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«Reverend Insanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1748 - Duke Long’s Sacrifice

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Chapter 1748: Duke Long’s Sacrifice

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Destroying fate Gu would be harmful to humanity, but the five regions’ situation would still remain the same because of Star Constellation’s will.

Without fate Gu, neither Heavenly Court nor the Heavenly Dao would be able to use it.

In a situation where both sides were equal, the humans would have a huge advantage, why would they watch as other races got stronger?

But Red Lotus was not an otherworldly demon, how would he be able to destroy fate Gu completely?

Even after being reborn countless times, Red Lotus could not find a method which could destroy fate Gu completely. Thus in this rebirth, he came to persuade Duke Long to make him come over to his side and work together.

But who could have expected Heavenly Court to have this kind of secret, Red Lotus’ plan failed.

Experience was still the deciding factor.

Red Lotus wanted to persuade Duke Long and Duke Long was also waiting for this chance to persuade his favored disciple.

“Hong Ting, stop now.” Duke Long spoke earnestly: “I said all this so that you will come back. The righteous path is not only about glory and reputation, it is often accompanied by sacrifices. For humanity, for Heavenly Court, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable sacrificed herself! And you? Your parents and wife died in order to pave the road to Immortal Venerable for you. Their sacrifices were necessary and valuable. Do you still not understand it? Hong Ting! Stop this now!”

“No, I won’t stop.” Red Lotus’s gaze was firm: “Forgive me, master, I have disappointed you again and again. But this is the path that I want to walk on.”

Duke Long shook his head with a bitter expression and said: “I am not disappointed, I would be suspicious if you agreed instead. I know your will cannot be shaken easily, this was already within my estimation. So now, let your master use himself as an example to teach you.”

“What do you mean?”

Just as Red Lotus was confused, Duke Long activated an arrangement he had already prepared.

Immortal killer move — Dragonman Extermination!

Red Lotus’s bewildered expression was soon replaced by shock when he sensed this killer move’s nature and effect.

Red Lotus shouted in shock: “Master, you actually killed all the dragonmen in the world?! Your children and grandchildren are among them. If I recall correctly, all your children and bloodline descendants should have already turned into dragonmen!”

2“That’s right.” Duke Long’s body trembled, his voice was slightly shaky: “I am the ancestor of dragonmen, the first dragonman in the world. When I had created the method of dragonman transformation, I had already made this arrangement which allows me to use my identity as the ancestor to easily eliminate all other dragonmen.”

“When the dragonmen reign supreme revelation appeared, I had thought of using this method. At that time, however, Star Constellation’s will manifested and instructed me to let the dragonmen live for the time being and use them in the future.”

“I hesitated again and again. Hong Ting, you have also seen my children, grandchildren, and descendants. It was the greatest happiness for me to enjoy my old age with my grandchildren and family. Sigh, I am already old.”

“Master…” Red Lotus wanted to speak but stopped, not knowing what to say to comfort Duke Long.

Duke Long’s eyes reddened and were filled with tears, Red Lotus had never seen this side of Duke Long.

He said while choking with tears: “I understand it clearly, even without the dragonmen reign supreme revelation, the dragonman race will always be a hidden threat to Heavenly Court and the human race. Because the dragonman race is different from the other variant human races, it was created by me, the members were originally human. It is like a bloodsucking leech that has attached itself to humanity, strengthening itself while sucking on the blood of humans.”

“The dragonman lifespan extension method is only secondary to lifespan Gu for extending life, lifespan Gu are few, but how many billions of people want to extend their lifespan? The dragonman population will continue to increase while humans will become fewer and fewer.”

“More terrifyingly, dragonmen are born from humans, naturally lowering the vigilance of humans. And with my reputation and the protection of being a venerable’s master, who can suppress or disturb the dragonmen?”

“If this goes on, the dragonmen will suppress humanity someday in the future. If a mishap happens again and fate Gu reveals the revelation of dragonmen reigning supreme again, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Duke Long then looked deeply at Red Lotus: “When you entered Heavenly Court this time and tried to persuade me, I suddenly realized that this was the timing that Star Constellation’s will predicted. The dragonman race should not exist, but its extermination also needs to have value. This value is to persuade you, my disciple Hong Ting! Master wants to teach you the spirit of sacrifice, I will show you the spirit of the righteous path of humanity!”

Red Lotus: “Master…”

Duke Long’s body shook as he could not hold back his tears any longer.

