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«Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1625 - Restoring Past Treasures

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Chapter 1625 - Restoring Past Treasures

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Wang Lin absorbed the power of the Void Gate inside the vortex. As he did so, his slaughter essence completely fused with his body.

The moment the fusion was complete, Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased from early stage Spirit Void to mid stage Spirit Void!

When he reached the mid stage of Spirit Void, Wang Lin pointed at the vortex. The power of the Void Gate rushed toward his hand. Thunder rumbled and lightning swarmed from all directions, and a thunder sword appeared in his hand.

This sword was only seven inches long, but it was an essence treasure he had refined using the power from the collapsed Void Gate!

This was like the slaughter sword Qing Shui had formed. This small sword was formed by Wang Lin’s thunder essence, or it could be said that it was the thunder essence!

Then Wang Lin raised his right hand again and large amounts of power from the vortex flowed out. The fire essence sword appeared!

The third sword was the karma sword. This sword contained Wang Lin’s enlightenment of karma. It floated before Wang Lin’s body and emitted a soft glow.

The fourth sword was the life and death sword. The world trembled as black and white gas intertwined to form this seven-inch sword.

The fifth sword was the true and false sword, but the power from inside the vortex was limited. It had almost run out of energy after helping Wang Lin form four swords, so now it showed signs of dissipating. At the same time, muffled roars could be heard from the distance; it was sign of divine retribution!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that after the vortex disappeared, the divine retribution he would face would the be strongest one in his life!

However, Wang Lin wasn’t afraid at all. His eyes were calm and he stepped forward with his arms stretched out. He pulled the dissipating vortex apart.

This tear caused the vortex to tremble, and even more Void Gate power rushed out.

Under the surge of Void Gate power, the true and false sword formed.

The sixth sword was the slaughter sword. This wasn’t the sword that Qing Shui had given Wang Lin but one he formed with his own slaughter essence. After the slaughter sword formed, the vortex began to dissipate in an irreversible way.

The power of the Void Gate was extremely mysterious. It could not only allow cultivators to fuse with their essence and allow their body to undergo a metamorphosis like in the Foundation Establishment stage, it could also form a weapon from their essence. Wang Lin didn’t know where this weapon came from, much less what it was.

However, he was aware that the mysterious Void Gate power was extremely rare. A cultivator could likely only encounter it once in their life. Once it disappeared, there would never be another chance.

This aura could even repair treasures. This could be seen from the fact that it could form essence treasures.

He raised his head. The moment the vortex was about to disappear, Wang Lin pointed at it. He used the Stop spell with his mid stage Spirit Void cultivation and let out a calm roar.


Wang Lin had comprehended the Stop spell after reaching the third step. It no longer only stopped the body; everything in the world could be stopped!

With one word, a thunderous rumble came from the vortex. These rumbles sounded like angry roars to the surrounding cultivators.

Since ancient times, all cultivators felt awe toward the Void Gate. The previous Lord of the Sealed Realm was the same. Only Wang Lin would dare to use the Stop spell on the vortex from the Void Gate!

If it was before the dream dao, Wang Lin might not have done this, but after the dream dao, he had the aura of a grand scholar. He had comprehended the truth of the world and could see the heavens and earth and all living beings as ants. This wasn’t arrogance but equality. Whether it existed or doesn’t exist in this world, it didn’t matter.

He didn’t feel awe, all he had was the gaze that was as calm as water.

With one word, he stopped the world. The giant vortex rumbled, but although the Stop spell was strong, it wasn’t omnipotent. The vortex only paused for a moment before it showed sighs of collapsing.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stepped forward. His right hand reached toward the vortex and waved. He created a powerful suction force and pulled out a lot of Void Gate power that originally didn’t belong to him.

The rumbles from the vortex became even more intense. Its angry roar seemed to show dissatisfaction with Wang Lin’s actions. However, Wang Lin didn’t care. As he pulled out more Void Gate power, he took out the speck of light that was the remains of his destroyed God Slaying War Chariot.

This God Slaying War Chariot was destroyed during Wang Lin’s first battle against Daoist Water. When it was destroyed, there was still one more seal left on it, but it was still enough to surprise and injure Daoist Water.

