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«Reverend Insanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1744 - Everybody’s Vision

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Chapter 1744: Everybody’s Vision

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Central Continent, Thunder Peak Mountain Range.


A loud explosion resounded through tens of li.

Three Gu Immortals were in the midst of a battle.

“Leave behind the electrolytic iron starflower, otherwise, even if I die, I won’t let you two get off easy!” Central Continent Gu Immortal Mi Lan Guang shouted furiously.

He had two opponents.

One was a middle-aged man dressed in a scholar’s attire with large sleeves, the other was a short young man who had quite a lecherous appearance.

The former was an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, Great Treasury Immortal, he had rank seven cultivation and cultivated information path. The latter was a Central Continent Gu Immortal, rank six Jian Yi Sheng.

Great Treasury Immortal frowned, his eyes hid fury and his tone sounded irritated: “Mi Lan Guang, you chased me for so long just for an electrolytic iron starflower? Yes, I admit, this information path and lightning path immortal material was personally grown by you and is something that had never appeared before. My interest was roused and since I cultivate information path like you, I stole one flower to research it.”

“I will tell you honestly, if you continue to chase me for a rank seven immortal material, I will fight with you to death! I will make you realize that Eastern Sea Gu Immortals are not so easily bullied!”

Jian Yi Sheng immediately added flattery: “Senior Great Treasury Immortal, your words are extremely reasonable. We should have already gotten rid of this Mi Lan Guang. Otherwise, if we let him tail behind us, we won’t be able to do any transactions. The current situation is an extremely rare opportunity!”

Great Treasury Immortal took a glance at Jian Yi Sheng and nodded: “I suppose we have to.”

Although Great Treasury Immortal had rank seven cultivation and Jian Yi Sheng only had rank six, the latter was a well-known lone immortal of Central Continent. He was proficient in the killer move sword escape and was extremely mobile, he was well-informed and familiar with the local territories.

1It was because he had told Great Treasury Immortal of Mi Lan Guang’s treasury that Great Treasury Immortal learned of such a special rank seven immortal material like electrolytic iron starflower.

Great Treasury Immortal cultivated information path so he was very interested. He moved with Jian Yi Sheng and used the chaos in Central Continent to steal an electrolytic iron starflower.

But in this process, he was discovered by Mi Lan Guang. Great Treasury Immortal’s action was exposed, he could not help but show a weak stance and did not want to attack, thus getting chased all the way by Mi Lan Guang.

Mi Lan Guang looked at Great Treasury Immortal and then looked at Jian Yi Sheng, laughing coldly: “So it was like this.”

Next, he said something that stunned Great Treasury Immortal.

“Great Treasury Immortal, although you are an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal and are also a famous information path expert whose name I have heard long ago, you have been deceived by Jian Yi Sheng. There are thirteen electrolytic iron starflowers in my valley, you stole one and Jian Yi Sheng plucked three, but the rest were destroyed by him using sword path methods!”


Jian Yi Sheng laughed: “Mi Lan Guang, isn’t your method of sowing discord a bit too poor?”

But at the next moment, Great Treasury Immortal turned around to glare at him: “Jian Yi Sheng, how dare you!”

Jian Yi Sheng’s heart immediately skipped a beat: “Not good, they are both information path Gu Immortals, I cannot sense their secret conversation. Great Treasury Immortal might have already received evidence.”

Jian Yi Sheng was resolute, since he could not fool Great Treasury Immortal anymore, he gave a villainous laugh as his body turned into a sword and escaped.

Great Treasury Immortal and Mi Lan Guang were both stunned.

“This Jian Yi Sheng has already advanced to rank seven!”

“Is this his true speed? So fast!”

Great Treasury Immortal was shocked and furious, he was actually duped by Jian Yi Sheng and treated as his tool. Now, Jian Yi Sheng had seized away more benefits than him and even left him to obstruct Mi Lan Guang.

“Brother Mi, I will immediately return that electrolytic iron starflower to you. Don’t worry, I dug it out along with its roots, it will be convenient for you to plant it again. Moreover, I will also compensate you with resources of equivalent value.” Great Treasury Immortal took a deep breath before saying solemnly.

Mi Lan Guang mumbled before raising his brows: “Your condition is?”

Great Treasury Immortal snorted: “We will ally to deal with Jian Yi Sheng.”

He really hated Jian Yi Sheng.

Mi Lan Guang was also the same.

He gave a clear smile and extended his hands: “It is my honor to work with you, friend from Eastern Sea.”

The two immediately set an agreement and chased after Jian Yi Sheng.

2What made them furious was that although Jian Yi Sheng escaped, he had actually not gone far. Clearly, he wanted Mi Lan Guang and Great Treasury Immortal to have a fierce battle, then he could charge back at an appropriate timing and reap all the benefits.