He had personally killed his children and descendants, his heart was filled with sorrow and pain like it had been cut by a knife, but there was not even a trace of regret.

His voice suddenly rose as he shouted towards Red Lotus: “Hong Ting, my disciple! Your path is a dead end, you cannot win against Heavenly Court!”

“Because Heavenly Court’s power is not just its superficial foundation or even fate Gu.”

“Its power comes from the generations of Gu Immortals who do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves! They protect humanity and righteousness with each generation carrying on this will and moving forward!”

“Without these sacrifices, humanity might still be trampled and enslaved by the variant human races, we would not have such a good life like now.”

“Hong Ting, master taught you, Heavenly Court cultivated you, what you enjoyed were the fruits of the dedication and sacrifice of our predecessors from ancient times until now!”

“So, come back, Hong Ting!”

“Follow the arrangements of Fate.”

1Red Lotus: “…”

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

Duke Long’s memory passed by in an instant, his gaze regaining its sharpness once again.

He looked at the distant Dragon Palace and sneered: “Such a pity! Dragon Spirit, your existence was already deduced by Fairy Zi Wei. We are only playing you at your own game.”

At the next moment, he activated an immortal killer move.

He had once used this immortal killer move to persuade Red Lotus but it did not succeed.

But now, it was more than enough to kill Bai Ning Bing!

Immortal killer move — Dragonman Extermination!

In an instant, Bai Ning Bing’s body shook violently, her heart felt like it was clenched by someone as she fell on the ground while coughing large mouthfuls of blood.

Dragon Spirit cried out in shock: “What happened?!”

It did not know the secret of the past.

In truth, it had only taken birth long after the dragonman race was exterminated by Duke Long.

Under Dragon Spirit’s frightened gaze, Bai Ning Bing quickly died, her corpse that was gradually losing heat was lying in the large Dragon Palace.

3Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei walked out of the large formation that was imprisoning Spectral Soul.

Heavenly Court’s battlefield was not cleared up yet, Fairy Zi Wei came to Spectral Soul’s prison to give a quick check.

“I worried too much. Even if Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was savage and powerful, the current Spectral Soul is only a remnant soul with no Gu worms or immortal essence, how can it do anything? Let alone escaping this imprisonment.”

“Oh? Dragon Spirit is also exposed, everything is going according to plan.” Fairy Zi Wei smiled when she observed this.

She had deduced Dragon Spirit’s existence as she had doubts about it, an ownerless Dragon Palace was actually able to capture the Four Dragon Generals, it was extraordinary.

After she deduced Dragon Spirit’s existence, when Dragon Spirit tried to hoodwink Duke Long and create a false impression that Duke Long had refined Dragon Palace, Heavenly Court was aware of it.

Duke Long consulted Fairy Zi Wei, Fairy Zi Wei played Dragon Spirit at its own game, laying a trap that was Hidden Dragon Cave.

This trap not only targeted the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, it also was a plot against Dragon Spirit and Di Zang Sheng.

Without such a strategy, how would Fairy Zi Wei dare to use the killer move everybody’s vision and broadcast the battle in Infallible blessed land everywhere?

Fairy Zi Wei entered an Immortal Gu House which held benevolence Gu.

She thought to herself: “Now, it is time to deal with Fang Yuan’s Spring Autumn Cicada.”

1Infallible blessed land battlefield.


Dragon Palace was sent flying away while Dragon Spirit screamed in panic.

The dream path offensive killer move was broken, Heaven Overseeing Tower was restored back to its previous state and turned back to solid form. The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals inside the tower laughed heartily, their plan to bait the enemy was a great success.

“Damn it, so this was all Heavenly Court’s scheme, the battle had never left their control!” Fang Yuan’s expression was heavy as he admitted: “We have lost this battle!”

Bing Sai Chuan realized this as well but he still sent Gu Immortals to attack Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Heaven Overseeing Tower retreated extremely quickly, making the Southern and Northern immortals feel even more despair.

“Time to retreat!” Fang Yuan’s gaze turned, he had a rank eight killer move that used Fixed Immortal Travel as the core which could give him the chance to leave if used properly.

However, at this time, a group of Heavenly Court Gu Immortals with Lu Wei Yin at the lead surrounded Fang Yuan and the rest.

Fang Yuan’s side was like a cornered beast that counterattacked wildly.

Lu Wei Yin saw the situation and used an immortal killer move, eight points sanctum.

