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«Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1078 - Criticize

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Chapter 1078: Criticize

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

In the Heaven Breaching Fortress.

Two Deity Emperors were testing out each other’s strength on the Heavenly Deity Altar. And suddenly, they both unleashed their powers and in just a few changes of bouts, one of them lost and forced to concede defeat.

Hundun Yu waved his hand and changed the ranks in the Board of Future Monarchs. There were too many gods that attended this time, nearly all of the talents in the universe were attracted by the Board of Future Monarchs.

However, despite the large numbers of talents, Zhong Yue remained at the top of the ranks on the board. No one was able to challenge his position.

But the other ranks were slowly changing. The seven talents who had opened the seventh secret realm were moving up the ranks rapidly. But Yangguang Yuan, Yao Xingyue, and the others’ rise were stopped when they challenged the second, third, and fourth on the board.

The second on the Board of Future Monarchs was the Innate Saint Spirit Body, Yin Fanxuan, Goddess Xuan of the Heaven Suppressing Fortress. Her strength was no weaker than Zhong Yue’s.

She was Zhong Yue’s main wife and the two would frequently exchange moves. Zhong Yue would teach her whatever he had attained and with her uncanny talent, she would always able to complete the shortcomings in Zhong Yue’s comprehensions.

Jin Chongyu was the first to challenge her but was met with a defeat even more miserable than than when she fought Zhong Yue. As a result, Yao Xingyue and the rest shifted their attention to the third on the board.

The third on the Board of Future Monarchs was Feng Mingshan.

There, they were met with another unstoppable force. If the Zhong family husband and wife were two insurmountable mountains, then Feng Mingshan was a bad-tempered and irascible phoenix!

Not a single challenger to his throne was able to walk away unharmed!

However, that also made him rather infamous, drawing the attention of the gods.

Fourth rank was Zhong Yue’s other wife, Jin Hexi, Goddess Xi of the Heaven Suppressing Fortress. She was a disciple to Celestial Monarch Jin Wu and had consumed the Chaos Divine Fruit of the Fusang Divine Tree to open the seventh secret realm. Her attainments in the seventh secret realm were not inferior to Feng Mingshan’s and thus, her rank in the board was also untouchable.

With these four essentially invincible experts before them, Yangguang Yuan and the others found themselves sadly fighting over the ranks of fifth and onwards. Before they came, they were filled with confidence, believing that opening the seventh secret realm would secure them a top position in the Board of Future Monarchs. But who knew there were even stronger experts than them that had occupied the first four ranks already.

However, there was an interesting interlude that occurred sometime during the challenges. The Huaxu Clan’s Heavenly Lady made an appearance and challenged Yin Fanxuan to a fight. The two ladies battled on the stage but before the winner was decided, the Huaxu Clan’s Heavenly Lady suddenly left and disappeared from the scene. It would be an understatement to say that her appearance has caused a ruckus among the crowd.

Many knew of this Huaxu Clan’s Heavenly Lady. Back then, there was a period of time when Yin Fanxuan stood as an invincible figure among the young gods. And out of nowhere, the Huaxu Clan’s Heavenly Lady came to challenge her but the battle also ended with her leaving before the winner was decided.

“Darling said the one who could parry his twin sabers would be the Huaxu Clan’s Heavenly Lady?” Yi Wanjun asked Shi Yinji.

Shi Yinji nodded, “Look at big sister’s face, she doesn’t look very content.”

On the other hand, Bi An had grown into a handsome young man and had finally refined the Hundredth Reincarnations Saint Lotus’s medicinal efficacy into his cultivation base. With that, he stopped emanating the fragrance anymore.

His appearance in the general assembly was a spotlight. After all, as a young Imperial Emperor no older than a hundred years old, it was truly difficult for him to go unnoticed.

“Cousin, don’t have such a high profile or you’ll get eaten.” Zhong Yue summoned Bi An and berated him.

