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«Reverend Insanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 1224 - White Rabbit’s Seduction (1/2)

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Chapter 1224: White Rabbit’s Seduction (1/2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“This servant greets Lord Wu Yi Hai.” The female Gu Immortal knelt down before Fang Yuan’s feet.

She wore a white fur coat, it only wrapped around her chest and lower body, a large portion of her snow white skin was exposed. Her ears were like rabbit ears, her eyes were red like rubies, her nose was small and delicate, she had an extremely cute appearance. In terms of beauty, she was only inferior to Shang Xin Ci and Feng Jin Huang.

At this moment, this female immortal was kneeling on the ground, her forehead was touching the floor. Her huge chest was squeezed by the floor, experiencing a change in form. And her butt was high in the sky, attracting people’s gazes.

She was none other than Lady White Rabbit.

Right now, she was pure yet wild, she was cute and embarrassed. Especially with her subservient attitude, when men see her, they would feel something emerging in their crotches, they would want to hug her tightly and give her some well deserved love.

Fang Yuan was feeling strange.

Not long ago, he had offered this woman some cultivation resources in exchange for information on the Gu Immortal world. To think that now, this woman would be kneeling before his feet, subjecting herself to whatever he wanted to do.

“This is an attempt to seduce me!”

“This Wu An took a risk and lied to me, saying that some important person wanted to report matters to me, therefore enabling Lady White Rabbit to meet me.”

“It seems that these last few days, I had been secluded for too long, they are anxious now. They even used this method.”

“The method is old and cliched, but it is very effective.”

Fang Yuan smiled, standing up from his seat, slowly walking towards Lady White Rabbit.

Lady White Rabbit’s forehead did not leave the concrete floor.

With Fang Yuan’s sharp eyes, he could see that Lady White Rabbit was trembling.

She was nervous.

Fang Yuan thought: He had interacted with Lady White Rabbit before, and with his five hundred years of cultivation, he could tell that this woman was a pure lone cultivator. To think that she would offer her own body, this must be her first time doing this.

Of course, Fang Yuan’s judgment could be wrong, but there were likely to be few people in the five regions who could deceive him this thoroughly.

Lady White Rabbit was indeed very nervous.

She was nervous, her body was trembling, her heart was pounding.

Even though she knew that she had to be calm and follow Wu An’s words, she could not do it.

Knowing was easy, doing was hard.

“Turns out seductions are not so easy after all.” Lady White Rabbit sighed internally.

Other than this, she felt some shame and anger, as well as disbelief.

“I, I am actually doing something like this? Why am I doing this? I am trying to seduce a man I have never even met before!”

Lady White Rabbit felt very strange, this was not something she would normally do.

Before this, she was a pure lone cultivator, having no conflicts in the world, she cultivated in peace and quiet. If anyone told her that she would be on her knees doing this in the future, she would definitely fight that person without doubt!

“Why did it come to this?”

Lady White Rabbit thought about it: She had good connections with people, so one day, Wu An came to her and said that he had a huge fortune to share with her.

Back then, Lady White Rabbit was very wary and suspicious, why would something so good come to her? She felt that maybe Wu An was trying to cheat her money and body?

But no.

Lady White Rabbit managed the immortal opportunity business, she became the middleman, both demonic path and lone immortals had basis to trust her.

Of course, the initial business was not good. But afterwards, when word got out, the Gu Immortals gradually understood this business, and people started to flood towards her endlessly.

After every business transaction, Lady White Rabbit would take a cut of the profits.

Very soon, her total wealth had reached the level of her accumulation in the last tens of years.

Lady White Rabbit was shocked and joyful.

The business was getting better, she felt that each new day would be brighter.

But an unexpected mishap came both suddenly, and not suddenly.

Not suddenly because Lady White Rabbit knew about the matter entirely. Rank eight great expert, Wu Du Xiu, of Wu clan, passed away, her illegitimate son from Eastern Sea, Wu Yi Hai was returning to Southern Border, and was attacked by many forces. In the end, Wu Yi Hai survived the attacks and successfully returned to the clan, becoming a Southern Border Gu Immortal.

But it was sudden because Lady White Rabbit did not expect that this matter, which involved the entire Southern Border Gu Immortal world, would implicate her. Wu Yi Hai, who was far apart, having a high status, had actually come over here and became the person-in-charge of the super Gu formation on Wu clan’s side.

The immortal opportunity business had to stop!

Because this business could not be exposed. Originally, Wu clan’s rank seven Gu Immortal was the person manipulating it in the background.

Now that he was gone, Wu Yi Hai came.

Wu An and the rest were beneficiaries of this, but they had no ability to continue this business.

Because they were not qualified to.

They could not bypass Fang Yuan and continue the business either.

Because this business only involved seven clans, Ba clan, Tie clan, and Shang clan were not participants. They needed a strong background to support them.

