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«Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 3303 - Void Gods

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Chapter 3303 - Void Gods

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The sight of the six-winged emblem on the five Bronze Warships dumbfounded the various powers gathered before the World Gate.

Bronze Warships were very recognizable. This was because Bronze Warships were a cut above Common and Advanced Warships. Moreover, they came with twofold Tier 4 defensive magic arrays that could stop the attacks of even Superior Mythic monsters.

It was no exaggeration to say that one Bronze Warship was enough to make up an entire fleet by itself.

A force of five Bronze Warships was something none of the various hegemonic powers dared to think of having in the Miniature Ancient World.

Yet, now, it was revealed that this unbelievable fleet originated from Zero Wing, a Guild that hadn’t even come into contact with the Greater God’s Domain yet.

“How is this possible?”

Gu Yiren wore a complicated look on his face when he saw several familiar figures standing on Zero Wing’s five Bronze Warships. Apart from Black Flame, the man who had killed him once before, he also spotted Rampant Blade, a former member of the now-defunct Shadow Guild. He even saw Wu Lingling, a newcomer who had made a splash during the newcomer competition of Jin Hai City’s God’s Domain Academy, and Lin Yaoyue, the director of Jin Hai City’s God’s Domain Academy.

Currently, not only did all of these people reach Tier 4 already but the way they carried themselves was completely different. It was obvious that their current combat standards were drastically greater than before.

If these people combined their current strength with the contribution points they could accumulate with the help of five Bronze Warships, it wasn’t hard to imagine how big of an improvement they would have once they entered the Greater God’s Domain.

“So what if Zero Wing has five Bronze Warships?” Tao Yuwei on the side said, curling her lips. “All they’re doing is putting up pointless resistance. Once the World Passage is open, the Paimon Conglomerate will definitely send its army from the Greater God’s Domain. At that time, Zero Wing won’t even dare to enter the World Passage, let alone the Greater God’s Domain.”

“You’re right. They can only enter the World Passage during its initial opening before they’ll have to quickly withdraw from it.” Gu Yiren nodded in agreement, his mood lightening significantly.

The matter of Zero Wing offending the Paimon Conglomerate was no secret in the Miniature Ancient World. The various powers even knew that the Paimon Conglomerate had already mobilized its forces to barricade the other side of the World Passage.

With Paimon’s army blocking the World Passage’s exit, Zero Wing wouldn’t dare to enter the Greater God’s Domain at all. If it did, it would instantly suffer annihilation at the hands of the Paimon Conglomerate’s Tier 6 army. All of Zero Wing’s members would also suffer Soul Annihilation and be prohibited from logging into God’s Domain for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, even if Zero Wing chose not to enter the Greater God’s Domain, the Paimon Conglomerate would still be sending many well-equipped Tier 4 experts into the Miniature Ancient World. At that time, Zero Wing would still meet its end.

This was also why most of the Miniature Ancient World’s native powers had chosen to cease any and all dealings they had with Zero Wing.

At this time, Gu Yiren and Tao Yuwei weren’t the only ones to have such thoughts about Zero Wing. The members of the various other powers also deemed Zero Wing’s actions as putting up a pointless struggle.

The World Passage’s opening didn’t only allow the Miniature Ancient World’s players to travel to the Greater God’s Domain. It also allowed the Greater God’s Domain’s players to enter the Miniature Ancient World.

Meanwhile, with the help of a Bronze Speedboat, it wouldn’t take more than a day’s travel to cross the entire World Passage. The travel time would be even shorter if speedboats above the Bronze rank were used.

The only problem was the Void Creatures in the World Passage. Without a sufficiently strong fleet, traveling across the World Passage would be no different than suicide.

However, with the Paimon Conglomerate’s strength, it probably wouldn’t take more than a day before its Tier 4 army could cross the World Passage to reach the Miniature Ancient World.

In other words, Zero Wing had less than a day left to strut around in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, after the various powers entered the World Passage, they quickly forgot about Zero Wing. This was because greeting them in the calm sea beyond the World Gate was a swarm of Void Creatures of illogical proportions.

What awaited the various powers beyond the World Gate wasn’t a swarm of a million monsters. Even describing the swarm in the millions would be an understatement. At a glance, the number of Void Creatures in the calm sea was easily in the tens of millions. Moreover, even the weakest among them was at the Tier 4 Mythic rank, while many of them were at the Superior Mythic rank…

“What’s going on?”

“Shouldn’t the weakest monsters here be Grand Lords?”