“Cousin, you and your wife have bullied me for a hundred years.” Bi An cried as he complained, “But now I finally have some strength of my own, I won’t get eaten anymore.”

Zhong Yue cleared his throat and he warned, “Mister Bi Luo said the one who created your cultivation art may still be alive. It’s waiting for you to ripen and consume you. It must be having its eyes on you. If you are ostentatious like this, I don’t know when your time will come.”

Bi An felt a cold travel down his spine and he was afraid to challenge the other Imperial Emperors anymore.

Fu Li, Fu Lie, and the other humans also took up a few challenges and made some waves. The humans were the humblest race in the universe and yet, a few Creators and Imperial Emperors with the potential of becoming monarchs had emerged within the human race. It sure was news to everyone.

Yan Sovereign Jiang Yiqi was also challenged by the Imperial Emperors and the [Zhu Long Heavenly Mystic Art]’s stunning power shook the races!

“Is the human race becoming a monarch race?” Some were unable to accept it as they exclaimed in shock, “The human experts that were invited here aren’t few. There is the Human Sovereign and King Yi’s barbarian humans. If a few monarchs were born within the human race, wouldn’t they become a monarch race?”

The Tianyao Race’s ascension into a monarch race was already unacceptable by many, let alone the humans that were considered even baser than the monsters?

The monarchs that knew the past secrets couldn’t help but feel their nerves thumping heavily. As one of the eight sovereign races, the sealed humans had an enormously storied past. If a monarch was to rise within the race and return them to a sovereign or monarch race, would they turn over the old accounts and seek revenge?

“Mister Yi is also a human…” Xuan Ji smiled at Zhong Yue, “Mister Yi, you have over six thousand Fuxis under your lead, don’t you? I also hear that the humans in the ancient universe also follow your command. Plus, the Human Sovereign is closely related to you.”

Zhong Yue grinned, “Brother Xuan Ji, what thoughts do you have in mind, just be blunt.”

Rays flashed across Xuan Ji’s eyes as he said, “If the humans have a monarch and became a monarch race, will King Yi still be able to achieve your dream?”

“Who said the humans are becoming a monarch race?”

All of a sudden, a majestic voice came from above. Zhong Yue traced the voice and stiffened up his heart. Heavenly Monarch Di Ming and Queen Goddess were holding hands as they walked over. Everywhere they went, heaven and earth would turn. Their entrance was accompanied by sonorous Dao voices that traveled from the end of time and space, like blessings and chants from the universe’s gods.

Lou Zhengshi, Pan Ji, and the others quickly stood up and knelt, “Your subjects greet Your Majesty, greet Queen Goddess!”

Whereas the other 17,000 gods were flustered, they didn’t know whether they should kneel and greet or just remain standing.

After all, they had come from different factions and it was now the key period of the fight for the throne. Some of them didn’t belong to the Heaven Court’s faction and some were even on the opposing side. Not to mention that there were the ancient universe’s gods that didn’t even care at all about the Heaven Court’s rulings.

What would they make of themselves if they’ve knelt and greeted the Heavenly Monarch and Queen Goddess?

Furthermore, they were talents with the potential of monarchs. If they knelt now, how would they be able to straighten up their backs once they ascend to dignified monarchs?

All of a sudden, Zhong Yue stood up, he bowed and greeted with a smile, “Your Majesty and Queen Goddess have come from afar but Yi has failed to welcome your arrivals personally. Please forgive me!”

With his example, the other experts were quick to follow suit. They bowed and greeted but didn’t kneel.

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming held an expression that looked like a smile, he softly raised his hand and said, “King Yi, spare the formality. You’ve besieged my territory and seized my land, yet you still call me Your Majesty. If that’s so, you are still my subject, then why do you still do all this?”

“As long as Your Majesty is the Heavenly Monarch, you will always be Yi’s majesty. This is decided by the status and etiquette, it will not change despite the difference in factions.”

