imperial Emperor Xian Tian demanded 37 invitation letters from him before, among which, those 36 invitation letters would be for these 36 innate gods.

“Your Majesty, have you asked King Zi Guang’s advice before?” Zhong Yue’s face turned slightly dark as he asked.

Mu Xiantian shook.

Zhong Yue replied unhappily, “Why didn’t you? If Your Majesty had asked him, these 36 gods’ lives would have been spared!”

Mu Xiantian hesitated for a second, then he quickly said, “Whatever’s happened cannot be changed. Mister, please think of a way to save them or soon, they will be killed by the 95 innate gods!”

Zhong Yue pressed down the anger in him and said, “Then, please have Your Majesty’s celestial true body enter the Void World and save them.”

Mu Xiantian hesitated again while Zhong Yue asked coldly, “Where is Your Majesty’s celestial true body?”

Mu Xiantian gave a dry laugh as he replied, “Currently in the Xian Tian Palace, he is in closed-door training. Without breaking through to the monarch level, he won’t leave the palace.”

Zhong Yue asked coldly, “Your Majesty, you’ve confined your celestial true body?”

“Not to say that I’ve confined him. I’m doing this for our own good. Without his celestial Dao also ascending into the monarch level, we will never be complete. Thus, I’ve had him concentrate on his cultivation.”

Mu Xiantian said, “Now, I’m the one in charge and he is only assisting. I will be the one holding the reins.”

Zhong Yue inhaled deeply while Mu Xiantian quickly said, “King Yi, rest assured. I’ve had King Zi Guang to lead the army here. Both of you are unparalleled advisors. With the two of you together, this universe is already in my grasp! I have powers and the misters have wisdom. If it weren’t because of my celestial true body, I’d be a Heavenly Monarch already!”

“Your Majesty has ordered King Zi Guang to lead the army to assist me?”

Zhong Yue used all his might to suppress the urge to turn and leave. He heaved a long breath and said hopelessly, “King Zi Guang’s wisdom is no less than mine, if not better. But he is more suited for the home base. With him securing our base, I will be ensured the room to demonstrate my wisdom in the frontline and expand Your Majesty’s territory. If he is here in the frontline, who will be there to keep peace on the base? My army is vast, all of them have their homes and families behind us! If the home base ever tumbles out of control, the military’s morale will take a nosedive, and no soldiers will be able to fight with peace of mind anymore! Your Majesty, please reconsider your orders!”

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming was smiling as he watched them communicate with their psyches. He and the queen both didn’t say anything as if they both already knew it would happen.

Mu Xiantian quickly said, “As long as the misters finished the Heaven Court and I take down Di Ming, what’s left to worry about? By then, the soldiers would return to their home in pride and honor. They are all my meritorious warriors. Fame, wealth, and statuses, they will be looked up by their people!”

Zhong Yue calmed himself. There was a huge disparity among Mu Xiantian’s demon true body and celestial true body. To be exact, his demon true body’s ascension into the monarch level has nurtured his demonic personality far too strong that it has now overwhelmed his celestial personality, and with it, his wisdom was also heavily affected.

In this war of the throne, things weren’t as simple as what he thought was. Heavenly Monarch Di Ming wasn’t the only obstacle in his fight for the throne!

Great Monarch Chang Sheng, Great Monarch Yang Zun, Great Monarch Qing He, which one of them was an easy target to deal with?

Which one of them would sit by and watch the Xian Tian Palace take over the throne? To watch as Mu Xiantian overthrow Heavenly Monarch Di Ming and turn his sights on them?

Furthermore, ordering King Zi Guang to the frontline was also to suppress Zhong Yue’s might. Mu Xiantian didn’t want to just conquer the Heaven Court, he also wanted to reduce Zhong Yue’s influence in the army.

King Zi Guang wouldn’t not know it, he must’ve known the intent too, but he also knows his own abilities. He was not suited to be a commander to wage war. He must’ve advised it against Mu before but Mu Xiantian refused to listen.

Fine, fine. All I really ask for is a place for me to settle down and expand my own forces. I don’t need to care so much about Mu Xiantian’s quest. I’ll just let him do whatever he wants.

Zhong Yue thought and he shook, then he said, “Your Majesty, if your celestial true body cannot move, then, I also have no other way of saving the 36 innate gods.”

Mu Xiantian was disappointed, “And I still thought King Yi could do everything, but it looks like, there are still things that you are incapable of. How unfortunate, seems like these 36 innate gods can only blame themselves for not being lucky enough and can only save themselves on their own. Thankfully, even without them, I still have six siblings and a secret force. They won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things…”

Zhong Yue nearly lost control of himself to punch a fist on his face. Imperial Emperor Xian Tian was a man of empathy but his demon true body was the exact opposite, heartless and callous!

Queen Goddess smiled while she asked, “What are the two of you whispering about? This is the General Assembly of Future Monarchs, we are here to discuss the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation together. The two of you, please focus.”

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming cleared his throat, he said, “King Yi, you are the host. Let’s start with your elucidation on the seventh secret realm.”

Zhong Yue was expressionless when he walked on stage. He raised his voice and said, “For a hundred years, I’ve been studying the seventh secret realm. Here are some of my attainments and I am willing to share it with everyone here. Today’s discussion shall start with me. My seventh secret realm is the Space Secret Realm, it involves 5,682 Space Secret Realms that exists in the mortal body and Yuan Shen. I combined them together into the seventh secret realm. However, there are endless secret realms in the mortal body and Yuan Shen, the Space Secret Realm is definitely not the only one…”

Zhong Yue started with the basics on the secret realms in the mortal body and Yuan Shen and moved on to the deeper knowledge like the movements and Daos in the secret realms. His elucidation on the seventh secret realm had heavily attracted the attention of the gods.

Days later, Zhong Yue finished his talk and he walked down of the stage. Yangguang Yuan walked on stage and he laughed, “Little kids, since Mister Yi is so generous, I will not be selfish too. My research in the seventh secret realm is not complete yet so I will only speak of my attainments. However much you can grasp is up to you and your luck, don’t blame me if you don’t understand anything! I have no obligation to teach everything to you all!”

Then, he slowly talked about his knowledge in the seventh secret realm. His seventh secret realm wasn’t the Space Secret Realm but a type of demon secret realm that went by the name of Origin Demon Secret Realm.

Days after, Yangguang Yuan walked down the stage and Jin Hexi walked up. She talked about her Origin Celestial Secret Realm. Then followed by the Tianyao Clan’s Yao Xingyue that talked about his Cosmic Secret Realm.

The General Assembly of Future Monarchs grew livelier as the gods walked on stage one after another. Whether they had opened the seventh secret realm or not, they would still go on stage and share their attainments to the others!

Among them, the most excited ones were the experts who knew nothing about the seventh secret realm as to them, the general assembly was a golden opportunity to achieve the seventh secret realm!

All of a sudden, the skies cracked, revealing the Void World behind the dimensions. Light beams were shot down from the space rift and toward the Heaven Breaching Fortress.

Witnessing this scene unfold, Zhong Yue’s heart sank.

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