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«Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1913 - Old Ancestor's Sea Dragon!

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Chapter 1913 - Old Ancestor's Sea Dragon!

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As the powerful words came from the golden figure in the sky, all the cultivators inside and outside the Gui Yi Sect became silent. They all looked up and were shocked!

Imperial family!!

Celestial Emperor!!

Imperial Edict!!

The Celestial Emperor’s imperial edict was extremely rare and barely appeared, maybe once in tens of thousands of years. This edict represented the irresistible majesty of the Celestial Emperor at the Central Continent. It would not be wrong to call it the might of the heavens!

On the Immortal Astral Continent, the Celestial Emperor had the bloodline of the Celestial Ancestor and was a supreme existence among the celestials. Although they were only the ruler of all the celestials in name, they were not something a mere sect, faction, or continent could resist.

Due to their bloodline, over countless years, they were not only the nominal emperor, but also the symbol of the entire celestial clan. Unless one planned to betray the celestials, they had to listen to the imperial edict!

More importantly, this emperor was one of the nine suns. With such a powerful strength along with his identity, it allowed this generation’s imperial family’s power to reach an extremely high degree!

“Greetings, Celestial Emperor!” All the cultivators clasped their hands and bowed. No matter where the cultivator came from or what their cultivation level was, they all bowed with respect from the depths of their hearts.

The golden figure in the sky was not the Celestial Emperor, but holding the imperial edict meant that he was the embodiment of the Celestial Emperor!

The celestial clan didn’t need to kneel before the emperor, they only had to bow. This was a rule set by the Celestial Ancestor because he believed that celestials were those that defied the heavens, so how could they kneel to another so casually?

The reason the imperial clan always stayed back and didn’t participate in worldly affairs was also due to the will of the Celestial Ancestor. Celestials couldn’t be restrained, and if they were restrained, they weren’t worthy of being called celestials!

As a result, even the four other Grand Empyreans gave the imperial family a certain degree of respect.

As all the cultivators inside and outside the Gui Yi Sect bowed, the golden figure in the sky looked down on the earth.

“There are three imperial edicts - one here, one at the Great Soul Sect, and the last one at the Green Devil Continent’s Devil Dao Sect!”

With a wave of their right hand, the golden light shined brightly once more. An imperial edict made of unknown material was opened by this person.

“The celestial bloodline has lasted since ancient times until now. The cultivators of the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent are to stop this war immediately! Yun Yifeng, Tang Jia, Edge Cloud, Zhou Hai, Zhao Dongqing… These eight people will come to the palace and enter the ancestral temple to enter the trial!!”

The golden figure’s words were slow, but each word was like thunder. The eight cultivators he named were all filled with excitement.

These eight names belonged to the most eye-catching 16 people in this war that were at the Gui Yi Sect!

As these words echoed, the Gui Yi Sect’s sect master let out a deep breath and revealed a smile. This war seemed complex, but it was actually very simple. The battle between the two continents was to display the new generation to attract the attention of the celestial emperor and enter the ancestral temple!!

The Gui Yi Sect’s sect master was not the only one who smiled. The Void Tribulant Exalts from the Green Devil Continent also smiled. They all clasped their hands and bowed once more after the edict was finished.

“We all obey the will of the Emperor!!”

The golden figure waved their right hand and the golden edict flew out. It floated before the Gui Yi Sect and gave off a soft, golden light. 

After doing this, the golden figure no longer spoke and disappeared from the sky. The golden light in the sky slowly disappeared and returned to normal.

Almost at the same time, outside the Great Soul Sect, the battle between the two sides reached the most intense moment. Void Cloud and the geniuses from the Great Soul Sect were battling when the second golden figure appeared.

The same scene took place above the Great Soul Sect.

All the cultivators bowed and even the imperial edict had pretty much the same meaning, only the eight names were changed to Void Cloud and company!

After the golden figure left, both the inside and outside of the Great Soul Sect were completely silent.

Old Ancestor Green Bull looked at the sky after the golden light had scattered and revealed a complicated expression. He let out a sigh, far too many cultivators had died in the war between the two continents, but for this opportunity, they had to do this!