Right now, when he saw Mi Lan Guang and Great Treasury Immortal collaborating, Jian Yi Sheng was surprised and irked but not panicked.

He even scoffed: “Even when I was rank six, my sword escape method left many rank seven Gu Immortals without options. Now that I have advanced this move to rank seven, you will probably only catch me in your next life!”

Saying so, Jian Yi Sheng activated the killer move sword escape and swaggered off.

Mi Lan Guang and Great Treasury Immortal cursed loudly but could only look as Jian Yi Sheng escaped.

However, after a short while, it was Jian Yi Sheng’s turn to complain: “Damn it! Although my sword escape method is fast, it can’t be maintained for long. And these two happen to be information path Gu Immortals, they are proficient at gathering information and clues, they can track me down!”

Mi Lan Guang and Great Treasury Immortal hated Jian Yi Sheng and were closely chasing after him.

At every dangerous moment, Jian Yi Sheng activated sword escape killer move to run away.

But not long later, Mi Lan Guang and Great Treasury Immortal would catch up once again.

1Jian Yi Sheng shouted: “Is there any meaning in chasing me like this? You will be wasting all your accumulated immortal essence and you both will lose a lot when that happens.”

Mi Lan Guang sneered: “Among the three of us, you have only advanced to rank seven recently, how much immortal essence reserve do you have? Even if we expend it all, we will get rid of you this time!”

Great Treasury Immortal nodded and added: “Right! I will let you know Eastern Sea Gu Immortals are not easily hoodwinked!”

2Jian Yi Sheng cursed in anxiousness: “Mi Lan Guang, regardless of what happened, we are both Central Continent Gu Immortals, you are actually siding with someone from another region now, are you a traitor?”

Mi Lan Guang laughed coldly: “Don’t you try to intimidate me, you offended me today, your death is certain!”

1Jian Yi Sheng could only use sword escape to fly away once again.

Both sides kept on chasing and halting, Great Treasury Immortal suddenly said: “Oh no, he has stopped at one place. It looks like he discovered the tracking method I planted on him.”

He lost his connection to Jian Yi Sheng.

Soon, he and Mi Lan Guang arrived at a mountain pass and discovered Jian Yi Sheng’s right arm.

Jian Yi Sheng was resolute, after realizing something wrong, he directly cut off his right arm.

Great Treasury Immortal’s face was dark as he looked at Mi Lan Guang: “It will depend on you now!”

“Relax.” Mi Lan Guang smiled: “This way.”

The two continued to chase.

After several rounds of chasing, Jian Yi Sheng’s face was pale and had no strength to curse as he felt the pressure of death.

Gradually, his immortal essence reserve was emptied.

“I am going to die but I am not resigned!”

“I broke Great Treasury Immortal’s method, but what method did you, Mi Lan Guang, use to chase after me?”

“I dared to offend you because I had some understanding of your methods and could handle them all. But right now, I cannot even discover what method you used!”

“Can you tell me the truth before I die?”

Mi Lan Guang sneered: “Don’t even think about it! Depart to the afterlife as an ignorant ghost.”

1But at the next moment, Jian Yi Sheng gave a strange screech and used sword escape killer move to escape once again.

“This guy is really too crafty!” Great Treasury Immortal gritted his teeth.

“Don’t worry, unless he escapes Central Continent, he won’t be able to escape my detection.” Mi Lan Guang said confidently.

Great Treasury Immortal’s gaze was filled with surprise as he said: “I am in admiration of Brother Mi’s method. Let alone Jian Yi Sheng, even I have yet to discover your method, it is truly amazing!”

Mi Lan Guang laughed and waved his hand: “You misunderstood, this is not my method, it is Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable’s arrangement.”

“What do you mean?”

“Heavenly Court has extremely deep secrets. But I know some information about this move in particular. Let’s continue chasing, I will explain on the way.”

Great Treasury Immortal nodded and was fully concentrated in listening.

He knew Mi Lan Guang was originally a lightning path Gu Immortal of Wind Cloud Manor, a subsidiary force of Heavenly Court. But later, he broke some sect rules, his cultivation was crippled and he was kicked out of the sect. After that, he cultivated information path and advanced to become a rank seven Gu Immortal once again.

It was not strange for Mi Lan Guang to know of some secrets regarding Heavenly Court with this background.

Mi Lan Guang continued: “This move is called everybody’s vision, it is a human path killer move created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable. This move uses the foundation of people’s united hearts and can let Central Continent’s mortals, Gu Masters, and Gu Immortals share their vision. As long as someone sees Jian Yi Sheng’s movement light or even discover a trace of his tracks, I can directly obtain the information through everybody’s vision and catch him.”