The fleets that had just entered the World Passage panicked when they saw the fleets getting destroyed in the distance. Even the top adventurer teams originating from the Greater God’s Domain were distressed by this situation.

[Void Sea Serpent] (Void Creature, Mythic)

Level 142

HP 20,000,000,000

[Void Sea Dragon] (Void Creature, Superior Mythic)

Level 145

HP 50,000,000,000

The average Void Creature had significantly greater HP and Defense than the average sea monster. Normally, killing even one Mythic-ranked Void Creature would require the joint effort of one Common Warship and several dozen Advanced Speedboats.

Yet, now, even the weakest monster in this sea was a Tier 4 Mythic Void Sea Serpent. If a few dozen of these Void Sea Serpents attacked together, even a Common Warship wouldn’t last more than a few exchanges.

Meanwhile, if players were to lose the support of their ships in this environment devoid of mana, their combat power would plummet. At that time, even flying would become a problem, let alone fighting. This was also why transportation tools were far more important than individual strength when it came to traveling between worlds.

While the various powers were panicking, some players with excellent eyesight suddenly noticed the silhouette of an island floating in the distance.

“An island? Why is there an island here?”

Many players couldn’t help but grow confused when they saw the floating island in the distance. The inside of the World Passage was supposed to be an empty void, so a floating island shouldn’t exist here.

Moreover, the island even looked like it was inhabited by people, making its presence here even stranger. After all, apart from Void Creatures, other creatures were incapable of staying in the void for long periods of time.

Meanwhile, when Thousand Scars saw the island, she suddenly thought of something as she exclaimed, “Void Gods!”

“Void Gods? What do you mean?” Death Omen looked at Thousand Scars in confusion.

“Void Gods are a race of Gods who live in the void,” Thousand Scars excitedly explained. “I’ve read about them in the Paimon Conglomerate’s database. Rumor has it that Void Gods are constantly wandering about in the void, and people can occasionally see the islands they live on in the void. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Void Gods possess Legacies passed down by Ancient Gods.

“More importantly, the settlements of Void Gods are also the only places in the Greater God’s Domain where players can change classes into a Void Saint. In the Greater God’s Domain, Void Saints are labeled invincible when fighting in the void, and even dragons of the same tier are no match for them!”

“Even dragons of the same tier are not a match?” Death Omen was surprised to hear Thousand Scars’ explanation.

There were many hidden classes in God’s Domain, but none were known to be able to rival Dragons, let alone surpass them.

It should be known that dragons were an apex race and the symbol of destruction in God’s Domain. Even in the Greater God’s Domain, Adult Dragons were akin to natural disasters.

If she could class-change into a Void Saint…

While Thousand Scars was explaining to Death Omen about Void Gods and Void Saints, five figures emerged from the leading ship of the Paimon Conglomerate’s fleet and rapidly made their way toward the distant island.

Of these five figures, one of them was Dira, while the remaining four were the Four Beast Warriors. Currently, all four of the Beast Warriors have already become bona fide Tier 5 players.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Four Beast Warriors opening a path, Dira could effortlessly approach the distant floating island, the sight causing the various powers stuck on their ships to grow envious.

Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about their envy. Currently, the Paimon Conglomerate was the only power that could afford to produce Tier 5 players. For everyone else, all they could do was slowly sail to the floating island in their ships.

When Kasio of the Glimmer adventurer team saw Dira’s group fast approaching the floating island, he anxiously looked at Shi Feng and said, “This can’t continue, Guild Leader Black Flame. You and the commander should go ahead without us. Otherwise, Dira will be the first to enter the island at this rate.”

The other members of Glimmer nodded in agreement.

The Void Saint Legacy was extraordinary even in the Greater God’s Domain. Others might not know what the Void Saint class represented, but they did. In a situation where they didn’t know whether the Void Saint Legacy would be limited in number, they absolutely could not let Dira reach the floating island before them.

“That won’t be necessary.” Shi Feng faintly smiled in response to Kasio’s anxiety. “All of us will go there together.”

“All of us?”

Kasio and the others were on the verge of being rendered speechless by Shi Feng.

With the strength of five Bronze Warships, how were they supposed to overtake four Tier 5 experts?

Just as Kasio was about to say something else, Shi Feng took out a pendant from his bag and chanted the incantation engraved on it.

Immediately, a magic array with a radius of more than a hundred meters appeared in the void. Then, a dark dragon measuring over a hundred meters in length emerged from this magic array, the dragon having a life aura so terrifying that it caused even the nearby Void Creatures to back away.

“A dragon?”

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