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«Reverend Insanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1747 - Star Constellation’s Sacrifice

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Chapter 1747: Star Constellation’s Sacrifice

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Even Heaven Overseeing Tower with rank nine fate Gu was unable to stop the invasion of the dream path killer move.

Dragon Palace was a rank eight Immortal Gu House with rank eight Immortal Gu Dream Token. The rank eight dream path killer move that was created from this was probably the number one dream path killer move in the present world.

1As the saying went, one skill to dominate the world.

Heaven Overseeing Tower did not have any dream path defensive methods, thus Dragon Spirit’s action immediately showed effect!

“If this goes on, Heaven Overseeing Tower will no longer exist!”

“This move is not just pure erosion using the dream realm, it is a dream path killer move and Heavenly Court can’t do anything to it even with pure dream reality seeker transformation!”

In an instant, Yao Huang and the rest saw the hope of victory.

“Who could have thought that at this final juncture, it would be Bai Ning Bing who would turn the situation around!”

“We have to hold on!”

“Everyone, defend Dragon Palace!”

The Southern and Northern immortals actively cooperated. Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals were pale in shock, their confident expressions were non-existent as they began to attack nervously.

“Something is wrong!” Fang Yuan had been paying attention to Duke Long and quickly realized something wrong.

Duke Long, who was entangled with Di Zang Sheng, was not panicking at all, his expression was calm and his gaze even showed a trace of nostalgia.

Over a million years ago…

In the depths of Heavenly Court.

“Hong Ting, you still dare to come to Heavenly Court, you will not be able to escape anymore! The secret of your rebirth has already been exposed, you actually dared to go against fate and defy heaven’s will to attempt to resurrect dead people, you have truly disappointed me!” Duke Long looked at Red Lotus, his expression was dark and his gaze was burning with fury.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable smiled: “Master, since I have come here, I have already resolved myself to die, furthermore, I am not here to destroy fate Gu, so you don’t have to be so anxious, master.”

“Oh? Then what are you trying to do?”

Red Lotus Demon Venerable took a deep glance at Duke Long: “I want to persuade master to help me destroy fate Gu!”

Duke Long was stunned before laughing loudly, he then slowly stopped laughing and looked at Red Lotus with his unfathomable dragon pupils: “Then tell me, master will listen properly.”

Red Lotus smiled: “Having been reborn tens of thousands of times, I found clues by chance and used more than ten rebirths to understand them clearly. Fate Gu has already abandoned humanity, its current revelation have four words…”

2He had yet to finish speaking when Duke Long finished his sentence: “Dragonmen will reign supreme.”

Red Lotus was dazed before laughing: “Master, you knew about it indeed! Are you protecting fate Gu to ensure the rise of the dragonman race? After all, the biggest group of dragonmen in existence currently are your own bloodline descendants.”

“Of course not!” Duke Long shook his head and said in a deep voice: ” Hong Ting, you don’t know the whole situation. Master was the first to discover the secret of dragonman supremacy and was also the first to report it. Although I turned myself into a dragonman and became the dragonman ancestor, my true heart has always been on humanity’s side! Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth.”

“I believe you!” Red Lotus showed no hesitation: “I believe in master’s heart. Oh master, the extent to which you understand me is also how much I understand you. You will never betray humanity for your own self-interest. Just then, I was afraid you would deny my words and was intentionally agitating you.”

“Hmph, little brat.” Duke Long snorted, but a gratified emotion rose in his heart as he continued: “Master created the dragonman lifespan extension method so I could continue teaching you, to help you lead Heavenly Court and the whole of the human race, but I had never imagined fate Gu would give a revelation of dragonman supremacy.”

“However, after the initial shock and fright, master gradually realized that fate Gu is a heaven path Gu worm, the way of heaven always takes away surpluses while replenishing deficits. Humanity has prospered, uniting the five regions and two heavens, we are flourishing much more than the variant human races of the past, this will naturally cause the Heavenly Dao to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits. This is the same situation as when Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable obtained fate Gu and caused humanity to reign supreme.”

“However, master still continues to defend fate Gu, do you know why?”

Red Lotus’s eyes shined with bright light as he asked: “Why?”

Duke Long heaved a deep sigh: “Actually, fate Gu’s hidden threat was already raised by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable in his era. Humanity was united because of fate Gu. Almost all the humans gained the courage to resist the variant human races after learning who heaven sided with. However, once the fate of humans being supreme vanishes, what will the humans do then?”

“This was no doubt a huge threat and this issue was not resolved even after Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable passed away. On his deathbed, he handed this heavy responsibility to his disciple. This disciple was the future Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, when her lifespan was near its end, she finally thought of a way to resolve this hidden crisis. That was assimilating with the Dao.”

Red Lotus frowned: “Assimilating with the Dao?”

“Indeed.” Duke Long continued to explain: “Fate Gu can only be controlled directly by the Heavenly Dao, human or variant human Gu Immortals can at most observe a thing or two and obtain some revelations. Maybe in the future, with the development of new paths that contest against each other, there may be a way to use fate Gu, but it is impossible for now.”

