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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 387 Party Begins

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Chapter 387 Party Begins

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Jin Kexin had a room in the Su family’s house, so she went back to her room to change.

All the members of the Su family lived in this same villa. Master Su’s elder son’s family lived on the second floor while Master Su’s younger son’s family shared the third floor.

Gao Yi went to get Gu Ning and Yu Mixi’s formal clothes out of the car, and Chu Peihan asked Hao Ran to help her get her gown.

“Didn’t I tell you not to bring gowns? I have plenty of them here, and they’re all new!” Su Anya said.

“It’s fine, we prefer to wear our own dresses,” Gu Ning replied.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to wait in the front hall and went upstairs with Su Anya. Su Anya’s room was on the second floor, while Su Anhao’s was on the third floor.

As for the boys, they came here already wearing their formal suits.

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Su Anya’s room was decorated like a princess’s room. It was pink everywhere, which didn’t match Su Anya’s boyish character at all. Therefore, Chu Peihan laughed the moment she walked inside. “Jesus! I had no idea that you liked this style! I suddenly doubt your age now.”

“It’s my mom! I can’t do anything about it,” Su Anya retorted. Afterward, they started to put on their makeup and gowns.

Guests were arriving continuously, and all of them had received invitation letters from the Su family. The Su family was the well-known super-rich family in City F, and so their guests were also important figures.

Su Zhenhao and Mrs. Su went to welcome their guests in person, and each of the guests came with a prepared birthday gift. All the gifts were either designer brands or custom-made. None of them were cheap or common.

When Gu Ning and the girls were all dressed up, it was almost 6 pm.

Gu Ning’s gown wasn’t very noticeable but she had an air of natural nobility and elegance. Nobody could move their eyes away from her once she appeared in their sight.

“Jesus! Ningning, are you here to grab people’s attention from me? Oh, no, you simply want me to fall love with you!” Su Anya teased.

Although Su Anya was joking, she had to admit that Gu Ning was too attractive to be ignored.

“Ha-ha.” Chu Peihan laughed out. “No way, Gu Ning already has a boyfriend.”

“Well, I can wait!” Su Anya joked.

“Come on, Anya. Look at you! You have no idea how charming you are!” Gu Ning said. However, she wasn’t comforting Su Anya. Su Anya was quite stunning today. She was wearing a long, tight dress, which accentuated her unusually thin waist. The end of the dress spread on the floor and moved lightly when Su Anya walked. Even though Gu Ning was attractive, nobody would ignore Su Anya.

“Of course I am!” Su Anya said with confidence.

To be honest, Su Anya didn’t like such formal parties. She would rather drink and have fun in a bar with her friends. It was simple but enjoyable. However, as a child who was born in a super-rich family, Su Anya knew that she couldn’t just do anything she liked. Today was her birthday party, but it was more like a social party for celebrities. No important figures would bother to attend her birthday party. All the attendees came here to build or enhance their network.

Right at that moment, someone knocked on the door. “Anya, the party is about to begin. Are you ready yet?” Su Anhao asked.

“Yes, we’ll be right out!” Su Anya said and walked out with the other girls.

Jin Kexin’s room was on the first floor too, so she was waiting for Su Anya along with Su Anhao. When Su Anya and the other girls walked out, Jin Kexin was stunned and felt green with envy.

Jin Kexin was good-looking too. She was in a mid-length dress with many small pearls as decoration and had her hair in a bun. A pair of crystal high-heels made her long, slim calves look more beautiful, but when she stood with Su Anya and the other girls, she seemed less noticeable, and she was mad about that.

Other than that, not to mention Su Anya, the other girls were also gorgeous. Gu Ning was elegant; Chu Peihan was sexy while Yu Mixi was full of energy.

“Let’s go!” Su Anya said, and guided the other girls, walking downstairs. Jin Kexin was left behind by herself. When a group of young, pretty girls walked down the stairs, everyone in the hall was stunned. They all looked upward to appreciate the beautiful scenery. And although Gu Ning attracted a lot of attention, Su Anya was still the focus.

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Many rich second-generation heirs also turned to people around them asking for Gu Ning and the other girls’ identities.

“They’re all Anya’s friends. Mind your manners, boys!” Su Zhenhao warned. Those girls were all his daughter’s good friends, especially Gu Ning, so he wouldn’t allow those playboys to annoy them. Hearing Su Zhenhao’s warning, many rich second-generation heirs closed their mouths, but some of them didn’t mind.

“Oh, isn’t that Gu Ning?” Hao Ran’s mother recognized Gu Ning because Gu Ning was wearing the same gown.

“It is!” Mrs. Lu said with surprise.

Other than Mrs. Hao and Mrs. Lu, many other guests who had attended Master Qin’s birthday party before recognized Gu Ning too.

Yuan Jisong was standing right by Su Zhenhao’s side. “It’s her!” He was also surprised.

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