Stop it here?

No, of course not!

All of the Gu Immortals involved in the immortal opportunity business had experienced great gains and benefits, they still wanted to continue!

Thus, roping Fang Yuan in was the most important matter.

Wu An was tasked with this important mission, Wu Liao could not be relied on, this Gu Immortal seemed young, but he was very conservative and strict with rules, he had always objected intensely to Wu clan doing the immortal opportunity business.

Wu An was very enthusiastic and attended to Fang Yuan meticulously, but he suddenly went into seclusion.

This made Wu An and the Gu Immortals with him extremely anxious.

The situation with the demonic path and lone cultivators was terrible now.

Suddenly, they could not enter and interact with the dream realm. This made the Gu Immortals feel that something was wrong, were these righteous path members trying to take their cultivation resources and not holding their side of the deal?

Large numbers of Gu Immortals surrounded the mortal Gu House on the mountain peak. They could not find the righteous path Gu Immortals, they could only surround Lady White Rabbit and shout loudly, sending threats as they demanded answers!

At this moment, Lady White Rabbit realized that she was in extreme danger!!

If the immortal opportunity business could not continue, not only would she not have a bright future, she would be torn to shreds by these wolves, her end would definitely be miserable.

In this situation, Wu An came and spoke with a glib tongue, finally convincing Lady White Rabbit.

Lady White Rabbit was forced by the situation, she had no choice but to dress up like this and meet Fang Yuan, using her beauty to seduce this Gu Immortal from Wu clan, so that he could come out and manage the immortal opportunity business!

“Raise your head.” At this time, Lady White Rabbit heard Fang Yuan’s order.

Lady White Rabbit’s body shook, her heart almost skipped a beat.

She breathed in deeply, she raised her head, looking up at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked down imposingly at this beautiful girl, she was sprawling on the ground, raising her head to look at him. Her eyes were large and round, her skin was white like a boiled egg, and her lips were pink and delicate, soft as flowers, it made people unable to resist the urge of exploring how they tasted, especially the exquisite pink tongue that was inside, what flavor would it have?

“Stand up.” At this moment, Fang Yuan spoke.

Lady White Rabbit was like a wooden puppet, obediently standing up.

She had an exquisite and busty figure, her chest could barely be contained, but her height was only at Fang Yuan’s chest level, she was like a neighbor’s cute daughter.

The two were less than five meters apart.

Lady White Rabbit’s heart was pounding fiercely, her breathing was rough, she was almost gasping. Next, she remembered Wu An’s instructions, she stepped forward and hugged Fang Yuan.

She used her jade-like arms to wrap around Fang Yuan’s waist, using a seductive tone as she said: “Mas… master, please, please forcefully ravage this servant!”

She stammered as she said that, she wanted to die from shame and embarrassment!

Even though she had cultivated for many years, Lady White Rabbit was still very ignorant about male and female relationships. Her only guidelines were Wu An’s suggestions.

“White Rabbit, oh White Rabbit, how can you say such shameful words? You really said it!”

Her face was bright red, she was asking herself this on the inside, she found it hard to believe that this was actually her.

Elsewhere, outside the place that Fang Yuan lived in, Wu An was pacing around uncertainly.

He was anxious, he walked around as he rubbed his hands, they formed into fists at times. From time to time, he stopped walking, turning around to look at the tightly shut door, thinking about what could happen inside.

If the immortal opportunity business stopped, and Fang Yuan refused to take over, that would mean that he did not like this idea, he would expose it.

This was very possible, Wu Yi Hai was very young and had just joined Wu clan, he needed to prove himself to the clan.

His brother was Wu Yong, he definitely had no lack of cultivation resources. For the moment, benefits were less important to him than reputation.

This way, Lady White Rabbit would be done for, even if she did not die, she would be wanted by the righteous path. She would turn from a lone immortal to a demonic path Gu Immortal.

Even though Wu An would not die, because Wu clan had limited Gu Immortals, he would definitely need to give up the benefits that he had obtained. He would also be punished by the clan, he would be sent away and his bright future would be completely ruined due to this business.

At this time, footsteps could be heard.

Wu An turned and look, only to see that this person was standing straight like a spear, he footsteps were like the wind as he emitted an imposing aura all over his body.

Wu An had a bad feeling: “Wu Liao, why are you here?”

Wu Liao snorted coldly at him: “Why else? Someone was shameless and wanted to seduce Lord Wu Yi Hai into committing a grave mistake! I am here to tell lord everything that you have done. I want him to know your schemes and ill intentions.”

Wu An was so angry he was about to explode, he pointed at Wu Liao as he gritted his teeth: “Wu Liao, you dare to do so?!”

He had tried to bribe Wu Liao.

But Wu Liao refused to accept it, he did not find it little, it was just his personality.

Among Wu clan’s Gu Immortals, who would not know about Wu Liao’s personality?

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