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«Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1058 - Speculations

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Chapter 1058: Speculations

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Eyes fixated on the surveillance screen, Duanmu Lin observed it for a while and found that the number of the horde had indeed reduced from the previous more 4,000 demonic beasts. Many of them had severe injuries and apparently had just gone through a battle.

“Count the number of demonic beasts on this surveillance screen immediately!”

He had a vague guess in mind, yet his conjecture made him feel dread regardless. Therefore, he wasn’t sure whether his guess was accurate.

Quickly after, several members of the agency began to count the number of demonic beasts on the surveillance screen. After the calculations, they found the number to be more than 3,280.

“More than 900 of them are gone?”

Duanmu Lin’s expression turned unusually quaint, adding to his suspicion that his guess hit the mark. He grabbed a communicator to call Tang Xiu’s, but then hesitated. He was afraid that Tang Xiu was in dire strait right now and his call would make things worse.

Suddenly, that agency member frowned and muttered, “Weird. The previous surveillance showed that there were hundreds of bird-species demonic beasts. But how come they suddenly disappeared? But now… there are lots of feathers and blood… on the ground?”

Duanmu Lin’s face shifted. His pupils suddenly contracted and a horrified look appeared on his face. He vaguely felt that something was amiss with the horde of demonic beasts shown on the screen. But he couldn’t figure out what the problem was. After the reminder from this agency member, he instantly realized that the bird-species demonic beasts turned out to have disappeared.

Could it be that… all those bird-species demonic beasts had been killed?

After standing dumbfounded for a long time, Duanmu Lin immediately turned around ran outside the tent, shouting, “Follow me to the blockade line and wait for Tang Xiu to return!”


At the blockade line.

Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng led their people and watched the direction of the mountain range interior with experts from the Special Abilities Bureau. They had received a notice in advance that several thousands of demonic beasts had been gathering and were very likely to charge the defensive line. Hence, they dared not be negligent.

“Director Duanmu.”

As the two men saw Duanmu Lin coming, they called the latter respectfully. They heard that Duanmu Lin went to the Western front previously and led the battle against several hundreds of demonic beasts, exterminating them completely. Yet, he was also injured in the process. After seeing a few wounds on his body, only then did they realize that the news was true.

With burning eyes, Duanmu Lin asked in a deep voice, “Has Tang Xiu’s group come back yet?”

“No.” Hun Sen shook his head.

The answer made Duanmu Lin fall into silence for a moment. Then, he slowly said, “If my guess is correct, Tang Xiu and his men should have done a big thing in the depths of the mountain range. I’m not 100% sure what they did, so I need him to return to confirm.”

“Your conjecture? What is it, Director Duanmu?” asked Hun Sen curiously.

“The surveillance footage from the interior of mountain range shows that more than 4,100 demonic beasts were gathering. But after some time, their position changed since they were all chasing Tang Xiu. But not long after, their number sharply reduced, and only 3,200 remained. I suspect that nearly 1,000 demonic beasts must have been exterminated by Tang Xiu and his men.”

“That’s impossible!”

“What a big joke!”

Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng blurted out at the same time with disbelief on their faces. A bit of disdain could also be seen in their eyes. They could kill more than 1,000 demonic beasts? Just when those demonic beasts turned into aged chickens that they could be killed so easily?

At their response, Duanmu Lin forced a smile and said, “I can’t believe it either, but the footage has shown this. And after Tang Xiu was chased by those demonic beasts made me make this conjecture. After all, exterminating 1,000 demonic beasts where hundreds of them are bird-species is kind of unbelievable in and of itself.”

“Director Duanmu, I don’t think you can resort to guesswork this time.” Hun Sen sneered. “Even if Tang Xiu is a celestial being or something like an immortal, there’s no way he can kill thousands of demonic beasts in such a short time. I know you highly value him, and I also think that he’s very powerful. But it’s better to abandon the idea of adding brilliance to him.”

“I think Hun Sen’s argument is sound” Jiang Shuisheng approved. “Tang Xiu does have some abilities since he’s at the Golden Core Stage. But can he kill thousands of demonic beasts with his current cultivation level? That’s simply impossible. Director Duanmu, I don’t think it’s wrong to value people highly, but there’s no bottom line for delusions. It’s just absurd.”

“I…” Duanmu Lin opened his mouth but was at a loss of how to argue back. He could get where Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng came from, as it was also what he thought!

Hun Sen shifted his focus to the interior of the mountain range again and said, “Director Duanmu, you’re the person who knows the clearest about those demonic beasts. Even if we all work together and can kill about 1,000 of them, I think you’re also crystal clear of how big the price we must pay to achieve it. Most of Tang Xiu’s men have returned and there are only 40 of them remaining in the depths of the mountains aside from Tang Xiu and Mo Awu’s group. With such a small number of people, just to protect themselves from the thousands of demonic beasts is already a big issue, let alone killing demonic beasts. I just want to say that the 1,000 demonic beasts are probably heading somewhere else, or likely avoiding our surveillance before hitting our defensive line.”

