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«Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 897 - You Got Cuckolded?

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Chapter 897: You Got Cuckolded?

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The morning sun shined on the whole world and pierced through the French window, illuminating the king-sized Simmons bed. Last night’s madness caused a problem with Tang Xiu’s fixed biological clock. He quietly woke up at ten and sat up, stimulated by the smell of the food.

“It smells great.”

Tang Xiu sat with his arms propping him up while watching the small round table in the room full of delicious food. Xue Yu had changed clothes, but she still wore a long white dress accompanied by her black and soft long hair. She looked even more conspicuous by donning a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a platinum bracelet on her wrist, making her look more beautiful.

“You’re awake?” Xue Yu let out a smile and said, “The waiter just sent the dishes over. I just bought some toiletries from the outside for you. Come on, hurry up and take a shower! Let’s have a meal together.”

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “We spent most of the night with our ‘activities’, causing me to be tired. I don’t even want to move now, so why don’t you feel tired at all? Instead…”

Xue Yue blushed and scornfully said charmingly, “Don’t speak carelessly, will you? Get up and go have a shower.”

Tang Xiu laughed heartily and lifted the thin quilt as he got out of bed and quickly entered the bathroom. An old adage said something about intercourse—that while a man may be exhausted, the more exercise for his woman, the more skilled she would be. Tang Xiu had many experiences on this matter and thoroughly understood the meaning of this sentence.

After getting dressed after his shower, Tang Xiu took a seat and grabbed a bite as he asked, “When will those two people you mentioned come?”

“It should be this evening,” answered Xue Yu.

Tang Xiu nodded and asked again, “Since they’ll arrive at night, what are your plans for today then?”

Xue Yue chuckled, “I originally had planned to do some business and arranged to carry them out before you came. But now, I’ve nothing to do today, so I’ll go wherever you wanna you go.”

Tang Xiu pondered what to do and said, “If so, let’s steal some time to stroll and go shopping around Chang City! It’s my first time coming here, frankly.”


Xue Yu herself didn’t like to shop around, but that was because Tang Xiu didn’t accompany her. She was now a bit excited upon hearing Tang Xiu’s suggestion.

After the meal, the duo then left the hotel. Right as they were outside, they saw the young man they met in the elevator yesterday. The other party likewise also noticed them and astonishment filled his face when he looked at Xue Yue while he shot a contemptuous look towards Tang Xiu.

“Damn brat!” Tang Xiu couldn’t help but chuckle and shook his head.

“He lied to you yesterday, you know. His name is not Wu Kun, but Li Qiang,” whispered Xue Yu.

Tang Xiu blanked out before he rolled his eyes said with an expression of being a bit at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, “Well, this guy is truly an exotic marvel, isn’t he? Well, let’s forget it and ignore him. Besides, we’re going out to take a stroll, to begin with. By the way, isn’t Bayi Square nearby here?”

“It is.” Xue Yu chuckled and said, “There’s also Qingshan Road and a street for pedestrians nearby. Though you gotta be careful with your wallet today.”

“Got no problem with that. You know I’m a rich guy.”

Right as Tang Xiu got done talking, he realized that Li Qiang and a fat middle-aged man approached them from not far away.

Just as expected!

When his voice just faded away, he heard Li Qiang’s voice taunting him, “Women are devils who cost money. Don’t brag too much now, else you’ll be ashamed big time when you pay the bills. Hmph…”

Tang Xiu just smiled at his words and raised his middle finger towards him as he loudly said, “I’ll take it that you’re jealous and envious of me, buddy. Well, I’m not you, though. Honey, let’s go shopping.”

Xue Yu embraced his arm while smiling and they left under the thorny look of Li Qiang who rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, Boss Huan was zoning out as he stared at Xue Yu leaving. Only after she and Tang Xiu had walked very far did he finally sober up from his daze as he hurriedly looked at Li Qiang and asked, “Young Li, do you know them?”

“I don’t.” Li Qiang shook his head.

The former raised his brows and unhappily asked, “You clearly just talked to them. How come you don’t know them?”

As a perfect mixer in all classes of society, Li Qiang could tell why Boss Huang wanted to inquire about them given the expression in his eyes. He immediately smiled and said, “I really don’t know them, Boss. I just bumped into them in the elevator yesterday. That brat was bragging that he’ll give that woman a billion yuan, so I mocked him a few times then. I never thought I’d run into them again today.”

Boss Huang’s eyes rolled and he said in a whisper, “Young Li, you agreed to work for me, so I’m gonna give you a test. If you can get me that woman’s phone number, I’ll directly promote you to be the Deputy Manager of my company’s Sales Department. How about it?”

‘No way, sh*tty bastard.’ Li Qiang cursed inwardly, yet he still put a smile on his face and said, “Consider it done, Boss. Alright, let’s go to our company to discuss the contract first! After all, I’m gonna be your employee so I’ve gotta see the price of manufacturing the company’s products and cut its sales price’s discount to the minimum. It will save tons of money for you!”

Boss Huang, however, shook his head and said, “Go and get the phone number of that woman first. Hurry up! I’ll be waiting for you in the hotel.”

“This…” Li Qiang hesitated. But he still nodded as he quickly chased toward the direction of where Tang Xiu and Xue Yu had just left towards.

