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«Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1975 - Treasures Bestowed by the Celestial Emperor

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Chapter 1975 - Treasures Bestowed by the Celestial Emperor

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The green-robed old man’s eyes were filled with panic. He retreated several steps before everyone and his face turned green. He became angry from embarrassment and concluded Wang Lin won’t dare to attack here. He stopped after three steps as he pointed at Wang Lin and began to shout.


The green-robed old man had just started speaking when Wang Lin arrived before him. Wang Lin raised his right hand, grabbed the old man’s clothes, and threw him aside. The old man let out a cry. He felt like he had been hit by an invisible palm as he flew several hundred thousand feet away.

“Wang Lin greets the Celestial Emperor!” Wang Lin clasped his hands before the Celestial Dao Temple. This place was still the imperial palace, and the other person was the Celestial Emperor. The respect he had to show was still necessary.

The gazes of tens of thousands of cultivators all focused on Wang Lin. There were also the 100,000 soldiers. They silently pondered and coldly stared at Wang Lin.

Among the four kings, aside from the Li Mansion, the other three families all looked at Wang Lin differently. In particular, the three ancestors looked at Wang Lin with complicated and helpless gazes.

After Wang Lin clasped his hands, the surroundings went silent. After a long time, a calm voice came from the Celestial Dao Temple.

“You pushed aside my official in charge of the title ceremony. How can it continue now?”

As the words echoed, the door to the Celestial Dao Temple silently opened inward, revealing what was inside. The depths of the temple had mountain-like stairs with a huge dragon throne that looked like a real dragon. The dragon’s head was raised up and its eyes seemed to have spirit as it looked at Wang Lin, who was outside the temple.

A middle-aged man wearing a royal robe and a crown was sitting on the dragon throne. He had a hand under his chin and his body was slightly tilted. He gave off an aura of pressure without being angry.

Beside the middle-aged man stood a young man wearing rough clothes. The young man had white skin and thin eyes. He was holding two purple beads and they were turning in his hand. He had a smile on his face and his gaze was gentle as he looked at Wang Lin.

But this gaze caused Wang Lin’s blood to freeze. Under this gaze, he felt like he had entered a trance and saw a life-changing image.

His heart was in chaos, but he soon recovered. His pupils shrank as he gazed at the rough-clothed young man.

The young man’s eyes were filled with a hint of shock. He smiled and nodded at Wang Lin.

“Imperial Teacher Shang Xuandao!” This name appeared in Wang Lin’s mind when he saw the young man. Although he had never met him, but for someone to make him feel like he had sunk into reincarnation with just a gaze, it was likely the Imperial Teacher!

As for the Celestial Emperor sitting on the dragon throne, he looked the same as when Wang Lin saw him in the Empyrean Trial. However, his majesty and pressure were much stronger now, as if he was part of the world.

Everything in this world had to kneel under his gaze.

“Forget it, you are the number one Ascendant Empyrean, and that slave was not respectful to you. I won’t make this matter difficult for you. Xuan Dao, you preside over the title ceremony,” the Celestial emperor sitting on the dragon throne said.

“Yes.” The rough-clothed young man bowed slightly and walked toward the temple.

“It indeed is him!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

When the rough-clothed young man walked past Wang Lin, he smiled and nodded at Wang Lin. Then he looked at the tens of thousands of cultivators in the square.

“I’ll preside over the title ceremony. Next is to sacrifice the blood to open the Celestial Dao!” Imperial Teacher Xuan Dao said as he pointed at the sky with his right hand.

With this, a ray of red light flew off into the distance. At this moment, earth-shattering roars came from 99 corners of the palace. These roars sounded like the screams of beasts before death.

Immediately after, 99 pillars of blood shot into the sky from the palace. Wang Lin could clearly see that the 99 blood pillars contained 99 different beast souls!

“Blood sacrifice to the celestial. Kill 99 beasts and use their blood to open the ethereal Celestial Dao…” Wang Lin calmly looked at all of this.

The 99 blood pillars shot into the sky and caused the sky to turn blood-colored, then a door opened. The inside of the door was too chaotic to see where it led.

The beast souls inside the blood pillars let out silent roars and disappeared into the void. Then the entire imperial palace was dead silent!

At this moment, it wasn’t the only place that was dead silent. All the old ancestors in the sects across the entire celestial clan were staring at the sky above the imperial palace!

