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«Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 899 - Immeasurably Deep

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Chapter 899: Immeasurably Deep

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Li Qiang hastily sent out such a psychological attack just now out of anger. He was so anxious to catch up with Tang Xiu and, without thinking, slammed the door and accused him. But now, after Tang Xiu asked him, his rage couldn’t help but swirl around and around inside his chest, unable to break out from his gaffe.

‘What and how should I explain? No way do I tell him that I’ve tracked them, right? Yeah right, that will be so damn embarrassing!’

At present, his face was flushed red, wishing he could find a hole he could burrow himself into. After standing stiffly for some time under the strange gaze of everyone present, he coughed twice and bit the bullet, “I’ve got to deal with you for something. Ah, no. I’m looking for her.”

“There’s no rush, you can talk with her later,” said Tang Xiu casually. “Let’s talk about how I toyed with you.”

Li Qiang instantly felt vexed! He could only feel helpless about Tang Xiu poking fun and toying with him. Smart as he was, nevertheless, he still let out a dry laugh and said, “Ah, I don’t think a nouveau riche like you needs to stoop down to my stature, right? Besides, the reason why I spoke like that to you was actually to find a reason for coming in. Well… I’m kinda looking for… erm… your woman. There’s something I need to ask her.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and smilingly said, “That was quite a forced and ridiculous reason, don’t you think? Now tell me, what are you looking for Xue Yu for? Don’t tell me you wanna pursue her, else I won’t mind to beat you up, punching you until you kneel and spit out some blood like a certain somebody.”

A certain someone?

Li Qiang was stunned and stared blankly. Only then did he notice the handsome young man who was leaning on the wall with a bruised red face and blood on his lips. The sight made him startled. He had seen many second-generation rich officials and nouveau riche who shared this common hobby. He was just here to get done with that ‘business’, rather than fail and get beaten by others.

“Uh, Brother, you seem to be called Tang Xiu if I remember correctly. The Tang like the character from the Magnificent Tang Corporation, and Xiu, which means cultivating and developing it, right? It’s truly great a name and it has connotations for a handsome young man with great accomplishments. In fact, I’m looking for this… erm… your woman… It was completely because I know someone who is kind of going crazy with her beauty and wants to do something bad to her, so I have a good intention to inform you about that.”

A smile sketched out on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth and he smilingly said, “And? Who is this person plotting against my woman then? Can you tell me?”

Li Qiang let out a twisted smile and said, “It’s my new Boss—that old pervert who stays in Chang City Hotel. You might not know this, but he insisted and forced me to do this… to get your woman’s… cell number. He threatened me that he won’t make a deal with me if I didn’t get your woman’s number, let alone work at his company. To be frank, though, I promised to work at his company mainly for expediency, simply out of an improvisation to take advantage of him. I was hoping that he’d sign the business order first, then I’d see how far he would go.”

“So, do you think I’m gonna let my woman give you her cell number?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Under normal circumstances? You’ll never allow it. Absolutely.” Li Qiang shook his head.

“Is that so? Then tell me this irregular circumstance you thought of,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Li Qiang’s eyes lit up. He quickly organized his speech in his mind before he said, “The first moment I saw you, I knew that you were a handsome and good-hearted rich man. It was definitely because you felt sour back when you pretended to speak those harsh words to me. Brother Tang, you and big sis-in-law aren’t locals here, right? How about you help me pull an act until I strike the sales contract with him and get the high commission? I’ll be the host to treat you and big sis-in-law to a feast; I can even be your tour guide around Chang City. I can give you a good time while enjoying the great scenery, friendly people, good food, and the awesome customs here.”

“Pfft… hahaha.” Xue Yu couldn’t help but laugh. She reached out to touch Tang Xiu’s arm and said, “That’s not bad, I think.”

Tang Xiu smiled and nodded in response, “Eloquent. Got a silver tongue and good brain, doesn’t he? If he quits this current job of his, it should be the ninth time, right?”

“Yeah, it should be the ninth time if he changes job again,” said Xue Yu smilingly.

Tang Xiu looked amused and said, “Your name is Li… Li Qiang, right? I don’t mind helping you, though I have some conditions. If you agree with it, we’ll go back to the hotel together later.”

Li Qiang cautiously followed along and asked, “What conditions do you have, Brother?”

“Promise that person that you’ll work in his company. You’ll sign the contract and work for him for two months, only to sink his company down. After that, leave and find me. You’ll work for me later,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Pardon?” Li Qiang was dumbfounded and had countless thoughts swirling inside his mind. It never occurred to him that Tang Xiu would set such a ridiculous demand.

“What’s wrong? Do you disagree with it?” chuckled Tang Xiu playfully.

“Working for you is a minor thing, Brother,” said Li Qiang as he probed further, “It’s just that I don’t get it. Why do you want me to switch jobs and go to a new company? Besides, you want me to sink the company of that person down? Is it because he got some bad thoughts towards big sis-in-law, or is it because you’re furious?”