This move was a defensive killer move, it not only protected the user, it could also affect others.

Eight points sanctum instantly formed a sand sphere that covered the Gu Immortals and blocked every immortal killer move.

It even blocked Calamity Luck Altar’s killer moves.

Everyone, both enemies and allies, was astonished. Lu Wei Yin’s strength had far surpassed their expectations.

Lu Wei Yin’s display completely threw the Southern and Northern immortals into the abyss of despair.

On the other side, Duke Long got free from Di Zang Sheng and charged towards Dragon Palace.

Di Zang Sheng wanted to chase him but was held back by Heaven Overseeing Tower and other Immortal Gu Houses.

“Duke Long, the greatest traitor of our people!” Dragon Spirit screamed as it hid in the depths of Dragon Palace.

Duke Long would not be able to find it within a short period of time. He poured in his immortal essence without any regard for the expenditure, forcibly refining Dragon Palace once again.

He laughed: “I have to thank you for resolving this troublesome Di Zang Sheng for us. Now, as long as I gain complete control of Dragon Palace, Di Zang Sheng will also submit to me, Heavenly Court will obtain the strongest immemorial desolate beast in history!”

Dragon Spirit shouted in anger, cursing Duke Long for being despicable and sinister while using all its effort to block Duke Long’s forceful refinement as it hurriedly called for Di Zang Sheng.

Di Zang Sheng roared repeatedly and attempted to break away from the obstruction.

Heavenly Court’s defensive line was on the verge of breaking, but at the crucial moment, Heaven Overseeing Tower displayed its might again, activating fate vanquish.

Di Zang Sheng bore the full brunt of the killer move and was suppressed fiercely.

Over half of the Gu Immortals on Fang Yuan’s side were instantly killed by fate vanquish.

The rank nine killer move’s power was truly too terrifying.

Only Fang Yuan alone was immune to fate vanquish’s power.

“Fang Yuan, don’t think you will survive.”

“You cannot escape.”

“These immortal killer moves were specially prepared for you! Have a taste.”

Close to ten rank eight Gu Immortals surrounded Fang Yuan and a large amount of killer moves assaulted him from all directions, making it difficult for him to use Gu worms at the moment.

“Trying to target my Spring Autumn Cicada? Damn it!” Fang Yuan clenched his teeth as he exerted all his efforts in trying to activate his killer moves.

He did not hesitate to expend his dao marks, myriad sword ghost dragons flew out but were suppressed by Heavenly Court Gu Immortals let alone breaking past the defensive line.

Suddenly, a dragon roar resounded throughout the battlefield, Di Zang Sheng’s enormous head collided into the encirclement that surrounded Fang Yuan.

This legendary immemorial desolate beast was also in a hurry, it disregarded everything and endured countless killer moves to go reinforce Dragon Palace.

“Hahaha, too late!” Duke Long laughed loudly, he had already refined Dragon Palace for most part and was about to grasp Dragon Spirit as well.

Dragon Spirit shouted: “Even if I die, I won’t let you have your wish!”


Dragon Palace self-detonated, countless fragments shot everywhere; the majestic Dragon Palace only had a small foundational floor and several pillars left.

“This is the time!” Taking advantage of this chaos, Fang Yuan finally got free from some obstacles and his clone activated an immortal killer move — Spring Autumn Success!

“The demon wants to counterattack, I will protect you all.” Lu Wei Yin shouted while activating eight points sanctum again, protecting countless Gu Immortals.

“Now is the time!” At the exact same moment, Fairy Zi Wei quickly activated an immortal killer move — Benevolent Equality!

Duke Long directly tore the eight points sanctum that was protecting him and carried the remnant Dragon Palace while charging towards Fang Yuan.

He ran into Di Zang Sheng on the way but Di Zang Sheng actually lowered its head and showed submission!

“Fang Yuan, you should also go and die.” Duke Long appeared before Fang Yuan like he had teleported.

At the moment of life and death, Fang Yuan quickly activated every killer move he could, but they were all blocked or restrained by the other Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.


A muffled sound echoed, he was directly hit by Duke Long, his blood, flesh and bone fragments splattered everywhere as his soul dissipated completely.

He was dead.

Fang Yuan was dead, the final hope was also gone.

4Bing Sai Chuan and the rest were like defeated soldiers as they stood dazed on the spot.

Some took the initiative to surrender, while Bing Sai Chuan and some others gave a loud shout and attacked Duke Long.

