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«Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1914 - Refusing the Edict?

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Chapter 1914 - Refusing the Edict?

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As the sea dragon charged into the sky toward Wang Lin, a ray of golden light arrived in the Green Devil Continent from the Heavenly Bull Continent, flying at a speed faster than Void Tribulant Exalt cultivators. From its speed, it wouldn’t take too long before it arrived at the Devil Dao Sect!

The sea dragon roared and rapidly closed in on Wang Lin. Inside the island surrounded by the earth-yellow light, the Devil Dao Sect's sect master stared above. His eyes could easily penetrate this place and see everything outside.

“This sea dragon was left by the old ancestor. If I wanted to kill it, it would take a lot of effort and I might not even succeed. Although this Wang Lin killed Elder Feng, Elder Feng sacrificed his life to reach Golden Exalt for a short period of time. There was still a big gap between him and a real Golden Exalt!

“He can kill Elder Feng, but he can’t quickly seal with the sea dragon left by the old ancestor!! With the sea dragon’s delay, the old ancestor will certainly receive the news!” The Devil Dao Sect's sect master didn’t dare to go out, but his hatred for Wang Lin was monstrous. He wished he could devour Wang Lin’s flesh and blood.

As he clenched his teeth and whispered, his right hand trembled. The Devil Dao Sect's sect master looked down on his right hand and green gas appeared. The green gas turned into seven strands and entered his orifices.

The Devil Dao Sect's sect master trembled and closed his eyes. However, he soon opened his eyes, and they were filled with ecstasy. He began to laugh out loud.

“It’s done! The Celestial Emperor has handed out the imperial edicts. There are three imperial edicts, and one of them is heading to my Devil Dao Sect. That edict must be dedicated to me!” The Devil Dao Sect's sect master laughed and revealed an insuppressible sense of excitement.

“Wang Lin, you want to kill me? You want to kill my Devil Dao Sect’s dao? The old ancestor will soon arrive, and once he does, you will without a doubt die. The imperial edict is coming soon, once the imperial messenger is here, how will you kill me?!

“If you kill me, then you will kill the person who will accept the edict, which is a great crime!!” The Devil Dao Sect's sect master was very happy.

Outside the earth-yellow light, the sea dragon charged at Wang Lin. Its huge body gave off a shocking pressure, and this pressure was enough to shock the world. All below Golden Exalt would tremble and not dare to fight it!!

As the roar became even more intense, he heard a sound that could shake one’s soul. This roar seemed to contain a powerful force that could make one tremble!

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he stared at the sea dragon that was rapidly closing in. He had never seen such a beast before, and he felt the terrifying aura coming from it.

This was the power of a Golden Exalt, which was causing the sky to change colors as the sea dragon closed in. The clear sky became dim and gloomy as if clouds had filled it.

“Golden Exalt beast…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and revealed a monstrous, golden light. His eyes revealed shocking battle intent.

His cultivation erupted completely without reservation. This was his first time releasing his full cultivation since he obtained the great fortune at the Green Devil Scorpion Temple!!

He fully released his Ancient Dao body and his Void Tribulant cultivation. Aside from not wearing the soul armor, this was Wang Lin’s highest peak in his nearly 3,000 years of cultivation!!

His white hair suddenly extended several fold until it was longer than this body. It hung in the air and matched his white robe. Wang Lin looked like he was surrounded by cold, white light!

As his hair extended past his feet, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed at the sea dragon!

“Sundered Night!”

The world rumbled and the surroundings suddenly changed into a monstrous sea. As the sea roared, the sky became dark.

A rising sun in the dark sky released dazzling light. The sea dragon’s huge body trembled and its eyes revealed fear.

It clearly felt that the cultivator was using a spell that made it feel unimaginable horror. It felt like it had gone back to a time when it was still very weak; it remembered the fear it felt when facing the might of the heavens.

The rising sun revealed Wang Lin’s figure. He was the rising sun and walked out from the bright light. A powerful faith power spread out from his body.

This faith power surrounded the area and caused the sea dragon’s body to tremble violently. The sea dragon didn’t dare to close in; it retreated like crazy.

Even though it had strength equal to that of a Golden Exalt, it felt death closing in on it inside the dark sky. However, no matter how fast it retreated, it could not escape from the dark sky and the force that will tear this darkness apart.

As the light from the rising sun spread out the darkness collapsed layer by layer toward the sea dragon. It was as if it was going to tear the sea dragon apart along with the darkness!

The feeling of death surrounded the sea dragon’s entire body, and its body trembled as it roared. Intense pain came from all over its body. The power that was tearing the darkness apart was destroying its body.