As dusk came, Tang Xiu walked alongside Xue Yue out of Fortune Plaza. The duo carried a lot of bags with various stuff. The rest of the stuff they bought was stored into interspatial rings when nobody in the mall paid attention to them.

“That guy has been following us, Tang Xiu!” whispered Xue Yu as they stood to the side of the avenue.

A smile crept up on Tang Xiu’s face and he replied, “Let him be. Just think of him as our dog who follows us. That is if he’s not tired, though. That reminds me of something, are you tired? I already called Awu to come over, so let’s go back by car.”

“Didn’t you come here by plane?” asked Xue Yue in surprise. “Where did you get that car?”

“Awu always gets a few cars whenever we make a trip to other cities,” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “We won’t take the plane going to Kanas this time but will travel by car. Think of it as self-driving tour.”

“Great!” replied Xue Yu immediately with a joyful expression. It was rare for her to be together with Tang Xiu for a long time like this.

Dozens of meters away from them, Li Qiang frowned as he watched the back of Tang Xiu and Xue Yu. He didn’t feel puzzled anymore as he now realized that this young fella was indeed a rich man. He had followed them today and had witnessed him spend at least a million.

There was something amiss, however! They definitely bought a lot of things, but they only brought several bags with them now; where was the rest of the stuff? No way they just threw away all the stuff they just bought, right?


Just as he fell into confusion, a stylish and domineering black Mercedes-Benz came into his sight clearly. It parked in front of the couple who boarded it immediately and drove away quickly.

‘Isn’t it a luxurious car?’

Li Qiang had sharp eyes and he immediately recognized what type of car it was. It was a Mercedes-Benz AMG G-Series that was priced at a million yuan. He blanked out for a while. Those who could afford such a luxury car were all rich bigshots.

Could it be that…this brat was really rich?

Then… the billion he said in the elevator yesterday was the truth?

Li Qiang gulped and immediately flung his head to cast away all these thoughts in his head. Even if this guy was very rich, he was too young a man. Maybe he had a rich family, but throwing a billion like that was absolutely impossible. After all, not even the son of the richest Emperor could do so just to flatter and woo a woman.

“Shoot! I’m gonna lose them.”

Only then did he suddenly realize the duo had left by a car while he stood in a daze here. However, he quickly noticed that the car was driving slowly in front, so he quickly dashed to chase it with a speed that was faster than the running speed of an average person.

“Gotta chase it!”

Almost without hesitation, he chased the car in front.

Inside the Mercedes-Benz off-road car, Xue Yu glanced towards the back and immediately said with a smile, “You’re really so bad, Tang Xiu. I just realized it now. You know he’s chasing us, but he’s on foot! He’ll probably run out of breath and will get leg cramps by the time we come to the restaurant we just reserved a table at.”

“What else can I do? He’s tracking us, so I can’t help but cooperate with him, no?” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “I would otherwise disrespect his hard work today if I did that, wouldn’t I? By the way, Awu, pay attention to that boy, got it? If he gets a cab, then you don’t need to drive slowly.”

“This street only has a few cabs, Boss. Besides, it’s rush hour, so I’m afraid it won’t be easy for him to get one,” replied Mo Awu with a strange expression.

“That’s why I told you to drive slowly. It’s to make him hanging around, Awu,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “Anyway, when we get to our destination, take him to me. I wanna ask him what his purpose is for following us today.”

After a few kilometers, Li Qiang was already drenched in sweat and his legs were close to rebelling against him; only then did his eyes eagerly look around for a cab which he caught eventually. After boarding it, he pointed to the Mercedes-Benz G-Series AMG in front and shouted, “Uncle, help me… Chase… and… catch up with… that Mercedes-Benz in front.”

“But…” The cab driver hesitated.

Li Qiang panted heavily and gasped for a few breaths, loudly pleading, “I’ll pay you. Is 500 enough? I’ll add more if it’s not enough.”

“Enough. It’s enough!” hurriedly nodded the cab driver as he picked up the car’s speed.

A minute later, however, Li Qiang suddenly realized that the car in front was also picking up its speed. It was even faster than before, nearly reaching the street’s speed limit. Only at this moment did his smart brain finally realize that he just got played by the other party who intentionally made him hang around while pursuing them…

“Asshole!” cursed Li Qiang angrily while clenching his fist.

The cab driver was stunned and looked furious. He turned to him and glared angrily, “What the fuck is wrong with you, young man? I already picked the speed up, so why are you cursing at me?”

Li Qiang’s face turned stiff and he immediately suppressed his anger and said, “I didn’t curse you, Uncle. It’s the person inside that Mercedes-Benz in front. That asshole… argh… forget it. Just help me follow them wherever they go, alright?”

Upon hearing his explanation, the cab driver’s anger subsided. His eyes, however, looked at Li Qiang sympathetically and said, “Young man, did your girlfriend just run away for a rich man inside the car in front? Alas, women nowadays are too materialistic! Young man, listen to my advice. Just give up that materialistic woman as soon as possible. Otherwise, she’ll definitely cheat on you after you marry her in the future. You’ll get a green hat—you’ll get cuckolded by her.”

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