Duke Long sneered as he grabbed and punched, killing Bing Sai Chuan and the rest.

After a while, there were either dead or surrendered Southern and Northern immortals; this long war had finally ended.

“We won!”

“Heavenly Court is mighty, Duke Long is mighty!”

Many immortals rejoiced and Central Continent was even filled with cheers and scenes of jubilation.

Duke Long swept his gaze around calmly before fixing it on Lu Wei Yin.

Lu Wei Yin bowed: “What instructions does Lord Duke Long have?”

Duke Long chuckled, saying with a deep meaning: “We owe you for lending benevolence Gu and siding with us in this battle, Heavenly Court won’t stint on your rewards.”

Lu Wei Yin quickly thanked him.

1Duke Long secretly transmitted to Fairy Zi Wei: “Did that killer move work?”

Fairy Zi Wei: “Yes, do we attack Lu Wei Yin now?”

Duke Long secretly replied: “Leave him be. If we harm him, who will dare to side with us later? That killer move is only an insurance, whether Fang Yuan rebirths or not, as long as I am around, what harm is there in repeating this again?”

Duke Long took a heavy breath and said: “Our plan has finally been achieved.”

Fairy Zi Wei’s voice was choking with emotions: “That’s right, using the plan of repairing fate Gu, we lured the other four regions to invade and stimulated Central Continent’s people to have a common hatred for the enemy and eliminated internal spies. The great era is coming, our Central Continent is united, our Heavenly Court’s commands will be obeyed and implemented sincerely.”

She knew Duke Long was about to die.

Duke Long laughed heartily, he did not care about his death as he encouraged Fairy Zi Wei: “With you here, I can rest at ease.”

Wisdom path Gu Immortals would not fight on the front lines, they were more useful when making plans for the big picture.

“Master!” Right at this time, under Feng Jiu Ge’s protection, Feng Jin Huang arrived before Duke Long and wept.

She also knew this was the final moment of Duke Long’s life.

Duke Long stroked Feng Jin Huang’s head and said: “People have to die one day, fallen leaves return to their roots, how can a new generation emerge without the departure of the old? Disciple, don’t be sad.”

At the same time, Duke Long secretly transmitted his voice and instructed: “Oh Huang Er, become an Immortal Venerable and lead Heavenly Court towards the peak. Our Central Continent is right in between the other four regions and it has no geographical advantage. But we have our own superiority, we possess the sect system which is long lasting. Previously, even with Central Continent’s ten great ancient sects, we could only barely stabilize and maintain the situation. Countless sects, lone and demonic immortals were dissatisfied towards my Heavenly Court occupying so many cultivation resources.”

“But after this battle, there are no internal threats left, the people’s hearts have changed, their will have merged and they want to take revenge. Heavenly Court is the place where the hearts of the people will be entrusted to. In terms of favorable condition, geographical advantage, and unity, Heavenly Court has existed for millions of years and possesses fate Gu, we already have favorable conditions. After this battle, we also have the strongest unity among the five regions. Go conquer them and unite humanity! Establish an unprecedented supremacy that will last for all eternity!”

“Master can only do this much for you.”

After saying this, Duke Long looked longingly towards the horizon.

The setting sun dyed the clouds red in the horizon.

The dying sunlight shone on Duke Long’s body.

His dragon horns were broken but it made them look even more malevolent and domineering.

His shining dragon eyes still had battle intent in them.

His scales were scarred and broken, blood dyed them red, his dragon claws had taken the lives of countless rank eights.

The Heavenly Court immortals surrounded him in the air, looking at him silently.

No one spoke.

Di Zang Sheng lowered its head, unmoving like a giant statue.

Earth shook as it produced waves of deep, rumbling noises.

At this moment, the regional walls that separated the five regions had completely disappeared. The earth veins were connected as the five separate regions merged into one!

Without the obstruction of the regional walls, people could freely move through the five regions with no obstructions. At the same time, the differences in heaven and earth qi also disappeared gradually.

Duke Long smiled, saying with anticipation for the future —

“Ah… The great era has arrived.”

This was his final sentence.

He closed his eyes slowly.

Heavenly dragon’s last stand, his time was up.

Like this setting sun, the legend of a generation had passed away!

But his invincible figure was deeply imprinted in the eyes of the countless people of Central Continent.

His sacrifices and contributions were like a spiritual fire that burned in the hearts of countless people!

Duke Long, Duke Long!


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