It was the opportunity to enter the ancestral temple!

“Although the old ancestor’s divination changed a bit, it ended up being mostly the same… But I never told Wang Lin the reason…” The old man shook his head as he let out a sigh and went toward his closed door cultivation location.

This war that had lasted for more than 100 years ended because of these two imperial edicts. The cultivators of the Green Devil Continent slowly retreated back to their homes on the Green Devil Continent.

The Heavenly Bull Continent had suffered heavy casualties, but the Green Devil Continent had suffered even more!

On the Green Devil Continent, in the Devil Dao Sect, as the seal rapidly shrank, anyone who touched it died miserably. Even the buildings were turned into ruins by the seal.

In less than 30 breaths of time, the seal had destroyed everything and killed all the cultivators. It gathered around the lake under Wang Lin’s feet.

At the same time, most of the origin souls of the 30,000 cultivators were destroyed. Only the origin souls of the dozens of third step cultivators remained trapped inside the seal. They all flew toward Wang Lin and were caught by him.

Origin souls were very important for his Rapid Spell Art as he only had one Spell Vein. If he could devour more origin souls, his casting speed could reach a shocking degree!

Out of the two late stage Void Tribulant cultivators, one’s origin soul was destroyed and the other had burned to death, so Wang Lin hadn’t collected them. The main reason was because Wang Lin needed to judge how powerful he was right now.

In such a situation, if he took care to maintain the origin soul, he wouldn’t be able to accurately judge how powerful he had become.

In the future, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to obtain Void Tribulant origin souls. However, for these dozens of third step cultivators, he had no hesitation in taking them, and he put them into his storage space.

Wang Lin didn’t know what had happened in the Heavenly Bull Continent. He just stared at the lake below. The sounds of dying cultivators had disappeared and now it was dead silence.

“The Devil Dao Sect has been destroyed and everyone is dead. If any of them remain, they are on the Heavenly Bull Continent, yet you still won’t come out!” Wang Lin’s words were cold and he waved his hand at the lake below.

The moment he waved his hand, the seal around the lake shined brightly and thunderous rumbles echoed across the ruined sect. The seal began to rapidly contract around the lake.

The water in the lake began to ripple rapidly and water vapor flew out. It was obvious this lake was rapidly collapsing!

The seal contained powerful destructive force. When it contracted the water, the water dissipated and the lake collapsed, leaving only the light that rushed toward the island at the center.

However, when the seal was halfway to the island, a roar came from inside the lake. A dark blue sea dragon rushed out from the lake!!

This was a sea dragon, a completely blue sea dragon that was hundreds of thousands of feet long!! The sea dragon was a celestial beast on the Immortal Astral Continent. It looked fierce and gave off dense celestial energy!

This sea dragon had lived for a certain amount of time. It gave off an ancient aura and its head was somewhat different from other dragons’ heads. The row of thorns on its back made it look even more shocking!

This dragon had no claws, it looked like a large python. But it had power comparable to a dragon’s! Its body looked slender but was hundreds of feet thick. On its head, aside from the thorns covering its back, there were two huge fins that connected together like a fan.

As the sea dragon flew into the air, large amounts of water flew down from its scales. As the dragon flew out, the water level of the lake decreased a lot!


The moment it appeared, the sea dragon’s giant, red eyes stared at Wang Lin and it let out a shocking roar. As it howled, two more eyes appeared. This dragon actually had four eyes!

The sea dragon should live in the sea, but it lived inside the lake. The moment it appeared, a pressure spread out from its body.

The moment the sea dragon appeared, an earth-yellow light came from the island, forming a protective barrier that protected the island from the seal.

Shortly after, the sea dragon suddenly moved. It opened its mouth and charged at Wang Lin to devour him. All the thorns on its back stood straight and gave off a cold chill.

This sea dragon had power no weaker than a peak Golden Exalt!!

It had followed the Empyrean Exalt  for a long time, and when he left, he left the sea dragon here at the Devil Dao Sect. He was confident that with this dragon and the power of the Devil Dao Sect, the sect would be safe for countless years!

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