Great Treasury Immortal realized: “So it was like this. Everybody’s vision, this move is truly profound. Naturally, people’s united hearts is even more so, it can actually let people know each other’s intentions and determine enemies and allies, removing the factor of hidden traitors. Wait a moment!”

Great Treasury Immortal suddenly stopped and looked at Mi Lan Guang with a horrified gaze.

Since Mi Lan Guang could use everybody’s vision killer move, he was definitely under the effect of people’s united hearts.

He belonged to Central Continent’s righteous path, he absolutely would not cooperate with someone who invaded Central Continent, then the only possibility was…

“Hahaha, Great Treasury Immortal, you fell for our trap!”Jian Yi Sheng revealed himself, laughing heartily.

Along with him, many Central Continent lone immortals also appeared.

A formation suddenly activated and trapped Great Treasury Immortal.

Everything had been a conspiracy, Mi Lan Guang’s electrolytic iron starflower was the bait to lure out Great Treasury Immortal, the huge fish!

At the same time.

Heavenly Court battlefield.

This long battle finally reached its climax!

Fang Yuan and the rest charged towards Heaven Overseeing Tower while Duke Long was being held back by Di Zang Sheng.

If Fang Yuan and the rest broke into Heaven Overseeing Tower and Fang Yuan destroyed fate Gu, Heavenly Court’s plan would fail completely.

But if Fang Yuan could not destroy fate Gu, the Southern and Northern immortals would be in a very bad position, they would be besieged by Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals from every direction.

“This is the final opportunity, I must…” Fang Yuan was resolute. At the next moment, Heaven Overseeing Tower let out a dazzling white light.

Rank nine immortal killer move — Fate Vanquish!

“The time required for fate vanquish to be used again has been shortened to such an extent?!” Fang Yuan was greatly shocked.

Almost at the same time, the white light completely disappeared.

An astonishing change occurred in the battlefield.

Several Immortal Gu Houses on Fang Yuan’s side were completely destroyed along with all the Gu Immortals inside. Of the two rank eight Gu Immortals who were right behind Fang Yuan; one was on the verge of death and the other had lost consciousness. All the other immortals were badly injured.

“Fate vanquish’s power is actually so terrifying!”

“It clearly did not have this power during Southern Border’s battle. Terrifying! A complete rank nine fate Gu is too terrifying.”

“This is Heaven Overseeing Tower’s true power? It is completely unstoppable!”

Southern Border and Northern Plains Gu Immortals felt deep despair, they lost all of their morale.

On the contrary, the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals as well as countless viewers in Central Continent cheered in joy at this sight.

“Heavenly Court is powerful!”

“Kill these invaders, make them pay with their blood!”

“With such a method, Central Continent’s victory is certain.”

With the killer move everybody’s vision, Central Continent’s people saw this scene and were rejoicing with great morale.

Heavenly Court’s divine might was etched deeply into everyone’s hearts.

“Mother, why did that person not fall? All the demons except him have fallen.” A young girl shook her mother’s hand and asked in confusion.

Even mortals could observe the battle.

Unfortunately, the girl’s mother was only a mortal, she shook her head: “Mother also doesn’t know, but don’t worry, our Central Continent is protected by Gu Immortals, we won’t lose!”

“Fang Yuan…”

“Right, he is an otherworldly demon.”

“He is not an ordinary otherworldly demon, he is a complete otherworldly demon. Fate vanquish is simply like harmless light to him.”

After being dazed for a while, the Southern and Northern immortals gradually reacted.

Right now, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals had flown out of Heaven Overseeing Tower and were holding Fang Yuan back, not letting him get close to Heaven Overseeing Tower.


Fang Yuan’s existence was like a spark that lighted up the hearts of the Southern and Northern immortals.

In an instant, an inextinguishable fire burned once again.

“He’s our only hope left!”

“Yes, we still have — Fang Yuan!”

“Although I really hate him, but…”

The Southern and Northern immortals’ eyes shined with brilliance.

“Their morale had actually risen?” The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were astonished.

“Quick, kill Fang Yuan!” Duke Long had just sent the command when he was bitten by Di Zang Sheng.

But no matter how Di Zang Sheng ground its teeth, they only left behind several scars while producing sparks as they dug into Duke Long’s body.

At the same time, Wu Yong’s command arrived through treasure yellow heaven: “Southern Alliance immortals, hear my command, use all your strength to help Fang Yuan breach Heaven Overseeing Tower and destroy fate Gu!”

Bing Sai Chuan also reacted: “Help Fang Yuan, this is our final charge! If it does not succeed, we will all die! Everyone, kill!”

“These guys?” Fang Yuan who was being held back felt the vigor behind him and his eyes instantly shined.

Killing intent soared!

He laughed heartily, his voice resounding throughout the battlefield: “Good, from now on, you can all try to stop me! Either you die or… I perish!”

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