Zhong Yue replied in a calm demeanor, he slanted his body and said, “Yi is a commander of war. Wherever I go, races tremble in fear of death; wherever I wage ware, lands shall be seized. This is what I do as a commander. It doesn’t preclude me from maintaining proper etiquette. Your Majesty, Queen Goddess, since you have come, you are our fellow Daoists. Please, Your Majesty and goddess, take your seats.”

Lou Zhengshi, Celestial Heavenly King, Demon Heavenly King, and the other Heaven Court subjects changed their faces drastically, they chided, “How dare you!?”

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming waved his hand, he smiled, “King Yi is right. This is not the Heaven Court, and so isn’t necessarily beholden to the Heaven Court’s rules. Since I’m here, I too, am just a fellow Daoist who seeks nothing but the Dao.”

He and the goddess walked toward the stage and took their seats. He continued placidly, “But there were words of the humans becoming monarchs and the human race becoming the monarch race. It’s far too much. No matter who is it that sits on the throne, the human race will never be a monarch race, and will never be valued equally with the celestial and demon races!”

Queen Goddess nodded with a soft smile, “Everyone, you may rest assured. The humans are the humblest race and will only remain so. They will not be allowed to rise as their humble position is the very foundation to the universe’s peace, it’ll never be changed. King Yi, although you are a human, even when you become a monarch, you will still not be able to change a single thing about it.”

Fu Qizhi, Fu Yanshan, Fu Li, and the others were angered, even Yan Sovereign Jiang Yiqi couldn’t control his temper. Just when they were to stand up and fight back, Zhong Yue raised his hand and stopped them.

He smiled, “Your Majesty and goddess are right. But today, whether or not the human race will become a monarch race is not our concern. The focus is to gather the universe’s talents together and research the seventh secret realm. Your Majesty, goddess, please do not disrupt the general assembly’s settings.”

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming laughed happily, “Alright, alright! This is King Yi’s place, we will abide to King Yi’s rules. King Yi, Xiantian should be here too, right? Fellow Daoist Xiantian, this is your subject’s place, why are you still not showing yourself?”

His voice was not loud but it penetrated into the void.

“Fellow Daoist Xiantian? Could it be the Xian Tian Palace’s lord, Mu Xiantian?”

The gods were shocked and puzzled. With the two monarchs, Heavenly Monarch Di Ming and Queen Goddess, here on the spot, would Mu Xiantian really dare to show himself?

It was at this moment that flowers bloomed out of the void and rained down from the skies. A space rift opened above them, revealing the dark and quiet Void World behind it!

The Void World was extremely vast, they could even vaguely see spirits larger than planets floating quietly in silence.

Then, an innate god strode out from the Void World and descended in the Heaven Breaching Fortress. With every move he made, countless Daos would resonate with him. It was as if he was the lord of all demon Daos in this universe!

Mu Xiantian’s arrival was filled with a solemn and majestic aura. The ancient universe’s demon cultivators changed their faces drastically as they felt the natural sense of obedience before him. It was as if there was a voice in their hearts, telling them to kneel before their natural lord, their natural ruler!


Before they knew, they were already kneeling down with their heads on the floor!

Among the future monarchs, half of them knelt before Mu Xiantian as the latter walked through the kneeling future demon monarchs with a smile, “Your Majesty, goddess, Xiantian is here.”


Such was Mu Xiantian’s imposing manner as an innate monarch!

As an innate god that was born from nature, his ascension to the monarch level bestowed him with the imposing manner of a natural monarch!

In stark contrast, Heavenly Monarch Di Ming felt just like an imposter in front of him who felt more like the true and natural Heavenly Monarch!

Heavenly Monarch Di Ming grinned, he raised his hand and said, “Xiantian, we are here today only as fellow Daoists to study the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation together. There are no enemies today. Quickly, sit.”

Mu Xiantian sat down and when Zhong Yue looked over at him, his heart couldn’t help but stiffen up.

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