In the previous title ceremonies, aside from passing the nine gates and the challenges from others, there was also the was opening of the Celestial Dao. This was using a blood sacrifice to lure a foreign spirits here that would then be killed by the Celestial Emperor. The blood will scatter across the palace and the souls will be refined into a treasure given to the Ascendant Empyrean being titled! Wang Lin knew the details of this ceremony so he was not surprised as he looked up at the sky.

“I wonder what kind of foreign beast this White-Haired Ascendant Empyrean will get!”

“Back then, when the blood sacrifice happened for Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao, it was a sword-shaped spirit. The Celestial Emperor killed it and it turned into an extremely powerful sword!”

“This is all a matter of luck. I wonder how this Wang Lin’s luck will be!”

The surrounding cultivators all looked up and began to speculate in their hearts.

At this moment, in the blood-colored sky, a lion-like beast flew out from the dark vortex. The lion-like beast had red eyes and its neck as a bloody mess. With a roar from it, a drop of golden blood fell.

It seemed to be escaping in the unknown void when it was suddenly sucked away by the vortex and appeared here.

Its appearance immediately caused the tens of thousands of cultivators below to cry out!

“Heaven Lion Beast!”

“This is the Heaven Lion Beast the Celestial Ancestor sealed!”

“It is rumored that the Heaven Lion continent was created from a Heaven Lion Emperor. This beast doesn’t have golden hair, so it’s not an emperor, but it should still be an adult battle lion!”

As cries echoed, the Imperial Teacher, Shang Xuandao, was calm. It was as if he knew this Heaven Lion would be lured out.

“The seal left by the ancestor makes it impossible for foreign beings that are too powerful to enter. If this lion wasn’t injured, it wouldn’t appear here… This Wang Lin’s luck is good!” A thunderous roar suddenly came from the sky.

This roar shook one’s heart and was enough to make mortals collapse. Even the weaker cultivators would tremble as if they had encountered their natural enemy.

It was a lion’s roar. The lion beast with the neck injury suddenly rushed out from the vortex. It was filled with confusion about this strange place. However, the confusion instantly dissipated and was replaced by panic. It was going to escape back through the vortex.

But just at this moment, the Celestial Emperor’s cold voice came from beside Wang Lin’s ear.

“A Heaven Lion Beast…” At the same time, the Celestial Emperor still maintained the position of holding his chin with one hand while his other hand waved.

This wave caused a five-colored flame to appear. It released a powerful heat wave as it shot toward the Heavenly Lion Beast.

In the blink of an eye, the five-colored flame turned into a five-colored sea of fire and surrounded the wounded Heaven Lion Beast. A miserable roar echoed, followed by a large amount of blood that was like boiling oil scattering across the sky and falling into the palace.

This was seen by all the surrounding cultivators, and their hearts trembled. It was unknown who kneeled first, but soon, all the cultivators outside the Celestial Dao Temple knelt on the ground.

“My emperor’s celestial might!”

“My emperor’s celestial might!!”

The voice of tens of thousands of people linked together like thunder and echoed through the palace. The power of the Celestial Emperor was displayed before the celestial clan!

Wang Lin silently pondered. He also could have killed the injured Heaven Lion Beast, but not as casually as the Celestial Emperor. He would have to use the soul armor and even borrow some power from the avatar.

“Grand Empyrean…” Wang Lin’s expression was calm, revealing none of his thoughts.

At this moment, the sea of fire dissipated and a strand of white hair fell from the sky. The appearance of the white hair caused the Imperial Teacher’s eyes to narrow.

Not only him, but even the Celestial Emperor sitting on the dragon throne suddenly looked up. He looked at the falling strand of white hair and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes!

“A white hair not even my Extreme Fire Dao can burn… This thing…”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. This white hair gave him a familiar feeling, but this feeling went by in a flash, like an illusion.

Wang Lin charged into the sky without hesitation!

The Celestial Emperor at the temple also raised his hand at the void. A giant hand made of five-colored fire appeared and reached for the white hair!

Wang Lin couldn’t compete with the Celestial Emperor. The Celestial Emperor’s five-colored fire palm appeared before the hair and grabbed it.

However, just at this moment, the five-colored fire palm trembled and the hair penetrated it as it continued to fall. Everyone saw this. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to appear beside the hair, and he grabbed it!

“Many thanks for the Celestial Emperor for bestowing this treasure!” Wang Lin turned and bowed at the Celestial Dao Temple.

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