Duanmu Lin’s heart tightened. He was exactly worrying that such a thing would happen. After all, the previous attacks from demonic beasts only numbered at most a few hundred beasts at one time. Fighting the tide of nearly 1,000 thousand demonic beasts would definitely pose a huge threat to them.

Yet, one thing remained! What about Tang Xiu?

Logically speaking, it had already been half a day, shouldn’t he have returned by now?

“Tell everyone to prepare for the next battle. We’ll wait here!” While praying secretly for Tang Xiu to safely escape from the pursuit of demonic beasts’ horde, Duanmu Lin ordered. He knew that Tang Xiu was the spiritual pillar for his men. If something were to happen to him, it would seriously affect their performance in the following battles.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two figures flickered and moved lightning-fast from Ugley Town. In just a blink of an eye, they appeared in front of Duanmu Lin, Hun Sen, and Jiang Shuisheng.

“Jin Shi, Ye Shisan, how are your injuries recovering?” asked Duanmu Lin quickly upon seeing them.

“Thanks for the concern, Director Duanmu. Our injuries have mostly convalesced, and we can join the battle at any time,” replied Jin Shi.

His answer made Duanmu Lin feel relieved. He nodded and said, “Tang Xiu hasn’t come back yet. There should be something that troubling him in the mountains. Just take your time to recuperate. You can enter the mountains to help them when you’ve completely healed.”

“Negative.” Jin Shi shook his head and said, “I just received a notice from Sect Master that they are coming out from the interior and should be arriving here soon. Director Duanmu, please rest assured. We believe in the abilities of our Sect Master.”

His answer shocked Duanmu Lin, and he hurriedly asked, “You mean Tang Xiu and the rest are out of danger and now are heading outside?”

“That’s correct.” Jin Shi nodded.

“Did Tang Xiu tell you what happened to the horde of demonic beasts?” asked Duanmu Lin hurriedly. “Did he tell anything of how the horde indescribably lost nearly 1,000 demonic beasts? You know, in particular, there’s nothing left from those bird-species ones.”

“No.” Jin Shi shook his head and answered, “The Sovereign just told me that many of our martial brothers and sisters have serious injuries and need to be treated promptly, hence why we came to meet them.”

Having said that, he turned his head to look at the direction of Ugley. Tens of Tang Sect disciples who only had minor injuries and those that had almost fully recovered from their injuries were seen carrying stretchers and catching up fast.

Duanmu Lin himself fell into contemplation for a while. Then, he resolutely said, “Since Tang Xiu told you to fetch them up, then we shall head to the mountain range interior to meet them immediately! We can rescue them in time in case they encounter demonic beasts on the way here.”

Jin Shi gave it a thought before nodding. “Let’s set off then!”

After a few minutes and a few kilometers into the mountain range interior, they saw a group of humans who looked like they just crawled out of hell appear. Scarred and bleeding wounds decorated and blood dyed their bodies, while traces of blood that had just been wiped off could be seen near their seven orifices.

Wretched and extremely miserable were the perfect words!

Duanmu Lin, Hun Sen, Jiang Shuisheng, and the rest may have seen many tragic scenes, yet they were still shocked after seeing Tang Xiu’s men’s appearances. They simply couldn’t imagine how terrible the battles Tang Xiu and his men had gone through in the depths of the mountains were.

“Tang Xiu…”

Lips twitching, Duanmu Lin’s words stopped in his throat. All he could do was raised his right hand and give a thumbs up to Tang Xiu and the tens of Tang Sect disciples.

Tang Xiu himself just grinned in response. His injuries were anything but light. Especially the burning sensation he could feel from his internal organs that made it a bit difficult for him to breathe. Despite so, he still squeezed out a faint smile, shook his head and said, “We’re seriously injured and need prompt treatment, Senior Duanmu. But you can rest assured. The horde of demonic beasts shouldn’t be charging out to attack us, at least for the time being, though I’m not sure for how long. But it’s best that everyone makes some preparations!”

Duanmu Lin touched his chest, feeling his that breathing was much smoother. Then, he replied aloud, “Hurry up and recuperate then, Tang Xiu. You can leave those demonic beasts to us. As long as we’re alive, we won’t let them disturb your recuperation in the camp. Everyone! Hurry up and tend to the gravely injured on the stretchers and immediately return to Ugley.”

Quickly, more than ten gravely injured people were placed on the stretchers, while members of Tang Sect who were still able to move hurriedly followed the team.

On the way back, Duanmu Lin’s eyes lingered on Tang Xiu. After enduring for a minute or so, he was finally unable to bear his urge to ask, “Tang Xiu, there’s one thing I want to ask you, and I hope you can answer it seriously.”

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