This intense pain was something not even its powerful physical body and Golden Exalt cultivation could bear. As it roared in pain, it was filled with fear and despair as if it was in a nightmare it could not wake from.

“Surrender or die!” As its body was about to collapse and die, as pain flooded through its body, pushing it infinitely close to death, a powerful voice filled with faith and majesty echoed in the world.

The moment the voice rang out, the sea dragon struggled to open its eyes, blinded by the rising sun. It saw Wang Lin walk out of the rising sun and then suddenly entered a trance.

“Grand Empyrean…” In the eyes of the sea dragon, the rising sun behind Wang Lin was like a sun. The tenth sun on the Immortal Astral Continent!!

The figure under the sun, the powerful faith power, it was a Grand Empyrean!!

Its owner, the Devil Dao Sect’s ancestor, was only an Empyrean Exalt, and at this moment, Wang Lin looked like a Grand Empyrean to the sea dragon. It fell into a trance, it would not yield to others, even in death, because it had its own pride. However at this moment it trembled and laid down without hesitation.

“Surrender!” The moment it released this message from its mind, the seal of its original master immediately collapsed. A beast at the Golden Exalt stage could not be controlled by ordinary means. It required a great amount of aura to make it surrender

Aside from Grand Empyreans, others couldn’t make a celestial beast like this their slave; they could only keep an equal relationship. The dragon and its previous owner were like this.

But the moment it surrendered, a green soul aura came out from the head of the sea dragon. Wang Lin grabbed this soul aura with his hand.

Not even the previous owner of the sea dragon was able to obtain this soul aura. However, under a trance and enlightenment, this sea dragon had given its soul aura to Wang Lin!

Controlling the soul aura meant full control over its life and death!

The moment Wang Lin took control of the soul force, the darkness disappeared and the surrounding sea and sun scattered. Everything returned to normal. The earth was still the ruins of the Devil Dao Sect and the sky was clear.

However, the Devil Dao Sect's sect master inside the earth-yellow light was filled with disbelief when he saw this. His body suddenly trembled.

“No… No way!! That sea dragon belongs to the old ancestor. It… It actually surrendered to Wang Lin!!” The Devil Dao Sect's sect master was filled with fear. He was not just shocked by the surrender of the Sea Dragon, but the Sundered Night spell Wang Lin had used after erupting his full cultivation!!

“Faith spell!! That was a faith spell!!” He thought the sea dragon could delay for some time, but he didn’t expect things to turn around so quickly. In just a few short moments, Wang Lin used a faith spell and the sea dragon chose to surrender!!

Endless fear instantly surrounded the heart of the Devil Dao Sect's sect master. Without hesitation, he bit the tip of his tongue and spayed out blood. The blood turned into a blood mist and quickly entered the earth-yellow light to reinforce the power of the light barrier.

“I can’t let him inside! I’m not his match, I can’t let him enter!! Time, I need time. Old Ancestor should be here soon and the imperial edict should be here even sooner. Time, I need time!!” The Devil Dao Sect's sect master seemed to have gone crazy. His hands rapidly formed seals and they flew into the light barrier around the island.

As the light barrier flickered and was being reinforced, Wang Lin stepped forward. The sea dragon followed and looked at Wang Lin with respect and awe.

As Wang Lin closed in on the light barrier, he silently raised his right hand. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he threw a punch.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The light barrier that was reinforced by the Devil Dao Sect's sect master only lasted for an instant before it shattered into countless pieces. All the surrounding buildings on the island were destroyed as well, revealing the desperate Devil Dao Sect's sect master!

Wang Lin coldly looked at the Devil Dao Sect's sect master. He didn’t hesitate to charge forward with a punch. The Devil Dao Sect's sect master seem to have gone crazy as he retreated and his hands formed seals. However, his body trembled and he coughed out blood. He was seriously injured and was forced back.

“Wang Lin, you dare to kill me!? My Devil Dao Sect’s ancestor is an Empyrean Exalt cultivator. If you kill me, you will die a terrible death!!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak. He stepped forward and was about to throw another punch!

Just at this moment, a ray of golden light arrived at an unimaginable speed and shrouded the world! Inside the golden light stood a golden figure!

“Celestial Emperor’s messenger, Celestial Emperor’s messenger, the Imperial Edict is here. Wang Lin, I want to see if you still dare to kill me!! Do you dare to go against the edict!?” The Devil Dao Sect's sect master was filled with despair, but now he was suddenly very excited.

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