The power of this treasure was extraordinary! This was made by the Rain Celestial Realm’s Esteemed Xuan Bao. It was named the God Slaying War Chariot, and it was extremely powerful. Wang Lin had survived many dangers thanks to it.

Wang Lin had taken the remains of the God Slaying War Chariot out to see if this mysterious Void Gate power could repair it!

If it could really be repaired, Wang Lin had too many other treasures he wanted to repair.

Just as the speck of light was taken out, the endless Void Gate power rushed over and was absorbed by the speck of light. Soon, the speck of light gave off a bright glow.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and revealed excitement that could not be hidden. He didn’t expect his guess to be true, that this mysterious Void Gate power could really repair treasures!

In just a few breaths, the speck of light absorbed a large amount of Void Gate power. The speck of light gradually became a cocoon and released a gentle light.

When the cocoon formed, it absorbed even more Void Gate power. Cracking sounds echoed when almost all the Void Gate power was exhausted. Cracks appeared on the cocoon and a seven-colored butterfly broke out from inside!

Waves of seven-colored powder fell from the butterfly’s wings. It danced around Wang Lin, and the way it flapped its wings showed its endless joy and attachment.

In the end, the butterfly landed on Wang Lin’s shoulder and remained motionless.

Wang Lin began to laugh. He looked at the butterfly and recalled his experience with the God Slaying War Chariot. He didn’t expect to ever see the butterfly again!

This butterfly was the spirit of the God Slaying War Chariot!

“No matter how difficult, I’ll take the power Void Gate! Since the God Slaying War Chariot can be restored, I will take out another treasure. If that could be restored, I’ll have another powerful life-saving spell!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with excitement. He waved his right hand and something flew out from his storage space. It was the fragment of a shield.

The fragment gave off a faint, green light so weak that it felt like it could dissipate at any moment.

The moment the fragment appeared, the power of the Void Gate that Wang Lin had pulled out gathered around it. The faint, green glow from the fragment suddenly became bright as if it was full of life.

This was the Azure Light Shield, a treasure Wang Lin had acquired in his earlier years. It displayed its strongest power back in the Demon Spirit Land!

Whether it was the All-Seer or the ancient devil, they were all terrified before it. With Wang Lin’s cultivation level back then, it was already shocking. If it could be repaired now, and with he added Void Gate power and Wang Lin’s cultivation, its power would be shocking!

The strongest thing about this treasure was not its defense but the spell contained within. This spell was called… Dream of Ancient Times!

As the green fragment continued to absorb the power of the Void Gate, its edges rapidly moved, restoring its shape. However, there wasn’t much power from the Void Gate left.

Seeing the power of the Void Gate decrease and the vortex about to dissipate, Wang Lin raised his right hand. The six essence swords flew out toward the vortex and created a monstrous impact.

These were treasures formed by Wang Lin’s essence; every attack from them was the full attack of a third step cultivator.

As the rumble echoed, the vortex was distorted. Wang Lin opened his mouth and inhaled. Using the fact that his soul was a Soul Devourer, he sucked out a lot more power from the Void Gate that didn’t belong to him.

As the power of the Void Gate was pulled out, the Azure Light Shield absorbed enough and recovered to its original shape!

Feeling excited, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the ancient god gauntlet appeared. After it absorbed the remaining Void Gate power, it recovered as well!

While laughing, Wang Lin raised his right hand and threw a punch at the vortex. The vortex collapsed as the rumble echoed, but an indescribably powerful will came out of the collapsed vortex.

This will was extremely powerful, but no one other than Wang Lin could detect it!

Wang Lin felt like this will was the first spirit born when the world was created. It was as if everything in the Inner and Outer Realms were born from this will.

If it was before, Wang Lin would’ve retreated in terror, but at this moment, the powerful aura of a grand scholar erupted from his body. He saw the heavens and earth as ants, so how could he lose to this will?

“Today, I borrowed the power of your Void Gate. I’ll definitely repay you in the future!” Wang Lin’s voice suddenly echoed. Inside his body, the Heaven Defying Bead suddenly moved.

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