“You see, there are tons of men in this world who harbor such thoughts towards my woman. I would be dead tired if I had to deal with each one, don’t you think?” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “As for the reasons, you don’t need to know that. You only have two choices now. Agree, or refuse!”

Li Qiang hesitated for a while and asked, “What business are you doing exactly, Brother?”

“The Magnificent Tang Corporation,” said Tang Xiu with a light smile.

Magnificent Tang Corporation?

Li Qiang was dumbfounded yet again. It was the company he just mentioned.

‘Could it be that this guy remembered what I just said and is now making fun of me?’

Tang Xiu seemed to have read his thoughts and said with a light smile, “Don’t make blind conjectures, will you? I promise that I’m not making fun of you this time. I’m Tang Xiu, the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. If you agree and succeed in bringing a miserable situation to your new company, then I welcome you to join mine.”

Li Qiang quickly grabbed his smartphone and searched the name of “Tang Xiu” on the Internet. Quickly, countless news articles about Tang Xiu that includes his portrait showed up in the results.

‘Oh my God! It’s really HIM!’

Li Qiang gulped down desperately and looked up with a dumbstruck expression. It took him a long while to suppress his shock before he said with major flattery, “Brother… Tang, you’re such a big man, yet you can see something in me, a very small, ordinary salesman?”

“Whether or not I can see anything is my business, don’t you think?” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “But your business is whether you agree or not. Alright, I already said what I wanted to tell you, so now it’s your turn. Though there is one thing you need to remember. If you promise me today but go back on your word, I’m afraid you’ll end up in a very miserable state—a state so bad that it’s beyond your imagination.”

Li Qiang hesitated. He had been planning to raise enough money to start his own business after his wife had surgery. He would strive to make the business bigger and become a boss himself in the future.

But… this was the Magnificent Tang Corporation!

It was not only the company with the fastest development in the business world nowadays, but it was also one with a future that would soar all the way to space in the future. He even dared say that if Tang Xiu truly wanted to make his company go international and do business worldwide, his company would definitely be in the world’s top 500 companies in the future.

No! It wouldn’t be a problem for it to be in the top 100 companies in the world.

Li Qiang eagerly looked at Tang Xiu and asked, “Brother Tang, how would you arrange my position if I join your company?”

“You’ll start from the bottom,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Li Qiang’s heart sank.

Tang Xiu then continued, “Just come to Magnificent Tang Corporation first. You’ll be assigned as the Deputy Sales Manager. If you have an excellent track record, maybe you’ll become the Sales Manager for all the company’s products. The opportunity is provided for you.”

“I agree!”

Li Qiang was excited again inwardly and replied firmly.

Tang Xiu nodded happily at his response. He then waved his hand and said, “Alright, now wait nearby. I still have some things to deal with here. Xue Yu, it’s your call now.”

Xue Yu faintly smiled and looked at Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle who wore a strange expression. She then spoke to them with a smile, “Elderly Chang, Elderly Bao, I think you both know the purpose regarding why I invited you to come. The number of issues I need to deal with is increasing along with time; thus, I need more and more skilled people as well. One of you is a famous herbalist in Chinese traditional medicine, while the other one is a renowned Dragon Vein prospector specialist in the Feng Shui circle. If you two agree to join and help me, you can freely state your conditions.”

“About this…”

The reason why Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle came to Chang City this time was mainly that they wanted to see the descendants of the legendary immortal figure, as well as the fact that they wanted to obtain some opportunities. After all, they were already old and didn’t need many mundane things anymore. They no longer had much interest in wealth, power, and beauty.

Thus, they didn’t have a plan to work for Xue Yu when they came this time.

When Tang Xiu saw their expressions, he realized that these two men were unwilling to work for Xue Yu. He pondered for a while and then said, “If you two agree, then I’ll send good fortune to you.”

Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle exchanged glances and the latter immediately asked, “What good fortune, exactly?”

While pointing to the white-haired old lady, Tang Xiu said, “The good fortune I’m going to gift you is absolutely not lower than her achievements. If you want to achieve much higher, it would depend on your own efforts.”

Bao Anle trembled as he hastily asked, “You mean…”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him and faintly said, “Don’t speak it aloud if you understand. That’s the best outcome you can get.”

Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle were full of ecstasy inwardly. The invisible fight between Tang Xiu and the old ancestress of the Liu Family had already made them guess the identity of this young man. They naturally didn’t want to miss such an opportunity that came to them at this moment. The two men quickly nodded to give their consent nearly at the same time.

Yang Shi looked zoned out when she saw Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle. At the same time, envy birthed inside her. The others didn’t know how powerful Tang Xiu was, but she knew it perfectly well since she just used her spiritual sense to peep at him. After all, she had ended up suffocated by his powerful spiritual sense.

Not only that, but Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle were nearly sixty years old now! Yet, Tang Xiu actually guaranteed that they would be stronger than her in the future. That meant that Tang Xiu was immeasurably deep. If she could also obtain such an opportunity herself, then she could also…

As she thought up to there, Yang Shi hurriedly said, “Divine Doctor Tang, in case… that I want to work for you… or work for your woman, do you think I can go further—to the next level?”

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