“Star Constellation Immortal Venerable thought: Since she could not do anything to fate Gu, she might as well target the source itself! Thus, she sacrificed herself and by assimilating with the Dao, she used her own will to participate in the operations of the Heavenly Dao, interfering and influencing heaven’s will. Because heaven’s will was influenced, fate Gu could be grasped by Heavenly Court indefinitely.”

“So that’s what happened!” Red Lotus Demon Venerable’s heart shook as he came to a realization: “Fate Gu’s web is called all-encompassing web. Everything in the world is bound by this web, to be arranged and controlled by Fate. Star Constellation Immortal Venerable directly manipulated heaven’s will and is thus able to influence fate Gu, making humanity reign supreme forever.”

1“No wonder fate Gu is so important to Heavenly Court. No wonder Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s arrangements could stop three Demon Venerables including myself. No wonder Heavenly Court has stood undefeated, becoming the sacred land of humanity and the number one super force in the world!”

Duke Long nodded: “Hong Ting, your intelligence has never disappointed master. The trend of the world is that there will be unification after prolonged division and division after prolonged unification. Have you seen any super force that could last forever? Looking at ourselves, people’s hearts are easy to change, they are filled with desires which can hardly be satisfied. Even stronger forces or familial fetters cannot fill the deficiencies of the human heart. Looking at external issues, if a powerful Gu Immortal is offended, it will usually result in the super force facing huge problems. If this Gu Immortal cultivated to rank eight, they quite likely could even completely exterminate a super force. In this world, individual strength can easily surpass a group.”

“There will rarely be a super force that can last for a great number of years. But our Heavenly Court is an exception, why is it? Because we have fate Gu.”

“Under the arrangements of fate, we have always been the sacred land of humanity, our internal affairs have always been harmonious, even if there are conflicts, they will be smoothly resolved through all kinds of coincidences and fated encounters. Our enemies usually cannot grow completely, even if there are rank eight enemies, they would gradually decline, and there won’t even be a need for Heavenly Court to make a move personally before the enemies die or even surrender because of all kinds of events.”

“All these miracles were brought about through Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s sacrifice. Without her rank nine wisdom path cultivation, there is simply no way to interfere and alter the operations of the Heavenly Dao. However, even if it was Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, her will was often disadvantaged when contesting against heaven’s will.”

Red Lotus realized: “Like the revelation of dragonman supremacy?”

“Yes. I was also shocked back then. But when I knew of this ancient secret, I chose to wait. Sure enough, not long later, fate Gu’s revelation changed once again, ‘dragonmen will reign supreme’ vanished, it went back to ‘humanity will reign supreme’.” Duke Long smiled: “Later, I went through Heavenly Court’s secret records and discovered such cases had occurred many times. Dragonmen will reign supreme is only the most recent one. The revelation of dragonmen reigning supreme is not reliable.”

Red Lotus’s heart sank continuously.

Since his master Duke Long already knew of this, then why did he listen to his questions?

He suddenly realized: It was not him who had infiltrated Heavenly Court, but Duke Long who had been waiting for him, waiting for him to make inquiries and then tell him Heavenly Court’s ancient secret.

Red Lotus stopped thinking about it as he looked at Duke Long.

Duke Long smiled: “Hong Ting, master waited for you to tell you this and make you repent. You created Spring Autumn Cicada and can rebirth, this is truly a demonic behavior. It looks like you have hope of changing the past, but do you really?”

“No.” Duke Long shook his head and said in a resolute tone.

“Because above you, there is heaven, there is the Heavenly Dao, there is Star Constellation’s will, there is fate Gu’s revelation. How can you overturn heaven? How can you change the past?”

“So what if you have the strength of a rank nine Demon Venerable? Limitless and Reckless Savage are the best examples. How long can a venerable live? The longest living one was Lord Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable but it was still only twenty-five thousand years. And Heavenly Court? It has millions of years of history and accumulations. It has the sacrifice and protection of more than one Immortal Venerable. It has fate Gu. This is the big picture, can you topple such a deep foundation? Especially since you have been reborn, you are only using future self to gain rank nine battle strength. You are not yet a true rank nine venerable.”

Red Lotus was silent.

Even the powerful him felt constant helplessness against Heavenly Court.

He could destroy Heavenly Court, but what use would that be?

As long as fate Gu existed, Heavenly Court could be easily recreated. And because Star Constellation’s will was influencing heaven’s will, fate Gu would always decree that humanity reign supreme, Heavenly Court would also be the sacred land of humanity and would always be the number one force.

Under fate’s control, all sorts of fortuitous encounters would be arranged and countless talents would actively side with or surrender to Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court was not the crucial point, Star Constellation’s will and fate Gu were the most important elements.

Star Constellation’s will…

First of all, Red Lotus was not a wisdom path rank nine, he had no methods to deal with Star Constellation’s will which had assimilated with the Dao.

Secondly, he did not want to deal with Star Constellation’s will. After all, Star Constellation’s will interfered with heaven’s will and protected the status of the human race, making humanity prosper eternally.

Red Lotus only wanted to revive his family and loved ones, he never wanted to betray or harm his own race.

So, there was only one answer left for Red Lotus Demon Venerable, that was to destroy fate Gu!

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